Now in its 4th year, the Glade Festival is on the weekend of the 20th-22nd July. Considered by some to be the renegade dance stage at Glastonbury, the idea has grown into a multi-genre music festival featuring cutting edge electronic music. With a strong aversion to all things corporate and mainstream and with a great love of all things alternative, underground and interesting, the Glade this year will have a mind boggling array of artistic ideas; musically, sonically, visually and extra sensorily, from all over the world.


Venue:  The Chamber, Newbury Town Council, Town Hall, Market Place, Newbury RG14 5AA   Date & Time: Friday, 13 April 2007 at 12.30pm



The Galde music festival Berkshire sunshine crowd Nick Ladd


The Glade Music Festival



Volume limit causes festival row Sat 14 April 2007


Organisers of a popular music festival in Berkshire have lodged an appeal against council restrictions on the level of noise it can make.

The Glade Festival, which is held in July on the Wasing Estate near Aldermaston, was granted a licence by West Berkshire Council last month.


But its backers are to appeal against conditions placed on the volume of the music played at the three-day event.


Magistrates will consider the appeal at a pre-trial hearing on 23 May.


The festival has previously drawn some complaints from locals over noise created throughout the night.


Its organisers said they had worked hard to correct problems that arose in previous years.


Hi-tech sound systems that reduce noise pollution will be used at the event to be held on the weekend of 20-22 July.


In a statement on the festival website, they said: "The issue of sound at the Glade Festival has been one of our biggest challenges.


"For the last two years, we've not got it right from both the perspective of our audience and also, and just as importantly, from that of those living locally.


"And, on the basis of 'three strikes and you're out', we realise that we absolutely have to get it right."


A council spokesman said it was "highly supportive of artistic and cultural events across a wide spectrum".


But he added that conditions limiting the volume of the music had to be added to the licence "given objections from local residents about potential noise nuisance".




A clubber at the Glade alternative music festival Berkshire, Nick Ladd


Glade Festival party clubber



Police tell licensing sub committee how drug dealing is rife at dance music festival


DRUG taking and drug dealing at the Glade festival has rendered it “unpoliceable,” West Berkshire Council’s licensing sub committee heard yesterday (Fri).

The meeting, to determine whether the festival will take place this summer, was told Thames Valley Police vehemently opposed it.

The council’s environmental health department was also critical on the grounds of noise and public safety.
Earlier, festival organisers laid out their stall in a four-hour meeting at Newbury Town Hall, promising new, ‘sound-cancelling’ technology would help prevent last year’s noise problems.

The application to hold the three-day, electronic music and arts festival at the Wasing Estate was unopposed by Aldermaston and Brimpton parish councils, which stand to benefit from substantial, charitable donations from the proceeds.

But Inspector John Relf told the committee the event was “unpoliceable” and claimed that to enforce drugs laws at the event “would have an enormous impact on all of the force if it goes ahead”.

The committee heard lawyer Steven Morley, representing the force, who said: “These were experienced officers who wrote these reports. They have policed Reading and WOMAD festivals and never encountered anything like the levels of drugs at this event.

“The reason, the police suspect, is the type of music - its the scene. It’s described as ‘rave music.’”
Officers reported drugs were smoked “openly” and that class A drug dealing was rife.

Insp Relf added: “Crime and disorder are huge issues at this event. What the officers saw was a disgrace. People were openly smoking drugs in front of them.”

The committee also heard from Wasing Estate owner Joshua Dugdale who spoke of his pride at hosting an internationally renowned, dance music festival.

Organiser Luke Piper outlined the entertainment on offer including theatre, public speaking and workshops.
Local supporters, meanwhile, pleaded for the application to be granted.

Sue Poole, who lives nearby, said: “It offers young people locally a chance to hear and be inspired by several artistic genres.

“The social, cultural and musical benefits should not be underestimated.”
Student Rachel Lawrence said: “It is by far the safest and best run festival I have attended. Don’t let them destroy something so fantastic for our community - many of us are voters of today and tomorrow. I would be devastated to lose it.”

The committee deferred their decision until next week.




Glade alternative music festival Nick Ladd 2004


Glade Music Festival: Acarine 2004



Residents determined to pull plug on UK's 'premiere' dance music festival 2006


AS REVELLERS from the third Glade festival head for home to compare memories, a question mark hangs over the future of the event.

Fans describe it as the UK’s premiere dance music festival, organised by the most professional team in the land and held in an idyllic setting.

But, despite the organisers’ best efforts, some residents are furious - and determined to pull the plug on the event.

