A girl group, as the name implies, is a musical group featuring a group consisting usually of young female singers, singing mostly pop and R&B songs. It is essentially the female equivalent of a boy band. They are distinct from girl bands and All-women bands, where the women sing and play instruments.


Early girl-groups


Girl groups date back to the late 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, when they were often manufactured by producers or record companies. Often in these times, the girl group was used as a vehicle for the latest work by a label's resident songwriters, such as the work of Phil Spector and the early days of Motown. Even earlier, female pop music singing groups were popular; "Sister groups" like the Andrews Sisters and the Boswell Sisters were composed of sisters or relatives. Groups such as the Boswells and the Keller Sisters and Lynch were pop recording artists dating as far back as the 1920s.




Girl Group UC3



The sound of many early rock and roll girl groups was engineered by a producer. For instance, Phil Spector's Wall of Sound production featured a thick layer of instrumentation (drums, guitar, bass, a horn section and often something more exotic, such as Glockenspiel or vibraphone). Amidst the musical accompaniment, there was a lead vocal, often deliberately girlish in tone, singing deceptively simple, naïve lyrics which artfully and eloquently expressed the emotions of teenagers of the time. An example would be The Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", which doubles as both a charming love song and, implicitly, a portrayal of adolescent sexual mores. Other groups, including some New York City-based ones like The Chiffons, used more conventional pop music arrangements, while the Motown groups used typical driving Motown arrangements of the period.


By the mid-late 1960s, in the face of the British Invasion and the increasing popularity of rock music, the popularity of girl groups began to wane. During this time, only a few all-female groups, such as The Supremes and Martha and the Vandellas, made the transition to an earthier, soulful sound and success. Fanny was among the first all-female rock act to gain success in the United States and Europe. This group was among the first to sign with a major recording company (1969, Warner Brothers) and record albums released by major labels.



Later girl groups


In recent times, the sound of girl groups has been defined, and has helped to define, the popular musical styles of the period.


While the 1980s saw the emergence of rock and punk-rock girl groups such as The Go-Go's, the girl groups of the 1990s returned to a manufactured pop style marketed as clean-cut and aimed at young, predominantly female audiences. The Spice Girls were one of the most influential girl group of this time, bringing their slogan "Girl Power" to popular use through several number one pop singles, sold-out concerts, and even a popular film. In the early 2000s, girl groups again increased in popularity, spawning such bands as California-based Dream, the Swedish quartet Play, the Russian duo t.A.T.u..


Today's most successful girl groups include American act The Pussycat Dolls and British groups such as Girls Aloud and the Sugababes.












0-9 and punctuation

  • The 5,6,7,8's (Japan)

    • Achiko, Omo, Rico, Ronnie Yoshiko Fujiyama, Yoshie

  • 7 Year Bitch (United States)

    • Valerie Agnew, Lisa Faye Beatty, Elizabeth Davis, Roisin Dunne, Stefanie Sargent, Selene Vigil

  • 10" Maria (United States)

    • Fawn Li, Mona Febonio, RC Hernandez, Peg Hines




  • AC/DShe

    • AC/DShe #1:Natalie: guitar, Tina Lucchesi: drums, Bonny "Amelia 'Amy' Ward" Scott: vocals, Agnes Young: guitar, Nici "Cliff"/"Riff" Williams: bass

    • AC/DShe #2:Erin: guitar, Tina Lucchesi: drums, Bonny "Amelia 'Amy' Ward" Scott: vocals, Agnes Young: guitar, Nici "Cliff"/"Riff" Williams: bass

    • AC/DShe #3:Mallory "Sarracuda" Young: guitar, Phyllis "Clementine" Rudd: drums, Bonny "Amelia 'Amy' Ward" , Scott: vocals, Agnes Young: guitar, Nici "Cliff"/"Riff" Williams: bass

  • Addicted2Fiction (United States)

    • Aisha, Chris, Hellskiss

  • Alisha's Attic (United Kingdom)

    • Karen Poole, Shellie Poole

  • Alive! (United States)

    • Rhiannon, Barbara Borden, Carolyn Brandy, Janet Small, Suzanne Vincenza

  • The All-Girl Boys (United States)

    • Kathy Barwick, Carolyn Cirimele, Debby Cotter, Mary Gibbons, Chris Lewis

  • The All Girl Summer Fun Band (United States)

    • Kim Baxter, Ari Douangpanya, Kathy Foster, Jen Sbraiga

  • American Girls (United States)

    • Brie Howard, Teresa James, Hillary Shepard, Debbie Tressler, Miiko Watanabe

  • Anashi (Sweden)

    • Catrin Adfors, Carina Anderson, Ulrika Dahl, Tina Mathiesen, Lena Svensson

  • Angelica (United Kingdom)

    • Brigit Colton, Rachel Parsons, Holly Ross, Claire Windsor

  • Angelus (Hungary)

    • Mentsik Anita, Varga Anita, Bakos Brigitta, T?th Csilla, T?th Cec?lia, Szentirmai Eszter, Windhager Eszter, Taba Rox?n

  • Anghell (United States)

    • Amy, Andrea, Hollie, Janet

  • Anti-Scrunti Faction (United States)

  • Antigone Rising (United States)

    • Cassidy, Cathy Henderson, Kristin Henderson, Jen Zielenbach, Dena Tauriello,

  • The Antoinettes (United States)

    • Meegan Voss, Margie Shears, Sue Veneer, Margot Yudell, Kim Milai

  • Aphrodite (Sweden)

    • Martina Axen, Flavia Canel, Malin Ekholm, Marianne Hall, Maria Langberg

  • Apple Viper (Canada)

    • Patti Burns, Moira Connelly, Tessa Kimmel, Cat Smith

  • The Applicators (United States)

    • Erica, Kristina, Sabrina, Stephanie

  • The Aquanettas (United States)

    • Jill Richmond, Deborah Schwartz, Stephanie Seymour, Claudine Troise

  • Aroarah (United States)

    • Chelsea Baker, Lydia Gavin, Kenzie Knoester, Morgan Knoester

  • Astarte (Greece)

    • Hybris, Katharsis, Kynthia, Nemesis, Tristessa

  • Atomic Blonde (United States)

    • Amber, Dacia, Danielle, Kendra

  • Au Revoir Simone (United States)

    • Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster, Annie Hart

  • Ausserhalb (Germany)

    • Melanie Beyer, Margaret Diehl, Hucky Porzner, Tina Th?rmer

  • Autoclave (United States)

