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Herstmonceux (pronounced: "Hers-mon-zoo") is a village in the county of East Sussex in the South East of England. It is the location of Herstmonceux Castle and the former site of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, even though not within the village envelope - strictly speaking.




Windmill Hill windmill restoration project



The windmill at Windmill Hill, an important bit of kit this when you have a whole village to bake for, so a lot of grain to grind into flour.





Herstmonceux is also famous for trug making. Trugs are small gardening baskets made from willow boards set in an ash or chestnut frame.  As with quite a bit in Herstmonceux at the moment, the trug making industry is drying up. However, this tiny village, with its single parade of shops along the busy A271 (Gardner Street), a bottleneck for traffic, is perhaps more famous for The Old Generating Works (Steam House), which together with Rudyard Kipling's Batemans, is the only surviving evidence of the early electricity generating industry in Sussex.  This building in included on a Monument Protection Programme (MPP) since it has fallen into a state of disrepair.


Another important, but perhaps not so rare a building, is the windmill at Windmill Hill, which was saved with the help of a 500,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery fund, English Heritage and others. Volunteers and Trustees include: Brian Holdstock, Crispin Freeman, Martyn Mitchell, Paul Frost, John Bishop, Maureen Bishop, Rhys Clatworthy and Bee Frost. Being run by a Trust and a listed building opens up the doors to all kinds of public funding. Without the effort on locals and funding from government, etc, this windmill would be no more. It had been allowed to deteriorate to the stage where collapse was imminent.


This is not the case where a building is unlisted. An unlisted building may be the only one of its kind, but not worthy of private investment where a corrupt council might be working to prevent a reasonable use - even though it is their job to find beneficial uses for buildings that English Heritage have pointed out by inclusion on an MMP. 


It has recently been confirmed by English Heritage that there is no public funding for buildings on Monument Protection Programmes no matter how rare they are. From a series of recent correspondence it is clear that where a council is corrupt, English Heritage is powerless. Thus, the future of historic buildings in areas run by corrupt councils is as if there was no MMP.




The English Heritage Monuments Protection Programme was supposed to be a comprehensive review and evaluation of England's archaeological resource, designed to collect information which will enhance the conservation, management and appreciation of the archaeological heritage. Once again dependent on councils being honest. One of its principal aims is to identify monuments and sites whose national importance and conservation needs justify some form of statutory protective designation (generally scheduling).


National importance is decided on the basis of rarity, archaeological potential and vulnerability. Descriptions are based on current knowledge and will therefore always be provisional and subject to change as further research is undertaken - which in reality means it is up to owners to work out for themselves how best to utilise buildings that nobody really cares about. One way to generate an income for old property that is blighted by local corruption is to open them to the public, which does not need planning permission - simply because a building is what it is. With roughly 225 monument class descriptions already, you can begin to grasp the scale of the problem.




Herstmonceux Museum, the electricity generating station, Lime Park



Remember this one? Wealden District Council lied to several Inspectors at Appeals from 1986 until 1997, after which the appellant decided the system was so corrupt, that he'd simply show the Secretary of State that Victorio (Vic) Scarpa, Doug Moss, Ian Kay, Ashley Brown, Chezel Bird, Derek Holness, Christine Nuttall and David Phillips were all working together to conceal the truth. They told Inspectors at appeals on oath that the original timber building from 1909 was replaced by a corrugated iron shed at some unspecified time. They called it a "tin shack" during planning committee meetings to instill a sense of lesser importance in the minds of council members. All of which was a deception, and worse, a conspiracy to hide the truth.  Where's the 'tin' then blockheads? The original timber building is still there exactly as explained in 1986. An inconvenient truth this may be, but think on the 500,000 of taxpayers money this council spent trying to change history. They used all means at their disposal to try to bury the occupier - including an attempt at bankruptcy. No wonder Britain is in the state it is - when officials in trusted positions cannot be relied on to tell the truth - all at our expense! The question is now, who is going to jail for malfeasance in public office? That is a question for Eric Pickles and Chris Grayling.