Concessions to local people this year included closing the outdoor stage at midnight instead of 4am.

But noise from the marquees, which still pumped out music into the small hours, drove some residents to distraction.

West Berkshire Council spokesman Keith Ulyatt said: “The initial feedback is that conditions of the licence were met but there were possible breaches of noise nuisance legislation.
“Council staff worked very hard to monitor the event and help ensure compliance.”
Dr Glyn Charlesworth of Brimpton Lane, Brimpton Common, said: “H


aving just been through the ‘audio hell’ afforded by Glade and having endured only 10 hours sleep since Thursday because of the noise nuisance, I have no confidence whatsoever that any control can or will be exercised by council officers, the event organisers or the estate owners.”

Some critics claimed people had been “paid off” to withdraw their objections. This was vehemently denied by festival organisers.

Spokesman Anselm Guise said: “There was one lady doing her finals exams and in that one case we provided alternative accommodation nearby. In no case did we ‘buy off’ objectors or pay them to go away.”

But district councillor Irene Neill (Con, Aldermaston) was open minded about the festival returning in future. She said: “We could hear the music and voices up here in Hyde End, but it did not really disturb us.And it does bring a lot of extra money into the village.”

Even though the cows at Glastonbury festival are having some peace and quiet this year, a little bit of the UK's biggest festival went ahead in the Berkshire countryside this weekend. The Glade started as a dance and electronic music stage at Glastonbury Festival and everyone there seemed to agree that the Glade Festival has retained a very Glastonbury 'vibe': colourful, friendly and just a little bit crazy.

We've just got back from the festival and it's been an amazing weekend (even if we're tired, sunburnt and a little smelly). As well as nearly 500 Oxfam stewards keeping everyone safe, we had five gorgeously stunning campaigners talking to festival goers about the Make Trade Fair campaign. In the baking hot sun, we got a fantastic response with over 2,500 joining the campaign. A big thank you to the lovely Glade people!

The event is set in a beautiful, intimate setting with nine arenas pumping almost every sort of dance and electronic imaginable nearly 24 hours a day. From the moment we got there we knew we were in for a great weekend.

If you get tired of the psy-trance, drum and bass, techno, breakbeat, hip-hop, reggae etc etc etc, there are loads of other crazy and quirky ways to amuse yourself. From getting married at the inflatable church (with a wedding dress from the Oxfam Stall!) to watching the circus, or from dancing the can-can in the Pussy Parlour to lounging out of the sun in a hammock in the amazing Spiral Zone.

If Newbury Today took a photo of you for their angry faces competition check this out.



Glade festival of alternative music Breaksday 2004 Nick Ladd


Glade festival: Breaksday




Glade Festival: The healing power of good music - 18/05/2007

From year 2000, Nick Ladd and Ans Guise, two of the four Glade directors, were putting on outdoor Psychedelic Trance parties outside of Cape Town at the peak of the scene down there. South Africa was in its golden era at the time and it was from these parties that Nano Records was born, which has now gone on to become the UK’s best and arguably the worlds best Psy Trance label.

At the same time, Nick was coming back to the UK for the summer festival seasons and was invited by Luke Piper (Glade director no 3) to get involved with running a new stage at Glastonbury – The Glade. It was here that Nick met the Glade’s production manager, Biff Mitchell, who along with Rennie Pilgrem was to begin Breaksday, the curators of the Glade Festival’s breaks tent.

The Glade at Glastonbury was a instant success, with easily the best line up of underground music anywhere in the UK and a feeling of freedom and togetherness not seen at a major festival in the UK since the days of Spiral Tribe……..after the third successful year, discussions had begun between Nick and Biff about building an breakaway event based on its popularity.

At the same time, Ans, who was looking for a way of raising Nano records profile in the UK , began talking to Nick about putting on the countries first ever legal PsyTrance event and slowly but surely the concept of a banging multi genre electronic music festival was born. Underpinned buy the upsurge in popularity of Breaks and Psy trance, the idea was fairly simple – give all the different genres of music showcased at The Glade at Glastonbury their own stage and then add the circus acts, cabaret, art installations, a healing area and all the weird and wonderful wotnot that goes into making a proper English festy.

With acts like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Hallucinogen and Stanton Warriors on board, the line up quickly developed into the best seen at a UK dance event since the heady days of Spiral Tribe and the tickets flew out the door, eventually changing hands on EBay for 250 quid a piece.