    • Melissa Berkhoff, Christina Billotte, Nikki Chapman, Mary Timony

  • Azure Ray (United States)

    • Maria Taylor, Orenda Fink




  • Babes in Toyland (United States)

    • Lori Barbero, Kat Bjelland, Maureen Herman, Michelle Leon

  • Baby Alive (United States)

    • Stacey Bowers, Elizabeth Mehr, Alaina Pepito, Denise Saffren, Cyndee Sugra

  • Bad Candy (Netherlands)

    • Janneke Nijhuijs, Stefanie Salmon, Elsemerit Schreur, Chantal van Brummelen, Ryanne van Dorst

  • Ballgagger (United States)

    • Johanna, Julie, Laura Beth Bachman

  • Bandit (United States)

    • Karen Chambers, Cathy Montgomery, Sara Marsh, Robin MacDonnel, Sece Foster

  • The Bangles (United States)

  • The Barbarellas (Norway)

    • Vulnavia, Atomica, Sugar Cane, Andromeda, Fata Organa

  • The Barbie Army (United States)

    • Joan Baby, Mary Dean, Christine Garcia, Glynis Johnson, Judy Johnson, Debbie Jurek, Alena Lemon, Jean Lyons, Tina Matlock, Tanya Mushinsky, Ellen Phillips, Lyn Pusztai, Liz Tate

  • BeBe K'Roche (United States)

    • Janet Lampert, Peggy Mitchell, Jerene O'Brien, Virginia Rubino

  • Bella and the Bottom Feeders (United States)

    • Lisa Campanelli, Jeri Fouhy, Ilana, Amy Leigh, Lisa Lewis

  • The Belle Stars (United Kingdom)

    • Stella Barker, Clare Hirst, Miranda Joyce, Jennie McKaown, Sara-Jane Owen, Judy Parsons, Lesley Shore

  • Betty Blowtorch (United States)

    • Blare N. Bitch, Bianca Butthole, Judy Molish, Sharon Needles

  • Big Sister (United States)

    • Denise Parent, Lara Parks, Shelly Prior, Lisa Wexler, Desiree Williams, Brandy Wood

  • Bi?nica (Brasil)

    • Marina Pontieri, Helena Fagundes, Joana C4, Ramona

  • Birtha (United States)

    • Rosemary Butler, Olivia Favela, Sherry Hagler, Shele Pinizzotto

  • Bitch (band) (United States)

    • Donna Agresti, Debbie Cielen, Donna Kirkendall, Lorrie Kountz

  • Bitch Alert (Finland)

    • Heinie, Kimmo, Maritta

  • Bitchcat (United States)

    • Sandy Box, Kami, Laurie, RC

  • Bitchcock (Netherlands)

    • Annemiek van G.

  • Bj?rnmat (Sweden)

    • Annie Arnold, Malin Bergqvist, Karin Fant, Kristin N?jd, Sara Rystr?m Nor?n

  • Black Widows (band) (Portugal)

    • Eliana Correia, Rute Fevereiro, Carla Marques, Galia Ramos, Sophia Starsha, Ana Witcha

  • Blacky (Estonia)

    • Triin Anni, Reilika Krims, Lea Liitmaa, Hele-Riin

  • Blectum from Blechdom (San Francisco)

  • The Bloods (United States)

    • Brenda Alderman, Adele Bertei, Kathleen Campbell, Kathy Ray, Annie Toone

  • Blue Monday (United States)

    • Melissa Mednick, Erin Putnam

  • Blue Rose (United States)

    • Cathy Fink, Laurie Lewis, Marcy Marxer, Molly Mason, Sally Van Meter

  • The Bodysnatchers (United Kingdom)

    • Stella Barker, Rhoda Dakar, Miranda Joyce, Pennie Leyton, Sarah Jane Owens, Jane Summers, Nikki Summers

  • Bolero Lava (Canada)

    • Barbara Bernath, Phaedra, Vanessa Richards, Lorraine Tetrault, Laurel Thackeray

  • Bond (United Kingdom & Australia)

    • Eos Chater, Tania Davis, Haylie Ecker, Gay-Yee Westerhoff

  • The Boonaraaas (Germany)

    • Christina, Laura, Patricia, Tine

  • Born to Be Girls (United Kingdom)

  • Bottom (United States)

    • Clementine, Gretchen, Nila, Sina

  • Bratmobile (United States)

  • Brazen (band) (Italy)

    • Romina Chiavario, Carlotta Gamba, Luciana Moreschi, Valentina Moreschi, Elisa de Palma

  • Broad Banned (United States)

    • Caryn, Elisha, Elizabeth, Tia

  • Broadzilla (United States)

    • Kim Essiambre, Angie Manley, Rachel May

  • The Brood (United States)

    • Asch Gregory, Chris Horne, Crystal Light, Betsy Mitchell

  • Burqa Band (Afghanistan)

    • Unnamed trio

  • Butcher Baby (Netherlands)

    • Basje, Kristel, Marjorie, Pamela

  • The Butchies (United States)

    • Alison Martlew, Kaia Wilson, Melissa York

  • The Blue Up? (United States)




  • Cadallaca (United States)

  • Cake Like (United States)

    • Nina Hellman, Kerri Kenney, Jody Seifert

  • Calamities (Germany)

    • Ines Baumann

  • The Calamities (France)

    • Caroline Augier, Isabelle Petit, Odile Repolt

  • Calamity Jane (United States)

    • Joanna Bolme, Gilly Ann Hanner, Megan Hanner, Marci Martinez

  • Calamity Jane (Netherlands)

    • Annalies Groen, Barbera Hof-Kroon, Ilona Kroon, Renate Kroon

  • Candelilla (Germany)

    • Lina Seybold, Rita Argauer, Mira Mann, Dominique de Marné

  • Candy Ass (United States)

    • Alice, Galadriel, Mary Katherine, Hopey Rock

  • The Capricorns (United States)

    • Kirsten Nordine, Heather Lynn

  • Castration Squad (United States)

    • Alice Bag, Aparillo, Mary Batthing, Elisso Bello, Tiffany Kennedy, Tracy Lea, Shannon Wilhem

  • Catatonic Lydia (United States)

    • Suzi, Kirsten, Becky, Sophia Throop

  • Catholic Girls (United States)

    • Roxy Andersen, Doreen Holmes, Stephanie Koles, Gail Petersen

  • Catspaw (band) (United States)