Other buildings of note in the locality include Lime House and Lime Cottage.  Lime Cottage is a grade 2 listed building.  Lime House is the manor house previously owned by the Baron de Roemer and occupied by the famous travel writer Augustus Hare.  It was the Baron's son who built the now famous generating building (known as the Old Steam House) and supply network which gave electricity to Herstmonceux far in advance of other towns. Pioneering indeed, but as we say English Heritage recognition is worthless where councils are corrupt. Life goes on in councils no matter if you are honest or not. In fact, dishonest officers at Wealden District Council have been promoted. They earn large sums for lying. Not a new profession we realize, where many a politician has been caught out. Since 1982 Wealden DC have been nursing the lie that the original generating building had been replaced with a pump house - in the process persuading the Secretary of State (via duped Inspectors Danreuther and Michaels) to declare an incorrect finding of fact. Any twit looking at the only pump on the premises would have realised that the pump was three-phase with modern couplings, whereas the timber construction was very much older. 105 years old in fact. Was there 3-phase electricity in 1908? Of course not. How then could 3 intelligent inspectors have swallowed Wealden's lies? The answer is that Inspectors seem to pay no heed to physical facts, but decide on the words of council officers, always taking the side of councils when in doubt. As Jim Carey said in 'Liar Liar,' the pen is blue.


Even now in perversity, this council refuse to admit the deception(s) that their planning (David Phillips, Ian Kay, Ashley Brown and Doug Moss) and legal officers (Vic Scarpa & Christine Nuttall [solicitors]) and Chief Executive, Derek Holness, committed openly and at considerable expense during three public enquiries. Wealden District Council wasted half a million pounds of taxpayers money nursing a lie - and are about to waste a whole lot more, authorizing 180+ enforcement visits in the process - a virtual industry based on deception, the aim of which was to discriminate against the then occupier - which of course is unlawful in the first instance (misfeasance in public office) and illegal where there is a cover up (malfeasance in public office). Where malfeasance is concerned prison is on the cards.


The battle continues with English Heritage content to keeps their records and watch the world go by. Shame on this council which is led by councilor Bob Standley with steerage away from their duty to the historic environment from Trevor Scott. All of the above is documented and verified for accuracy.


Notable absences are any useful representation from local councilor Andrew (Andy) Long, who does not reply to letters and is not contactable by email in a modern age where communication is essential. This matter has now been put before the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State for Planning. But don't hold your breath. This is merry old England where admission is a dirty word and impropriety is the order of the day - perhaps one day an official: 'order of merit'. For services to what we wonder? Dirty tricks?


For more information on this interesting building, see:  ARCHAEOLOGY





Herstmonceux Castle (some 2 miles (3.2 km) south-east of the village) is a former site of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. It is now home to the Bader International Study Centre of Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, and the area therefore enjoys an influx of Canadian and other international students each school year. The castle grounds are also home to the Observatory Science Centre, which is operated by Science Projects Limited, and the Herstmonceux Mediaeval Festival.

There are two Sites of Special Scientific Interest within the Parish. Herstmonceux Park is of importance because of its wetland habitat and fen vegetation. It is the only known location of Milk Parsley Peucedanum palustre in the south-east. The second site, Pevensey Levels, lies partially in the parish. The site is of biological interest consisting of low-lying grazing meadows, hosting a wide variety of wetland flora and fauna.





Herstmonceux is coming like a ghost town



If Wealden District Council, had got their way, the buildings would now be a haunted place with nothing standing. That is what happens when a council refuse to give a beneficial use to landowners - archaeological remains just rot away - even quicker if the construction is timber. Councils know this. Wealden DC tried to accelerate the rot, by putting tree preservation orders on nearby sycamore trees. It is nothing short of a miracle that Nelson Kruschandl had the stamina to take on a council over what is now 30 years - and finally to prove that what they were saying was bunkum! But then, Mr Kruschandl is a British (Colonial) Bulldog and this was a war. He is quoted as saying: "You need to have the patience of a saint, the courage of a lion and the cunning of a fox."