Since then, the Glade has gone on to establish itself as a major event on the world dance calendar. Shunning corporate sponsorship in favour of keeping the vibe true to the free party scene, the Glade has single handedly revived outdoor dance events in the UK . Over the past 3 years it has featured most of the biggest names in world dance, without ever crossing the line to commerciality. Renow ned for world class production, beautiful decorations and one of the friendliest crowds on the planet, the Glade has become the benchmark to which the current rash of electronic events aspires.

“We did a lot of the hard work making our name at Glastonbury and Michael Eavis’ blessing for the gig was crucial" says Nick Ladd, the Glade’s creative director.

"But it was really the coming together of the some of the UK’s best underground dance promoters that made it – Nano Records, Breaksday, Liquid Connective, ID Spiral, Sancho Panza, Overkill, Tribe of Frog – they all saw that the Glade was an opportunity to bring the different dance crowds together and really show that what was bubbling away in the UK underground was as good as anywhere in the world.

I think the fact that we don’t have any corporate sponsorship is important – the healing power of a good music festival lies in the reality bubble it creates – for 3 days, people give themselves permission to be open hearted, open minded, friendly and community spirited – things that are not often found in day to day life in England……… its an escape from normal life and an opportunity to explore human potential – to see human nature at its best……. and the lack of corporate branding that anchors people back to their normal day to day reality helps maintain this feeling. More than ever now, with all the dark times going on around the planet, we need times like this to remind us what life really should be about”

Glade Festival 2007 is on the weekend of 20th- 22nd July and boasts the best line up yet of any of the four years, over an amazing 12 stages.






808 State at the Glade Festival 2004


Glade performer: 808 State

A great deal of the music and performances has now been confirmed. Have a look at the STAGES area of the website to find what's going on in all the arenas. Click the FESTIVAL link at the top of the page to find out about all sorts of other aspects of the festival.

To subscribe to the mailing list please click HERE and have a look at the photogallery from the last 3 years.



Camping & Tipis


The Glade Festival is a proper festival with no day door tickets, it's a whole weekend. There's camping around the arena and in beautiful countryside across the site, which is free and so is the love.

You can hire tents beforehand and pick them up at the gig. Groovy, check out Joe Bananas for more on that.

Tipi / Yurt hire


Just imagine a Tipi or Yurt ready and waiting for your arrival at the Glade Festival!


An exclusive camping area reserved for you and your friends, close enough to the entertainment, but a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the markets and stages.


The Tipi and Yurt camping area includes reception staff to settle you in and a maintenance crew to make sure your Tipi or Yurt is looked after. Of course there are full campsite facilities such as showers and toilets, and you even get access to a Yurt Sauna!


These Tipis and Yurts are handcrafted and installed to a high standard. The structures are complete with frames, canvas covers and flooring.  Treat yourself to a furnishings package that includes rugs, cushions, sheepskins, bolsters, low wooden table, lanterns, firedish/ wood-burning stove, and firetools.



14' Tipi sleeps 2 - 4 £300 Furnishings £80
16' Tipi sleeps 3 - 5 £320 Furnishings £90
18' Tipi sleeps 4 - 6 £350 Furnishings £100
21' Tipi sleeps 6 - 8 £420 Furnishings £120
25' Tipi sleeps 8-15 £590 Furnishings £180
12' Yurt sleeps 2 - 4 £350 Furnishings £80
16' Yurt sleeps 4 - 6 £420 Furnishings £100
20' Yurt sleeps 8 - 12 £580 Furnishings £120
24'Yurt sleeps 10-15 £750 Furnishings £180

(Prices are exclusive of VAT)

There are only a limited number of structures available. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the magic of Tipis and Yurts.


Telephone: 01749 860 708



The Glade Festival is to be held at the same venue it has always been held at. It's a beautiful venue in Berkshire; only 50 minutes drive from London.


For only 20 quid you can get from London to the Glade and back.. on a bus.. with a load of other people all after the same thing!! Please check out






The first ever Glade festival kicked of in the heart of little known Wasing in July 2004. Situated among forty acres of typical English grassland, the festival was a spin-off from the Glade stage at Glastonbury. Its aim was simple: to get back the atmosphere of Glastonbury '72.


Renowned artists such as Mark Broom, Timo Maas, Freq Nasty, 808 State, Dreadzone Soundsystem, Ceephax and Pete bones played on the main stage inside a large marquee.


SquarePusher on Saturday night gave an exceptional live performance on the main stage with his experimental electronic sound.


Aphex Twin also performed well, under the name DJ AFX, and 'The Egg' launched their long awaited new album.


The origin stage was an open air spectacle and featured the best Psy trance artists such as Hallucinogen, Tristan and Silicon.