    • Erica, Hurricane, Jasmine

  • Cheap Chick (United States)

    • Robin Beacham, Kristi Callan, Judy Cocuzza, Pam Utterback

  • Cheesecake (United States)

    • Caitlin, Colleen, Denise, Tess, Zara

  • Chelseaonfire (United States)

    • Amy Di Sciullo, Rachel Fuhrer, Josey Packard

  • Cherry Bomb (United States)

    • Jeannine St. Clair

  • Chick Flick (band) (Australia)

    • Leah Dent, Kylie Lovejoy, Cassandra Napier, Maree Taylor

  • Chickita (Cambridge, United States)

    • Sam Rowell (bass), Funke Sangodeyi (bass), Anna Potter (vocals), Jess Daniels (drums), Jean Chen (vocals), (Tim Leanse (drums tour))

  • Chicks on Speed (Germany)

    • Alex Murray-Leslie, Melissa Logan, Kiki Moorse

  • The Chubbies (United States)

    • Jeannette Kantzalis, Christene Kings

  • Cibo Matto (United States and Japan)

    • Miho Hatori, Yuka Honda

  • Cindy Loo Whos (United States)

    • No longer together

  • Clavel Purpura (Mexico)

    • Katy Botello, Amalia Beeton Galarza, Paulina Villa Ram?rez

  • Clout (South Africa)

    • Cindy Alter, Jenni Garson, Ingrid "Ingi" Herbst, Glenda Hyam, Lee Tomlinson

  • Cobra (China)

  • Cockpit (United States)

    • Terrii Kiing, Linda Lou, Wendy Lee Sparkle, Rachael Rine

  • The Cocktail Slippers (Norway)

    • Sugar Cane, Lisa Farfisa, Rocket Queen, Tammy Sticks

  • CocoRosie (Canada)

    • Bianca Casady, Sierra Casady

  • The Cogs (United States)

  • Corndolly (United States)

    • Amy Gossow, Angie Heaton, Rachel Switzky

  • The Contractions (United States)

    • Debbie Hopkins, Mary Kelley, Kathy Peck

  • Cookies Downtown (United States)

    • Amy, Anna, Karol Chaos, Shelly Rock

  • Cougar Party (Canada)

    • Shannon Mitchell, Shannon Goodwin, Amanda Caskie

  • Cub (Canada)

    • Lisa G., Robynn Iwata, Lisa Marr

  • Cybele (Norway)

    • Kathrine Borgen, Rachel Funderud, Elisabeth ?steby, Monica Ruud, Lene Vaagland, Hilde Wahl, Marthe B. Walthinsen

  • Cypher in the Snow (United States)

    • Chloe Sherman, Carmen White, Lala Hulse, Paula Cronan, Shari Menard, Anna Joy Springer, Danyella, Ulla Imd, Margaret Hitchcock, Dorothy Wang, Elitrea Frye, Juliana Snapper




  • Daddy?s Dolls (Italy)

    • Alex Doll, Deboh Doll, Flo Doll, Illa Doll, Isa Doll

  • The Daughters of Eve (United States)

    • Line-up #1: Debi Pomeroy, Judy Johnson, Marsha Tomal & Andee Levin

    • Line-up #2: Debi Pomeroy, Judy Johnson, Marsha Tomal & Marilou Davison

    • Line-up #3: Debi Pomeroy, Judy Johnson, Marsha Tomal & Lori Wax

  • Davies vs. Dresch (United States)

  • The Deadly Nightshade (United States)

    • Anne Bowen, Pamela Brandt, Helen Hooke

  • Death By Tampon (Philippines)

    • Mich Dulce, Goldie Poblador, Rin Bautista, Laurie Maravilla, Lara Agulto

  • Delta Dart (United States)

    • Erin McCarley, Erin Putnam, Amber Bayer

  • Derketa (United States)

    • Kim August, Sharon Bascovsky, Mary Bielich, Heather Harris, Terri Heggen

  • Deuce (US band) (United States)

    • Jean Fineberg, Ellen Seeling

  • Devil Kit (United States)

    • Sandy Box, Helen Destroy, Laurie

  • Devotchkas (United States)

    • Alaine, Mande, Stephanie

  • Dickless (United States)

    • Kelly Canary, Kerry Green, Lisa Smith, Jenny Trower

  • Dirty Mary (United States)

    • Margaux Ducklips, Tina Machina, Jennifer the Valley Girl

  • The Dishrags (Canada)

    • Jade Blade, Kim Henriksen, Sue MacGillivray, Dale Powers, Scout

  • Dixie Chicks (United States)

    • Emily Erwin, Martie Erwin, Laura Lynch, Robin Lynn Macy

  • Dolly Mixture (United Kingdom)

    • Rachel Bor, Hester Smith, Debsey Wykes

  • Dominatrix (Brazil)

    • Deborah Biana, Elisa Gargiulo, Isabella Gargiulo, Flavia Dos Santos

  • Drain STH (Sweden)

    • Martina Ax?n, Flavia Canel, Anna Kjellberg, Maria Sj?holm

  • The Donnas (United States)

    • Donna A. (Brett Anderson), Donna C. (Torry Castellano), Donna F. (Maya Ford), Donna R. (Allison Robertson)

  • Dormitory Effect (United States)

    • Susan Wendelken, Meredith Herrmann, Urith Myree, Gee

  • Doughnuts (band) (Sweden)

    • Sara Almgren, ?sa Forsberg, Jenny Johansson, Linda Lundberg, Sara Sj?gren

  • Drama Queen (United States)

    • Amy Fishburn, Julie Gerard, Bea Isaacs, Pam Lee

  • Drawing Down the Moon (United States)

    • Donna Eveland, Jan Kuehnemund, Jackie Paulson, Donna Rawlins, Stacy Robin

  • The Drive (United States)

    • Eva Chavela, Jea, Rachel, Sarah Vasil

  • Driven Steel (United States)

    • Kelly Heckart, France Geneta, Kim La Chance, Julia S. Roberts

  • Dusty Trails

  • Dypsomaniaxe (United Kingdom)

    • Angie, Ben, Stella, Sam




  • Ebonsight (Turkey)

    • Damia, Countess Ominous Demoness, Lady-Tronos Dilek, Ebru, Lilith?s Spell

  • Electrelane (United Kingdom)

    • Debbie Ball, Mia Clarke, Rachel Dalley, Emma Gaze, Tracey Houdek, Ros Murray, Verity Susman

  • Electric Ladyland (Norway)