Herstmonceux Museum, working well in Lime Park



At some time in the last 100 years, the only two wells in Lime Park, were covered over with concrete slabs. These slabs were removed in 1982 on discovery of the wells that many local people had forgotten existed after piped mains water became commonplace. Then around 1994 the well head was rebuilt in brick and a timber lid securely fitted to prevent grouchy neighbors and curious animals from falling in. Beginning in June of 2013, the well head is being reconstructed as per the above diagram, to include a cast iron wheel and the original well bell, dated 1898. Apart from completing the look of the complex as it was in 1900, a working well with al the features of the original is an asset to a sustainable  life style. Many people forget how we got here and what technology we employed in our fight to survive. A well is essential to provide water to communities that do not have piped mains water. Without a water hole, villages in Africa would not exist. 





Religion - places of worship in Wealden

All Saints (Church of England) parish church, with its 12th century west tower and 13th/14th century nave, overlooks the Castle. Herstmonceux Congregational Church, located just outside the village on the way to the castle, was erected in 1811 and is now a listed building.










Herstmonceux Parish
East Sussex, England


"list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest"
Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990







This list contains all amendments to 26 March 2003. "Descriptive entries" are confined to century of origin except for the Grade I and II* buildings, where more is reproduced. The accuracy of the listing or entries is not guaranteed by Herstmonceux Parish Council: any question about these or other buildings in the Parish should in the first instance be referred to Conservation & Design, Wealden District Council, Council Offices, Pine Grove, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1DH, tel. 01892 602538 or email.



NAME (LB grade)








No. 3, Posey Cottages (II)
"Early C19...".

Posey Green, Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/355

Nos. 4 and 5, Posey Cottages (II)

Posey Green, Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/356

Thorpe House (II)
"Early C19...".

Posey Green, A271

TQ 6412 37/357

Yew Tree Cottage (II)
"C17 or earlier timber-framed building...".

Lower Road, Golden Cross

TQ 61 SW 13/412

Wisteria Cottage (II) and Primrose Cottage (II) [alternatively 1, 2, 3 Chapel Row]

Chapel Row

TQ 6312/394

Rose Cottage (II)

Chapel Row

TQ 6312 37/395

East Lodge (II)
"Early C19...".

Lime Park

TQ 6312 37/396

Herstmonceux Congregational Church (II)
"Dated 1811...."

Chapel Row

TQ 6312 37/397

Lime End Farmhouse (II)
"Early C19...".

Chapel Row

TQ 6311 37/398

Chilsham Green Farmhouse (II)
"C17 or earlier...".

Chilsham Lane

TQ 61 SW 13/421

The Parish Church of All Saints (I)
"Built of red brick partly cement and with stone tower and partly slated roofs.... The Nave and Tower are late C12; the south Aisle C13; the north Aisle, the south Porch and the Chancel C14; the north or Dacre Chapel 1450 circa and like the Castle, with which it is contemporary build of brick; the north Porch 1874. Dacre tomb to Thomas Lord Hoo (died 1455) and Sir Thomas Hoo (died 1486)...."

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/404

Church Farmhouse (II)
"probably C16...".

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/405

Cleavers Lyng (II)

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/407

Milland [Farmhouse] (II)

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/408

Nos 1 and 2 Milland Cottages (II)
"C18 or earlier...".

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/409

Cherry Croft (II)

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/410

Barn at Cherry Croft Farm (II)
"Late C16, extended and reclad in C18... two storey C18 extension...".