The large dust cloud which was formed when Talamasca took to the stage from people dancing proved what a good reception the artists inspired.


Another popular tent was the Liquid stage with its pulsing trance. Most nights was overcrowded with many of the overspill dancing outside the tent.


This stage featured artists such as Youth in Dub, Aphid Moon, Dark Angel, John OM who played well into the early hours.  It's a shame the size of this tent was so restricting, hopefully they'll enlarge it next year.


The Caukus roadshow was a themed tent with a retro approach and featured a cocktail bar and its own line up of DJ's. It was a good place to have a drink and rest up before going on to the next hardcore dancing session.


At the far end of the site was Solar Chill, a 24-hour chill out zone run on solar power that offered massages, healing, food and a great place to relax amongst oversized ornamental mushrooms. Other attractions on site included large inflatables, a miniature Camden town of shops and plenty of places to sample the best of organic foods.


The festival was definitely a success and maintained a fresh feeling throughout. Hopefully it will continue to run in the future though expansion may damage the atmosphere which was successfully created this year.





The Glade Festival, nr. Newbury, Berkshire, July 15-17 2005


Making it's festival debut last year, The Glade Festival is a free-standing version of the stage of the same name at Glastonbury Festival. At the cutting edge of electronic and dance music, this year sets from Aphex Twin (as DJ AFX), Squarepusher, Hexstatic, Richie Hawtin and Xfm's own DJ Eddy Temple-Morris should keep the bleep-fans gurning until the early hours.


Acts Confirmed

Main Dance Tent: Dreadzone, Richie Hawtin, Squarepusher, Carl Craig, Hexstatic, AFX (DJ), The Bays, Aphrodite & MC Sugar, System 7, Speedy J, Shpongle, Sharam Jey, Nodens Ictus, Tintin Chambers, Infusion, Annarchy,


Breaksday Tent: Atomic Hooligan, Rennie Pilgrem, Roxiller, Toob, Autobots, Ed 2000 & Veela, Danny Mcmillan, Disposable Breaks DJs, Dreadzone Sound System, Future Funk Squad, JDS, Kraymon, Meat Katie, Paul Arnold, Smithmonger, Soul of Man, Tayo, Vigi, "The Remix" - Eddy Temple Morris & more,


Origin Stage: Hallucinogen, Silicon Sound, Son Kite, Hydrophonic (live), Eskimo (live), Jumanji (live), Tristan (live), Aphid Moon (live), Protoculture (live), Pogo, Joti Sidhu, Allaby, Quadra, Altom, The Commercial Hippies, Peter Digital, Tristan (DJ), James Munro (DJ), Shane Gobi, Ans (DJ), Edoardo, Lucas, Kristian (DJ), Phil Chichime (DJ), Lox,

Sancho Panza: Layo & Bushwacka!, DIY featuring Digs and Woosh, Matt Brown, Jimmy K Tel,


Littlebig Tent: Chris Clark, Ceephax,  Cylob, Cassetteboy & DJ Rubbish, The Bug (live) + MC's Ras B & Warrior Queen, Milanese, Plaid Disco Dub DJs, Ultre & Flat-e (live), Tomp, Zan Lyon (live), Tim Exile (live), DJs Buddy Peace & Zilla, Sirius (dj set), DJ Rob Hall, DJ Maddog, DJ Mr 6, Shitmatt (live), DJ Scotch Egg, Charlottefield (live), Chevron (live), Mully (live), Phil Collins 3 (live),


Liquid Stage: LCD Soundsystem, Tron (live), Fromem_Ory (live), Liquid Ross (DJ), Liquid Djems (DJ), Kana (DJ), Slack Baba (live), Organismic (live), Nagual Sound Experiment (live),


ID Spiral Chill: Solarfield (live), MaFaiza (live), Bluetech (live), Gaudi, Tripswitch, Kaya Project, Organismic (live), Solarquest (live), Nick Interchill, Nova (DJ), Liquid Ross (DJ), Chris Organic (DJ)

Tickets Details:  SOLD OUT, and is expected to sell out quickly. No day tickets are available.



Site Details:


The Glade Festival 2005 will take place from July 15-17 at a site TBC nr. Newbury, Berkshire.


For more details go to


For the biggest Festival & Music News sent to your mobile, text XFMNEWS to 83XFM  







Campaign for Greener festivals logo


Many events involve the use of green field sites, temporarily transformed into busy centers of activity. They may involve the use of heavy structures, machinery, 100s – 100,000s of feet and 1000’s of cars etc. Some the scale of Glastonbury turn a green field site into a temporary city!