    • Lucy Lovelips, Sassy Susie, Jen Jealous, Pricilla Pleasure

  • Emily's Sassy Lime (United States)

    • Amy Yao, Emily Ryan, Wendy Yao

  • Erase Errata (United States)

    • Ellie Erickson, Jenny Hoyston, Sara Jaffe, Bianca Sparta

  • ESG (band) (United States)

    • Deborah Scroggins, Marie Scroggins, Renee Scroggins, Valerie Scroggins

  • Evil Beaver (United States)

    • Evie Evil (Evagelia Lagousakos), Laura Ann Beaver (Laura Ann Masura)

  • eX-Girl (Japan)

    • Keikos, Kirilola, Yoko

  • The Eyeliners (United States)

    • Gel, Laura, Lisa

  • The Eyeshadows (United States)

    • Lisa Estrada, Molly Kindelberger, Dawn Laureen, Nicki Skistimas

  • Eve's Downfall (United States)

    • Myssi Sauder, Barbara Araujo










  • Halo Friendlies (United States)

    • Natalie Bolanos, Cheryl Hecht, Deanna Moody, Ginger Reyes, Claudia Rossi, Christina Theobold, Judita Wignall

  • Hammer & Saw

    • Michelle Baumflek, Emily Hilliard, Marina Michahelles

  • Handful (United States)

    • Susie Martinez, Shannon Wade, Sarah White, Lisa Wickware

  • Hans-A-Plast (Germany)

    • Renate Baumgart, Annette Benjamin-Hadrell, Bettina Schr?der

  • Harum-Scarum (United States)

    • Toni, Shari, Erin, Dyanne

  • Heavens to Betsy (United States)

  • Hecate (Australia)

    • Stephanie Bryce, Fran Evans, Melanie Schmidt

  • Barbara Higbie & Teresa Trull (United States)

  • Hissyfit (Australia)

    • Janet Brunckhorst, Bec Matthews, Rachel Clare Nendick, Erica Pringle

  • The Hissyfits (United States)

    • Fon-Lin, Princess (Holly Jacobs), P-Girl

  • The Hitchcock Blondes (United States)

    • Marilyn, Amy, DeDe

  • The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada (United States)

    • Jill Fido, Mary Jean, Kim Sockit, Zero Jessephski Jr.

  • Home Items (United States)

    • Andrea, Angela, Aziza, Emily, Mandy, Meghan, Michelle, Stacy

  • Honey Ltd (United States)

    • Alex Sliwin, Marsha Jo Temmer, Laura Creamer, Joan Sliwin




  • The Indigo Girls (United States)

    • Amy Ray, Emily Saliers

  • Rianne van Ineveld & Ineke Verdoner (Netherlands)

  • Inflatable Boy Clams (United States)

    • Genvieve Boutet de Monvel, Carol Detweiler, Judy Gittelsohn, Jo Jo Planteen

  • Inside Out (United States)

    • Cathy Carrel, Lynda Mandolyn, Karen Neal

  • Inspect Her Gadget (United States)

    • Abby Garcia*, Ana Isabel, Jen Kamps, Jess Loberstein -*Abby has been replaced by a male drummer

  • The Iron Maidens (United States)

    • Josephine Draven, Aja Kim, Sara Marsh, Linda McDonald, Wanda Ortiz

  • Isis (United States)

    • Stella Bass, Ginger Bianco, Lolly Bienenfield, Barbara Abacate Cobb, Edith Dankowitz, Lauren Draper, Renate Ferrer, Jeanie Fineberg, Faith Fusillo, Suzi Ghezzi, Margo Lewis, Lynx, Carol MacDonald, Nydia Mata, Ellen Seeling, Vivian Stoll

  • Isle of Klezbos (United States)

    • Terri Conti, Pam Fleming, Deborah Karpel, Debra Kreisberg, Anna Milat-Meyer, Eve Sicular







  • Kittie (Canada)

    • Jennifer Arroyo, Talena Atfield, Fallon Bowman, Tanya Candler, Mercedes Lander, Morgan Lander, Lisa Marx

  • The Kitty Kill (United States)

    • Jen Chouinard, Jenn Dagger, Sandrine Merhy

  • Kleenex (Switzerland)

    • Lislot Ha, Marlene Marder, Klaudia Schiff, Regula Sing

  • Klitz (United States)

    • Lesa Aldridge, Gail Clifton, Marcia Clifton, Amy Gassner

  • Kolrassa Kr?kr??andi (Iceland)

    • Eliza Geirsd?ttir




  • L7 (United States)

  • Lady (Korea)

  • Lady!Die (Netherlands)

    • Ruth Bakker, Mandy Struik, Hilde Westerink

  • Lash (Australia)

  • Laura and the Legwarmers (United States)

    • Laura Sue Wilansky, Diana Trifoso, Kath Delaney, Connie Walters, Jane Rhodes, Sharon McGuire, Annette DeSantis

  • Le Tigre (United States)

  • Leather Angel (United States)

    • Cathy Amanti, Krissi North, Terry O'Leary, Debbie Wolf

  • Ada Leonard and Her All-American Orchestra (United States)

    • Ada Leonard

  • Lesbians On Ecstasy (Canada)

    • Bernie Bankrupt, Fruity Frankie, Jackie the Jackhammer, Veronique Mystique

  • Lez Zeppelin (United States)

    • Sarah McLellan, Steph Paynes, Lisa Brigantino, Helen Destroy

  • Lia-FaiL (United States)

    • Mikaela Mayer, Tina St. Claire, Kirsten Schluter, Nita Strauss

  • Lightning War (band)

  • The Like (United States)

    • Charlotte Froom, Tennessee Thomas, Z. Berg

  • Liliput (Switzerland)

    • Angie Barrack, Crigle Freund, Lislot Ha, Marlene Marder, Klaudia Schiff

  • Lilith (band) (Colombia)

    • Marcela Carmona, Tatiana Gonz?lez, Pamela Ospina, Sara Delgado, Viviana Su?rez, Laura Plata.