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/10027

Herstmonceux Place (I) [now flats]
"The north-west front dates from the early C18.... In 1777 the house was enlarged by Samuel Wyatt for the Reverend Robert Hare (great grandfather of Augustus Hare), the bricks for the new portion being taken from Herstmonceux Castle. The north-east or entrance front was then re-modelled.... Good staircase.
From 1807-1819 the house was occupied by Thomas Read Kemp, the founder of Kemp Town, Brighton."

Church Road

TQ 61 SW 13/411

Walled garden to north of Herstmonceux Castle (II)
"Probably mid C16 and later altered...".

Herstmonceux Park

TQ 61 SW 13/660

Herstmonceux Castle, with attached bridges to nother & south and causway with moat retaining walls to west. (I)
"Castle/country house. c1441 (when license to crenellate was granted) for Sir Roger Fiennes; further embellished mid C16 for Baroness and Lord Dacre; altered mid-late C17 for Lord Dacre; part demolished 1776-7 for Robert Hare; restored and rebuilt early C20, mostly 1911-12, for Lieutenant Coloner Claude Lowther and 1930s for Sir Paul Latham....
Interior: some original features survive, including fireplaces, privies, doorways, dungeon and brick-lined dovecote...; other old features were brought in from elsewhere....
"The C15 castle was well restored in the early C20 and the many fine features which were brought in at that time add to its importance."

Herstmonceux Park

TQ 61 SW 13/406

Herstmonceux Science Centre (II*)
"Alternatively known as: Equatorial Group of Telescopes, Royal Greenwich Observatory." For the complete  descriptive entry, 

[Herstmonceux Park]

TQ 61 SE

Chapel Cottage (II)
"Originally a cottage and chapel, now a house in one ownership. Cottage to west is of c1750, former Baptist Chapel to east is of c1800. Some C20 alterations...".


TQ 61 SW 981/13/10040

The Merry [sic] Harriers Inn (II)


TQ 61 SW 13/422

1 & 2 Corner Cottages (II)


TQ 61 SW 13/423

Cowbeech House (II*)
"Dated 1731...".


TQ 61 SW 13/424

Cowbeech Farmhouse (II)
"C17 or earlier...".


TQ 61 SW 13/425

Batchelors and the garden wall to the east (II)
"C18.... C18 cobbled garden wall...".

Cowbeech Hill, Cowbeech

TQ 61 SW 13/426

Carter's Corner Farmhouse (II)
"Formerly called Highfields.... C17 or earlier timber-framed building.... North-west wing added about 1930."

Cowbeech Hill, Cowbeech

TQ 61 SW 13/427

1 & 2 Thorndean Farm Cottages (II)
"Early C19...".

[Foul Mile,] Cowbeech

TQ 61 SW 13/428

Moieties (II)
"Restored C17 or earlier timber-framed building...".

Foul Mile, Cowbeech

TQ 61 NW 8/429

Beadles Cottage (II)
"C17 or earlier...".

Foul Mile, Cowbeech

TQ 61 NW 8/430

Courtlands Farmhouse (II)
"Probably C17...".

Foul Mile, Cowbeech

TQ 61 NW 8/431

Court Horam (II*)
"Unusual C17 or earlier timber-framed building...".

Hammer Lane, Cowbeech

TQ 61 NW 8/432

Blackford Farmhouse (II)
"C18 front, but some older work within...".

Cinderford Lane, Cowbeech

TQ 61 SW 13/433

Flowers Green Cottages (Nos 1, 2 and 3) (II)

Church Road, Flowers Green

TQ 6311 37/399

Hollies (II)

Butler's Lane, Flowers Green

TQ 6311 37/400

Pernes (II)

Flowers Green

TQ 6311 37/401

Little Butlers (II)

Flowers Green

TQ 6311 37/402

Pastures (II)
"Early C19...".

Flowers Green

TQ 6311 37/403

1, 2, The Chestnuts (II)

Gardner Street (north side)

TQ 6312 37/366

London Cottage (II)

Gardner Street (north side)

TQ 6312 37/367

The Brewers' Arms Inn (II)

Gardner Street (north side)

TQ 37/368

Barclays Bank and Bank Flat (II)
[no longer Barclays Bank]
"Early C19...".