In addition to the physical land itself comes the wildlife who live there.


Festival organisers should consider:

  • Using trackway to minimise damage of vehicle movement on site (and in the UK avoid spending half of the build pulling vehicles out of the mud!)

  • Where possible enhance the environment by planting trees and preserving nature

  • Preserve hedgerows, and consider wildlife when planning your event.

  • Consultants can offer their expertise and advise for minimizing land damage and protecting local wildlife.

  • Liaise with local environmental and wildlife charities and organisations.

  • A percentage of takings could be donated or invested into local environmental/wildlife projects. Check out


From an internet survey of 649 festival visitors the following was found with regards to attitudes to waste management at events:

  • 49% of respondents agree or strongly agree that land damage is a negative environmental effect of festivals. 23% chose not sure, and 28% disagreed or strongly disagreed


Charrt of land damage by music festivals



5% of the comments made by festival goers related to land conservation


“The main impact would be making festivals themselves sustainable, by not annoying the locals we are seen as less of a pest by the authorities, and save the land for the future”


“Too many people want to get wasted and have a good time and forget about the real world when, if they are willing to be out in the open then they should appreciate EVERYTHING that comes with the experience. This includes making sure they left the land just as clean as when they arrived with respect and maturity!”


“Essentially what you are doing is very similar to a camping trip; ideally, each individual should apply the same rules that they would when anywhere else in nature. You are taking something from the land, i.e. your enjoyment, and it deserves to be treated with respect. It would be great to think that everyone tried to apply a 'leave only footprints' approach to their time at a festivals, which of course should be mirrored by any traders etc there.”


Festival organisers and workers also highlighted measures taken to protect the land they use:



Festival tents damage land Glade and Glastonbury


Festival camping causes damage to land



BGG is very concerned with the environment. All stallholders products are expected to be environmentally friendly, we actively discourage vehicles on site (cars belong in a car park, not with tents), we leave the land as we found it (litter clearing can take up to 2 months after event). We work with the local council and encourage any local environmental organizations to take part.


Jennifer Sundance (stalls co-ordinator BGG, Healing area reception Glasto)


We aim to provide more  urinals for men to discourage them from urinating against the fence / trees.


Nick Ladd ‘Glade Festival’





Nick Ladd of the Glade Festival, made reference to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, and farmland regulations, the rules of which apply to festivals depending on the type of land they use, and also the type of grants they receive. Nick goes on to say that for events on farmland the same rules apply as for a farmer, such as not polluting water courses etc.


A Greener Festiva



Land Damage

Message Board

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Summary of Research

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Glade festival party revellers sunbathing, Nick Ladd music


Glade festival party revelers sunbathing





Global Warming Fuelling Festival Frenzy?   Glade organiser Nick Ladd chatted to Skrufff about the astonishing explosion of new music festivals in Britain and revealed that he believes that ever rising temperatures are to blame.


"I think one major factor is global warming to be honest - there are less wet ones to put people off  - when the sun is shining, music festivals are England at its best - massive creative diversity in one big field full of cool friendly people ˆ it's a no brainer," he suggested.


Nick predicted that many festivals will struggle with the new competition and admitted that Glade ticket sales have been slower than before,  There are certainly a lot more events out there and more are being added every year - its getting a bit crazy and it is impacting on more established events ticket sales," said Nick.


"The Glade Festival has usually sold out by now, but we still have just under 1000 tickets left - they will shift - we are lucky that we have a strong following - but I know there are established events out there that are really struggling this year," he said.


However, Rastko Andric, the promoter of Serbia's Exit festival told Skrufff they're enjoying their best ever pre-sale for tickets this year with sales to British travellers three times higher than ever before and was more enthusiastic about festival trends.  "The reason there are so many new festivals is very simple, it's because of the download revolution," Rastko suggested.


"Producers and bands just don't earn as much as they used to by selling records so they are forced to play at festivals instead of just doing their own concerts which in the past were centred around promoting albums, " he added, "At this moment we are witnessing a great transition in the music entertainment business."


In more festival news, Standard young journalist Richard Godwin poked fun at the 'increasing respectability and age profile of festival crowds, with 'yummy mummies with hampers and middle managers on day release' increasingly spoiling the vibe.


"Preparing for a summer music festival used to involve little more than a quick call to your dealer," the 20 something writer complained, "But for today's revellers, making sure the babysitter is booked and the Prosecco (wine) on ice would seem more pressing priorities," he sniffed.



Clubber at the Glade music festival Berkshire










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