  • Lillix (Canada)

    • Louise Burns, Lacey-Lee Evin, Tasha-Ray Evin, Kim Urhahn

  • Lipkandy (United States)

    • Melissa More, Melissa Sunshine

  • Liquid Pie (United States)

    • Lindsey Christopher, Jan Popovich, Arwen Smith

  • Litany (Australia)

    • Stephanie Bourke, Fran Evans, Suzannah Pearce, Melanie Schmidt

  • LiveOnRelease (Canada)

    • Leah Emmott, Felicity Herst, Brittin Karroll, Collette Trudeau

  • Lolita No. 18 (Japan)

    • Aya, Ena, Masayo Ishizaka, Kim Rin

  • Look Blue Go Purple (New Zealand)

    • Kathy Bull, Norma O'Malley, Lesley Paris, Denise Roughan, Kath Webster

  • Love Bites (band) (England)

    • Aimee, Dani, Hannah, Nicki

  • Lovebutt (United States)

    • Sheena, Betty, Ramona, Val Risk, Jody Big Dick, Denk

  • Low End Models (Germany)

    • Ines Baumann, Alexandra Mirjam Furiosa Vulkana Todt, Babsi Zimmermann

  • Lucky Bags (United Kingdom)

    • Judy Dinning, Julie Ann Kay, Liz Law, Zena Tubmen, Emma Welton

  • Lucy Stoners

    • Klara Lux, Kim Master, Selena Whang

  • Luff (United States)

    • Sheila, Tara, Liz

  • Lunachicks (United States)

    • Becky, Chip, Gina, Theo Kogan, Sindi, Squid

  • Lunatycas (Argentina)

    • Carina Alfie, Flavia Baiz, Luciana Frega

  • Luscious Jackson (United States)

    • Jill Cunniff, Gabby Glaser, Kate Schellenbach, Vivian Trimble

  • The Luved Ones (United States)

    • Mary Gallagher, Faith Orem, Char Vinnedge, Chris Vinnedge




  • M2M (Norway)

    • Mrit Larson, Marion Raven

  • Magneta Lane (Canada)

    • Lexi Valentine, French, Nadia King

  • The Makeshift Conspiracy (United States)

    • Erin McCarley, Alison Righton, Jessica Lahl

  • Malaria! (Germany)

    • Manon Duursma, Eva-Maria Goessling, Gudrun Gut, Christine Hahn, Bettina K?ster

  • Malibu Barbi (United States)

    • Sandy Sledge, Joann Rebel, Heidi Hansen; Leather Leone, Lois LaRue (special guests), Sylvia Massy-Shivy (producer)

  • The Malvinas (United States)

    • Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth, Lisa Markley

  • Mania D (Germany)

    • Beate Bartel, Eva-Maria Goessling, Gudrun Gut, Bettina K?ster, Karin Luner

  • Maow (Canada)

    • Toby Black, Neko Case, CC Hammond

  • Marie Celeste (band) (Netherlands)

    • Cisca Bronswijk, Leyla Overdulve, Arley Jones, Hilde Westerink (Avec Aisance, ex-Lady!Die)

  • McQueen (United Kingdom)

    • Cat de Casanove, Hayley Cramer, Sophie Crouch, Leah Duors

  • Medi?val B?bes (United Kingdom)

    • Rachel Van Asch, Katharine Blake, Maple Bee, Dorothy Carter, Teresa Casella, Audrey Evans, Marie Findley, Emily Ovenden, Cylindra Sapphire

  • Mistress of Reality (United States)

    • Simona Bressi, Bonnie Buitrago, Paulette Kasal, Nicole Ridge

  • The Minks (United States)

    • Marie, Aileen, Jen, Pia, Freia

  • The Mo-dettes (United Kingdom)

    • Ramona Carlier, Jane Crockford, Kate Korus, June Miles-Kingston

  • Moral Lepers (Canada)

    • Marian Lydbrooke, Rachel Melas, Conny Nowe, Elaine Stef, Bonnie Williams

  • The Moto-Litas (United States)

    • Courtney, Erin, Mary, Stacy

  • Mourning Sickness (Canada)

    • Prudence Clearwater, Maz Fusion, Lynna Landstreet

  • Mr. Airplane Man (United States)

    • Margaret Garrett, Tara McManus

  • The Murmurs (United States)

    • Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey, Sheri Ozeki, Sherri Solinger

  • Mustang Sally (United States)

    • Lindsay Chapman, Tobi Lee, Lisa Romeo, Amanda Ruzza, Sarah Wilfong, Brenda Zitzman

  • My Ass (Spain)

    • Natalia Meinhardt, Elita Knives




  • The Need (United States)

    • Rachel Carns, Radio Sloan

  • Neo Boys (United States)

    • Pat Baum, Meg Hentges, Kim Kincaid, KT Kincaid, Jennifer Lobianco

  • The Neptunas (United States)

    • Leslitas, Pamitas, Sabrinitas

  • Nervous Rex (United States)

    • Diane Athey, Trixie A. Balm (Lauren Agnelli), Miriam Linna

  • New Girl Art Trend Band (United States)

    • Kristen

  • The Ninety-Nines (United States)

    • Alaine, Mande

  • Nitocris (Australia)

    • Morgana Ancone, Sara Anderson, Jessie Finlayson, Andrea Stanway, Kira Taylor

  • Mt-tv (u.k.)

    • ...




  • OOIOO (Japan)

    • Kyoko, Maki, Yoshiko, Yoshimi

  • The Orchids (United States)

    • Laurie Bell, Jan King, Laurie McAllister, Sunbie Sinn, Ch? Zuro

  • ?stro 430 (Germany)

    • Olivia Casali, Bettina Floerchinger, Monika Kellermann, Martina Weith, Marita Welling

  • The Organ (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

    • Katie Sketch, Jenny Smythe, Shelby Stocks, Shmoo Ritchie, Debra Cohen




  • Painting Daisies (Canada)

    • Carolyn Fortowsky, Daisy Blue Groff, Kim Gryba, Rachelle Van Zanten

  • The Pandoras (United States)

    • Nancy DiMuro, Kathy Kinsella, Michelle Marquis, Elysee Thierry

  • The Pandoras (United States)

    • Karen Blankfeld, Paula Pierce, Kim Shattuck, Melanie Vammen, Julie Patchouli

  • Partyline (United States)

  • Pass The Steroids (United States)

    • Ashley Johnsen, Adam Brown, Bailey Stevens

  • Patsy (United States)

    • Kerry, Marcie, Patricia

  • Penny Dreadfuls (United States)

    • Anna Chaffee, Chimene Gonzalez, Melanie Makaiwi, Andrea Sanchez

  • Phantom Blue (United States)

    • Josephine, Sara Marsh, Linda McDonald, Jeannine St. Clair, Amy Tung

  • Pillow Queen (United Kingdom)