Gardner Street (north side)

TQ 6312 37/369

The Sundial Restaurant (II)
"Early C19... Sundial on first floor."

Gardner Street (north side)

TQ 6312 37/370

Elm Tree House (II)
"L-shaped C17 or earlier timber-framed building...".

Gardner Street (north side)

TQ 6312 37/371

Higham House and Higham Cottage (II)
"One building. C18...".

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/372

The Keys (II)

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/373

Eversley (II)
"Early C19...".

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/374

Bellevue and Perrywinkle Cottage (II)
"C17 or earlier building...".

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/375

Arnocks and Arnocks Cottage (II)
"Early C19...".

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/376

Cotoneaster (II)
[formerly Praise-the-Lord House]

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/377

Nos 1 and 2 The Old Post Office (II)
"Probably C17...".

Gardner Street (south side)

TQ 6312 37/378

The Old Farmhouse (II)
[sometimes called Ginger's Green Farmhouse]
"C17 or earlier...".

Ginger's Green Lane, Ginger's Green

TQ 61 SW 13/416

Monk's Rest (II)
"Restored C17 cottage...".

Hailsham Road, Cooper's Croft

TQ 61 SW 13/413

Buckwell Place (II*)
"Large former rectory, now private house. Original wing of c1792 built by the Rev. Robert Hare, a member of the Hare family who owned Herstmonceux Castle. His nephew Archdeacon Julius Hare added a parlour wing.... c1860 a service wing was added to the west by the Rev Henry Wellesley, an illegitimate nephew of the Duke of Wellington....
"The house has historic interest as being the childhood home of Augustus Hare the notable Victorian travel writer who also wrote memoirs in 6 volumes 'The story of my life'."

Hailsham Road, Coopers Croft

TQ 61 SW 13/414

The stables to the west of Buckwell Place House (II)
"Small early C19 building...".

Hailsham Road, Coopers Croft

TW 61 SW 13/414A

Deudney's Farmhouse (II)
"Front portion late C17 or early C18...".

Old Road, Magham Down

TW 61 SW 13/415

Stunt's Green Farmhouse (II)
"Dated 1727.... Stone with the initials WH and the date 1727."

Stunt's Green

TW 61 SW 13/417

Aladdin's Cottage (II)
"Originally threshing barn, later tearooms and finally holiday accommodation. Early C17, modified in 1920s and c1983. Timber framed building now clad in C20 brickwork, apart from south west side which has C17 brickwork...".

Stunt's Green


Little Manor (II)
"C17 or earlier timber-framed building, now tile-hung...".

Stunt's Green

TQ 61 SW 13/418

Gainsborough Cottage (II)
"Probably C17...".

Stunt's Green

TQ 61 SW 13/419

Broyle Cottage (II)
"C17 or earlier...".

Stunt's Green

TQ 61 SW 13/430

Carriers (II)
"Once 2 cottages. C18...".

West End (north side)

TQ 6312 37/379

Toad Hall (II)
"C18 or earlier...".

West End (north side)

TQ 6312 37/380

Appleshaw (II)

West End (north side)

TQ 6312 37/381

Meadow Cottage (II)
"C18, restored and altered...".

West End (north side)

TQ 6312 37/382

[1, 2, 3] Bedham Green (II)
"Three cottages probably C17 or earlier timber-framed building...".

West End (south side)

TQ 6312 37/383

The Old Bakehouse and Ray's Cottage (II)
"2 cottages, probably once lobby entrance house. C18 altered C20. Timber-framed...".

West End (south side)

TQ 6312 37/384

Hormes House (II)

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/385

Allfrey House (II)
"C17 or earlier...".

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/386

Victoria Lodge and Pope's Farmhouse (II)
"One building. L-shaped C17 or earlier building, altered in C19 and C20...".

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/387

Miller's House (II)

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/388

Windmill Hill Windmill (II*)
"Post type windmill. Built c1814 by the Lewes mill-wright, Medhurst. It is the largest postmill in the country as regards body size.... at 48ft the tallest windmill in Sussex and the last remaining mill in England to possess the remains of a centrifugal governor system for controlling the sail area.... This mill never had a tailpole but was turned to the wind by pushing the body round manually using the tailpole. It ceased turning in 1893 when steam-driven stones were set up in the roundhouse."

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/389

Mill House (II)

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/390

Nos 3 and 4 Elm Cottage (II)

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/391

Field House and Field Cottage (II)

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/392

Nos 1 to 5 (consec) The Old School House [and School Farmhouse] (II)
"Large L-shaped block. C18.... The south-easternmost tip of the building is in Wartling Parish."

A271 Windmill Hill

TQ 6412 37/393




"It must be remembered that listing, NO MATTER WHAT THE GRADE, protects the whole building, both internally and externally, together with any object or structure fixed to the building and any object or structure within the curtilege of the building which, although not fixed to the building, forms part of the land and has done so since before 1st July 1948."




Herstmonceux Castle


Herstmonceux Castle






The original title 'Royal Observatory, Greenwich' as decreed by King George VI, was changed to 'Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux'. The site was home to the Nautical Almanac Office and the Time Department. 


Until 1990 the BBC linked to Herstmonceux several times a day to get the 'pips' which were relayed to the nation (nd the world) every hour: "This is the BBC World Service" is a familiar message remembered by many.


In 1946 Herstmonceux was chosen form a shortlist of five suitable locations. It is six miles from the sea in quiet Sussex countryside. It was also far enough away from towns to offer protection from light pollution. The site covered 370 acres. The 500 year old castle was the oldest brick building in southern England, built by King Henry VI. 


The castle became a home from home for the astronomers who worked the telescopes. It had however fallen into disrepair and was extensively restored, but due to post war shortages and local planning issues, was not completed until 1958. 


Patrick Moore had played a role in the 1960s in mapping the moon prior to the Apollo landing. But newer telescopes were being built at higher altitudes elsewhere in the world to escape spreading pollution. 


The observatory moved to Cambridge in 1990 (minus the telescopes). Cambridge now houses only the offices and no observations are carried out there. Patrick Moore described the loss as 'One of the worst pieces of scientific vandalism in modern times'. The site was bought by developers to turn into a country hotel despite opposition from local people. But the developer was bankrupted and the site was eventually donated to Queen's University, Ontario Canada by Alfred Bader.





Herstmonceux Museum, Electricity generating station 1908.


The Old Steam House, Herstmonceux, East Sussex

No proper restoration until history recognised - ongoing 2022







This splendid event was born in 1993 by way of a celebration to mark the opening (reopening) of the 15th century moated castle to the public.


The Medieval Festival is held every August Bank Holiday weekend. This year it is expected to draw its largest  attendance. Last year more than 30,000 visitors flocked through the castle gates. The event is thought to be the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. 


This year the event organisers plan to construct a complete medieval village where craftsmen and traders will display the wares and skills of a bygone age.

A magnificent jousting arena will be recreated in the Castle grounds where visitors may taste of the bravery of this ancient duel, where horsemanship and a keen aim (coupled with a strong arm) meant the difference between life and death.

Some of the finest bowmen in Europe will demonstrate precision archery using longbows. The public may enjoy this art first hand under the expert guidance of the archers. 


As an archer myself I hope that this event keeps alive the skills that defined us as modern humans.





Popular transport at the time, a pony (donkey) and trap sets off from Herstmonceux castle



Popular transport at the time, a pony (donkey) and trap sets off from Herstmonceux castle.