    • Abby, Esme, Rosie, Florence, Kate

  • Ping Pong Bitches (United Kingdom)

    • Emily Hell, Louise Prey, Mandy Wong

  • Pinkeye (band) (United States)

    • Mitsu Bitchi, Kelly Hero, Laurie G-Force

  • Pink Champagne (Sweden)

    • Bambi, Karin Jansson, Ann Komann, Gackande Sgugge

  • Pink Vixens (United States)

    • Kandace Bangert, Tammy Barnes, Cassie Pittman, Krystina Stricker

  • Placenta (United States)

    • Appolonia, Rachael, Kjetset, Karen Toloui

  • Plain Jane (band) (USA)

    • Sierra Beecher, Joni Soltysik, Roxanne Pearson

  • Planningtorock (United Kingdom)

    • Janine Rostron

  • The Plath (Canada)

    • Shannon Mitchell, Mary Romas, Cheryl Steele

  • The Playgirls (United Kingdom)

    • Axe Maiden, Liddy, Lisa, Sophie

  • Poison Dollies (United States)

    • Jaye Foucher, Gina Stiles, Gail Walden

  • The Poozies (United Kingdom)

    • Mary Macmaster, Kate Rusby, Patsy Seddon, Eilidh Shaw, Karen Tweed

  • Poptarts (band) (United States)

    • Cathy Kensington, Gael McGear, Susan Mersey, Margie Shears, Meegan Voss

  • Precious Metal (United States)

    • Susette Andres, Carol Control, Julia Farey, Mara Fox, Leslie Knauer, Janet Robin, Alex Rylance

  • Puffy (Japan)

    • Ami Onuki, Yumi Yoshimura

  • Pulsallama (United States)

    • Jean Caffiene, Kimberly Davis, Staceyjoy Elkin, Dany Johnson, Diana Lillig, Ann Magnuson, Lori Montana, April Palmieri, Charlotte Slivka, Min Thometz, Ande Whyland, Wendy Wild

  • Puss 'N' Boots (United States)

    • Laurie Bell, Jan King, Tami Peden, Ch? Zuro






  • The Rag Dolls (Italy)

    • Nikki Carabello, Aika Ceccarelli, Morgana (Lisa Cerri), Franka Leotta, Dani Piccirillo

  • Raging Affiniti (United States)

    • Aud, Cara, Tracey

  • The Raincoats (United Kingdom)

    • Vicky Aspinall, Gina Birch, Ana Da Silva, Palmolive, Ingrid Weiss

  • Raooul

    • Phyllis Forbes, Loren Goetz, Melissa Macarthur, Maddy Reed, Molly Schnick

  • Raszebrae

    • Debbie Patino, Katie, Ingrid

  • The Rebel Pebbles (United States)

    • Karen Blankfeld, Cheryl Bullock, Robin Fox, Rachel Murray

  • Red Aunts (United States)

    • K. Davis, Terri, Debi Martini, Lesley Noelle

  • Red or Dead (United States)

    • kerry Davis, Jackie Holland, Kristin Meyers, Leah Retherford, Kota Matsumura

  • Red Vinyl Fur (United Kingdom)

    • Alison, Kara, Nadene, Sue

  • Riff Randals (United States)

    • Candice Randal, Heather Randal, Kortnee Randal, Lory Randal

  • The Riff Randells (Canada)

    • Kathy Camaro, Anne-Marie

  • The Ringling Sisters (United States)

    • Iris Berry, Debbie Dexter, Pleasant Gehman, Texacala Jones, Johnette Napolitano, Debbie Patino

  • Rockbitch (United Kingdom)

    • Julie, Babe, Nikki, Amanda, Luci, Jo

  • Rock Goddess (United Kingdom)

    • Jody Turner, Julie Turner, Tracey Lamb, Dee O'Malley

  • Rude Girl (United States)

    • Leather Leone, Sandy Sledge, Lois LaRue, Delphine Neid (replaced by) Eden Unger

  • Rude Girls (United States)

    • Lyn Hardy, Selma Kaplan, Debby Saperstone

  • Ruggedy Annes (Canada)

    • Debbie, Margaret Fonseca, Ruth Monk

  • Run out of Ink (United Kingdom)

    • Katie Buckland, Becky Jenner, Faaye Wheatley

  • The Runaways (United States)




  • Sahara Hotnights (Sweden)

    • Maria Andersson, Jennie Asplund, Johanna Asplund, Josephine Forsman

  • Sailor Harlette (United States)

  • The Sarcastic Bitch (United States)

    • Wendianne, Allin, Amanda

  • Sassafrass (band) (United States)

    • Jill Fox, Carole White, Ann Owens, Shelley Hull

  • Scatha (Brazil)

    • Julia Pombo, Paula Leão, Cíntia Ventania, Cynthia Tsai Yuen, Rebecca Schwab

  • Scissor Girls (United States)

    • Kelly Kuvo, Heather Melowic, Azita Youssefi, SueAnne Zollinger

  • Scrawl (United States)

    • Sue Harshe, Dana Marshall, Marcy Mays, Carolyn O'Leary

  • Screamin' Sirens (United States)

    • Laura Bandit, Diane Dixon, Rosie Flores, Pleasant Gehman, Casey Gomez, Kathryn Grimm, Marsky Reins, Miiko Watanabe

  • Secret (Romania)

    • Adriana Buciu, Cristina Puia Dan, Claudia Dimitru, Mirella Paun, Angela Vulpescu

  • ServX (United States)

    • Crystal, fLee, LadyParasyte

  • The Shaggs (United States)

    • Betty Wiggin, Dorothy Wiggin, Helen Wiggin, Rachel Wiggin

  • The Sharon Rogers All-Girl Band (United States)

    • Sharon Rogers

  • Shiney (Australia)

    • Deanna Constantine-Cook, Marisa Magee, Joanne Karoline Russell

  • Shonen Knife (Japan)

    • Atsuko Yamano, Naoko Yamano

  • The Sidekicks (United States)

    • Briana, Jenna, Pattie

  • Sirens (Canada)

    • Donna Creighton, Jo-Ann Lawton

  • The Sirens (United States)

    • Double D, Deanne Iovan, Michelle Lannoo, Melody Licious, Muffy Kroha, Mss Shelly

  • The Sirens (United States)

    • Cindy Chambers, Melissa Duncan, Kristin Gray, Tammy Hooper, Kaeri Johnson

  • Sister Funk (United States)

    • Troy, Tina, Vange, Wendy, Blaze

  • Skulker (Australia)