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A271 seriously inadequate and potholed service road for Herstmonceux

Access to Neighboring Land Act 1992 - the right to enter onto adjoining property to effect repairs

Alfriston - King Alfred (burnt the cakes)

Amberley Museum

Arundel Castle, Arundel

Badgers - Protected species, Wildlife & Countryside Act

Batemans - Rudyard Kipling (Jungle Book)

Battle - Abbey 1066 and Battlefield, Battle

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British Airways i360, Brighton

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Engineerium, Brighton

Financial Slavery -
Floods - In Herstmonceux

Footpaths - Public rights of way

Fraud Act 2006 - Duties in relation to borrowing against property and third party insurances
Gardner Street - A seriously congested High Street with parking problems - A271

Generating Works, historic building supplying electricity to Herstmonceux village from 1909

Great Crested Newts - Protected species, Wildlife & Countryside Act

Hailsham Road

Hawthorn Lane - houses for sale or rent


HER - Historic Environment Record, East Sussex County Council

Heritage Assets - What are they?

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Herstmonceux Castle

Herstmonceux - Electricity Generating Works C. 1890 - Site Monument Record

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Herstmonceux Village -

Herstmonceux Walkers Association - Ramblers, Dogs and family outings in the fresh air



Judas Iscariot - 30 pieces of silver

Kew's Wakehurst, Haywards Heath (Wild Botonical Gardens)


Latimer Developments Limited

Lewes - Castle

Lime Park - Lime, Lime Cottage, Lime House, Linden House, Rectory

Lime Park Estate Limited - Company number 01893712

Lime Ponds - Under threat of poisoning from developers

Lime Well - last remaining working well in Herstmonceux village, the bell dating it from 1898

Lime Wood - a recently spoiled local wood

Little Venice - The Lake District of Wealden, Herstmonceux

Low Carbon Lifestyles -

Masonic Hall, Herstmonceux

Monument, Site Record, SMR ESCC, Generating Station


No - Effective remedy

Oak Way - houses for sale or rent

Observatory - Herstmonceux Castle

Parish Council, Herstmonceux

Party Wall Act 1996 - Disputes and criminal offences


Petworth House & Park, West Sussex

Pevensey Levels - Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

Potholes - Spot a dangerous pothole and send us a picture, but be careful in the taking

Prince Charles - Future King of England

Prescription Act 1832 - Acquisition of rights to light and rights of way, easements, etc.

Proceeds of Crime - Confiscation orders for assets acquired by illegal activities

Queen Elizabeth - Head of State, ultimately responsible for effectiveness of remedies

Ramblers Association

Rectory, The Old, Lime Park - Elizabeth Cowling, Henry Arnell, Peter Townley, Jill Finn & Nigel Flood

Rights of Way - Public footpaths and other right of access

Road Works - Village High Street, A271 single file traffic queues

Romney Marsh

RTPI - Royal Town Planning Institute

R v Dytham 1979 QBD 69 criminal appeal R722 - Common law offence of wilful neglect in public office

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Science Centre - 


Seven Sisters

Shits & Creeks A to Z

SMRs - Site Monument Records - World's oldest surviving generating station with load-levelling

Southern Water - Drinking supplies and waste removal

Statute - Laws of England

Suicide Junction - Leading to Death Hill A271

Sussex, East, West, University

Sussex police - Jo Shiner, Chief Constable

Sussex's - Harry and Megan - Royal Family

TheKeep - East Sussex County Council's monument records archive

Time stands still for no man

Timothy Watson - Former estate agent who sold a field for 70 houses to developers

Underhanded - Conduct unbecoming and not in good faith

Victoria Road

Walkers Association - Herstmonceux

Wealden District Council

Wealden District Councillors

WD/2022/0497/F - Planning application by Jill Finn & Nigel Flood, withdrawn Vector Planning 7 June 2022

Wildlife protection and conservation of habitats

Wilful Neglect - In public office, malfeasance common law offence R v Dytham 1979 QBD 69 criminal appeal R722

Woodlands View - Hillside development 





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