    • Batt (Naomi Batter), Angela Blackshaw, Annette Harada, Greer Skinner

  • Slant 6 (United States)

    • Christina Billotte, Marge Marshall, Myra Power

  • Sleater-Kinney (United States)

  • Slink (United States)

    • Adrianna Calle, Nollie DeVol, Krisy Klein

  • The Slits (United Kingdom)

  • Smoosh

    • Asya and Chloe (last names withheld)

  • Softball (Japan)

    • Moe, Nomiya, Vie

  • Some Girls (United States)

  • Sophomore Level Psychology (Canada)

    • Natasha Beaudin, Melissa Deline, Nina Langfield, Jennifer Whiteford

  • The Spazzys (Australia)

    • Kat, Lucy, Alice

  • Swan Island (band) ((United States)

    • Aubs, Vera, T-Bone, bob, Brisa







  • Las Ultras?nicas (Mexico)

  • Unknown Gender (United States)

    • Lynne Messinger, Cindy Richmond, Vivian Stoll

  • Unter Null (United States)

    • Erica Dunham

  • Urge (band) (United States)

    • Christeen Alicino, Jean Caffeine, Julie Lawler, Mary Lawler, Kat Zumbach

  • UT (band) (United States)

    • Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham, Sally Young

  • Ultraviolets (United Kingdom)

    • Natalie Chahal, Emilie Lecocq, Clara Lawes




  • The Vamps (United States)

    • Vanessa, Nina, Alicia, Katie

  • Vanilla Ninja (Estonia)

    • Maarja Kivi (2002-2004), Lenna Kuurmaa, Piret Järvis, Katrin Siska and Triinu Kivilaan (2004-2005)

  • The Varve (United States)

    • Kat Astrophe, Carolyn Crampton, Sue Digby, Jo Ann Gogue, Kelli Kozak

  • Velvet Fury (United States)

    • Dahlia Deathstrike, Pussy Gato, Christa Rhoades, Yessi Q

  • Velvet Hammer (United States)

    • Lynda Millard, Dana Davis, Ginger Doss, Katrina Lassberg (Austin/Houston TX based band, 1980s-1990s)

  • Venus Envy (United States)

    • Lisa Koch, Laura Love, Linda Schierman, Linda Severt

  • The Veronica Complex (United States)

    • Becca, Kristen, Julie, Peggie

  • The Veronicas (Australia)

    • Lisa Origliasso, Jessica Origliasso

  • The Vibration (United States)

    • Randie Williams, Allison Veronica Esposito, Antonia Salerno, Ann Fitzgerald

  • Violator (band) (United States)

    • Tracy Thompkins, Patty Garcia, Mary Colbert, Christina Rubino, Bianca Moscatelli

  • Vixen (band) (United States)

    • Janet Gardner, Jan Kuehnemund, Share Pedersen, Roxy Petrucci

  • Voodoo Queens (United Kingdom)

    • Anjali Bhatia

  • VS. (US band) (United States)

    • Carola Anderson, Jeorgia Anderson, Olga de Volga, Heidi Familiar, Amy Linden, Kathy Sanford

  • The Vyllies (Switzerland)

    • Manu Moan, Ursula Nun, Ilona Prism




  • Wack Cat (United States)

    • Katy Angel Rebel, Karren Ablaze!, Kate Galactic, Simone Hormone

  • The Wage of Sin (United States)

    • Melissa Fornabaio, Vanessa Newsted, Rachel Rosen, Laura Zaino

  • Warbride (United States, Sweden)

    • Lori Linstruth and various, including: Sandy Sledge, Susie Shubert, Velia Garay, Jana

  • The Welders (United States)

    • Julie Benz, Kelly Draper, Caroline Fujimoto, Jane Fujimoto, Stephanie Lasater, Colleen O'Sullivan, Lyla Turner

  • We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It (United Kingdom)

    • JoAnn, Maggie, Tina, Vicky

  • Witch Is Witch (Germany)

    • Barbara Bauermeister, Monika Jaeckel

  • Wrecker (band)(United States)

    • Carolina Pfister, Jessi Knop and Jenny Kilken

  • The Wrecks (United States)

    • Hell-n, Bess, Lynn Perko, Jone Stebbins

  • Wishing Chair (United States)

    • Miriam Davidson, Kiya Heartwood




  • X-Mal Deutschland (Germany)

    • First line-up, Anja Huwe, Manuela Rickers, Fiona Sangster, Rita Simon, Caro May. Simon and May were replaced by Manuela Zwingmann and the band's first male, Wolfgang Ellerbrock.




  • Y Pants (United States)

    • Barbara Ess, Virginia Piersol, Gail Vachon

  • The Yeastie Girlz (United States)

    • Jane, Cammie, Kate

  • Yukon (band) (United States)

    • Matti Ardison, Roxy DelMonaco, Kristen Starra, Raven Tewke




  • Ze Bond Rocks (United States)

    • Lyn Ze Bond, Rachel

  • Zepparella (United States)

    • Anna, Nila, Clementine, Gretchen

  • Zuzu's Petals (United States)

    • Vickie Barnes, Coleen Elwood, Laurie Lindeen, Linda Pitmon













  • 2R (Hong Kong)

    • Race Wong, Rosanne Wong

  • 3LW (United States)

    • Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Jessica Benson (Naturi Naughton formerly)

  • The 411 (United Kingdom)

    • Carolyn, Suzie, Tanya, Tisha

  • The 2 of Clubs (United States)

    • Linda Parrish, Patti Valentine










  • The Caravelles (United States)

  • The Chantels (United States)

  • Cheeky Girls (Romania)

    • Gabriela Irimia, Monica Irimia

  • Cherry (Australia)

  • The Chiffons (United States)

    • Judy Craig, Patricia Bennett, Barbara Lee, Sylvia Peterson

  • The Chordettes (United States)

    • Carol Buschman, Janet Ertel, Lynn Evans, Margie Needham, Jinny Osborn, Nancy Overton, Dorothy Schwartz

  • Clea (United Kingdom)

    • Emma Beard, Aimee Kearsley, Lyndsey Brown, (formerly Chloe Staines)

  • Cleopatra (United Kingdom)

    • Cleopatra Higgins, Yonah Higgins, Zainam Higgins

  • Coconuts Musume (Japan)

    • Mika Todd, Ayaka Kimura, Lehua Sandbo, Danielle Delauney, Chelsea Ching, April Barbaran

  • Company B (United States)

    • Donna Huntley, Susan Johnson, Lori L., Lezlee Livrano, Julie Marie

  • Cookies (Hong Kong)

  • Country Musume (Japan)

  • The Cover Girls (United States)

  • The Cooperettes

    • Damie, Evelyn Escalera, Gayle, Caroline Jackson, Louise Sabater, Shelia, Margo Urban, Michelle Valentine, Sunshine Wright

  • The Crystals (United States)

    • Barbara Alston, Merna Girard, Delores "Dee Dee" Kennibrew, Mary Thomas, Patricia "Patsy" Wright, Dolores "LaLa" Brooks, Frances Collins







  • Eden's Crush (United States)

    • Ana Maria Lombo, Maile Misajon, Nicole Scherzinger, Ivette Sosa, Rosanna Tavarez

  • The Emotions (United States)

  • En Vogue (United States)

    • Rhonna Bennett, Amanda Cole, Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson

  • Eternal (United Kingdom)

    • Easther Bennett, Vernie Bennett, Kelle Bryan, Louise Nurding

  • Exposé (United States)

    • Original Version: Sandra Casanas, Alè Lorenzo, Laurie Miller

    • Famous Version: Gioia Bruno, Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado, (later) Kelly Moneymaker







  • Girlfriend/gf4 (Australia)

    • Melanie Alexander, Jacqui Cowell, Siobhann Heidenreich, Lorinda Noble, Robyn Loau (Girlfriend only)

  • Girls Aloud (United Kingdom)

    • Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Robert, Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Walsh

  • Girl Authority (United States)

    • "Country Girl" Crystal, "Party Girl" Kate, "Rock N' Roll Girl" Tarr, "Urban Girl" Gina, "Fashion Girl" Alex, "Preppy Girl" Zoë, "All-Star Girl" Jacqueline, "Boho Girl" Jess, "Glamour Girl" Carly

  • Girl Thing (United Kingdom)

    • Jodi Albert, Michelle Barber, Anika Bostelaar, Linzi Martin, Nikki Staurt

  • The Gonnabees (United States)

    • Sara, Nicole, Kaella










  • J.J. Fad

    • Juana Burns, Dania Birks, Michelle Franklin




  • Krystol (United States)

    • Karon Floyd, Tina Scott, Roberta Stiger, D'Marie Warren




  • Las Cheris (Puerto Rico)

    • Melina León

  • Las Ketchup (Spain)

    • Lola Munoz, Lucia Munoz, Pilar Munoz

  • Lemonescent (United Kingdom)

    • Emma Cassidy, Sarah Cassidy, Nikki MacLachlan, Leona Skimming, Shonagh Strachan, (formerly Lisa Harrison)

  • The Lennon Sisters (United States)

    • Dianne Lennon, Janet Lennon, Kathy Lennon, Janet Lennon, Mimi Lennon, Peggy Lennon

  • Lollipop (Italy)

    • Marta Falcone, Dominique Fidanza, Marcella Ovani, Veronica Rubino & Roberta Ruiu

  • Luv (Netherlands)

    • Patty Brard,Marga Scheide,Jose Hoebee




  • M2M (Norway)

    • Marit Larsen, Marion Raven

  • Marcie Jones and the Cookies (Australia)

    • Marcie Jones, Margaret Cook, Wendy Cook (Reece), Beverley Cook (Hill)

  • Martha & the Vandellas (United States)

    • Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford, Annette Beard, Gloria Williamson; later members included Betty Kelly, Sandra "Lois" Reeves

  • The Marvelettes (United States)

  • Mary Mary (United States)

    • Erica and Tina Atkins

  • Masai (United kingdom)

  • Mel & Kim (Great Britain)

    • Mel & Kim Appleby

  • MiniMoni (Japan)

    • Mari Yaguchi, Ai Kago, Nozomi Tsuji, Mika Todd, Ai Takahashi

  • Melon Kinenbi (Japan)

  • Mis-teeq (United Kingdom)

    • Alesha Dixon, Su-Elise Nash, Sabrina Washington

  • Morning Musume (Japan)

    • Hitomi Yoshizawa, Miki Fujimoto, Ai Takahashi, Makoto Ogawa, Asami Konno, Risa Niigaki, Eri Kamei, Sayumi Michishige, Reina Tanaka, Koharu Kusumi




  • Nina Sky (United States)

    • Natalie Albino, Nicole Albino

  • No Angels (Germany)

    • Nadja Benaissa, Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Mölling, Vanessa Petruo, Jessica Wahls

  • No Secrets (United States)

    • Angel Faith, Jessica Fried, Carly Lewis, Jade Ryusaki & Erin Tanner

  • Nobody's Angel (United States)

    • Ali Navarro, Stacey Harper, Amy Sue Hardy, Sarah Smith (Amy Sue and Stacey replaced by Tai Amber Hoo and Jennie Kwan)

  • Northern State (United States)

    • Hesta Prynn, Correne Spero, Robyn Sprout

  • Nu Virgos (Ukraine)

    • Nadya Granovskaya, Vera Brezhneva, and Anya Sedokova

  • Nylon (band) (Iceland)






  • The Paris Sisters (USA)

  • Play (Sweden)

    • Faye Hamlin, Anaïs Lameche, Janet Leon, Rosie Munter, Anna Sundstrand

  • Point of Grace

    • Shelley Breen, Heather Payne, Denise Jones, and Terry Jones

  • The Pointer Sisters (United States)

    • Anita, Boonie, Ruth and the late June Pointer

  • The Poppies

  • Precious (United Kingdom)

    • Louise Rose, Anya Lahiri, Sophie McDonnell, Kalli Clark-Sternberg and Jenny Frost

  • Prussian Blue (United States)

    • Lamb and Lynx Gaede

  • Pump Girls (United States)

    • Colleen Elizabeth Cottrell, Sara Cronstedt, Heather Faland, Debbie Lemus, Janelle Munion, Brittany Rausch

  • The Pussycat Dolls (United States)

    • Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton, Kimberly Wyatt

  • PYT (United States)

    • Lydia Bell, Lauren Mayhew, Ashley Niven, Tracy Williams




  • Queens (Poland)

    • Patrycja Wódz, Agnieszka Maksyjan, Monika Niedek



















  • Wild Orchid (United States)

    • Stacy Ferguson, Stefanie Ridel, Renee Sandstrom





    • Ivona Dzampovska, Verica Karanfilovska, Marija Nikolova, Rosica Nikolovska




















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