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  • Adda Cafe - An online community for Bangladeshi people. Has a chat room, news, and links.

  • Destination Bangladesh - Lonely Planet's profile of a place with the longest beach, the largest littoral mangrove forest, and some of the most 'Gone with the Wind'-ish style mansions.

  • Dhaka-Bangladesh - All the daily news over tea and toast.

  • Dhaka Calling - Responsible for producing a monthly off-line tourist guide, this site has some useful links and general information on the city of Dhaka.

  • - On this site you can find out what to wear and what the weather will be like before you head out to one of the many regional festivals listed.



  • Delhi Art Gallery Site - You don't have to know it's art, you just have to know what you like

  • Destination Delhi - Lonely Planet's profile of a place where you'll notice the 'pollution, the crowds, the smell, the noise and the ceaseless hassles long before you notice the city's charms.'

  • New Delhi Net - A stack of information, right down to addresses for Eye Banks in case of emergency withdrawals.


  • Destination Goa - Lonely Planet's profile of a place that has more to it than 'louche living sun, sand and psychedelia'.

  • Goa Trance - A few halfway decent shots of Goa, some naff shots of Westerners navel-gazing and lotus-leaning on a beach, and a whole stack of really bad paintings reminscent of those swirly psychedelic album covers put out by drug-raddled 70s bands who weren't into disco .

  • Goa World - More links and fotos'n'facts than you can shake a ghumat at

  • Goa World Postcard Center - Pick up a cyber-postcard and send it to a cyber-someone you love


  • A link guide to India - Over 200 useful and not so useful links for travellers to India

  • Amar Tours & Travels - Amar Tours and Travels - Inbound and outbound tour operator and travel agent of India, provides all kind of tour packages for india, nepal, bhutan, bangladesh, sri lanka, sikkim and tibbet

  • Biodiversity Profile of India - All the green facts and figures right at your fingertips.

  • Buddhist Temples - A simple, clear site providing Information on Buddhist temples & four pilgrimage sites in India.

  • Calcutta Home Page - A minimalist approach to the 'Charming City Forever'. The uncluttered layout makes finding basic information easy

  • Charities Advisory Trust - The Charities Advisory Trust is an organisation which helps charities to run more effectively and efficiently through Card Aid, publications and training overseas. The Green Hotel aims to promote social values and awareness, as well as environmentally friendly practices. All profits go to charitable and environmental projects in India.

  • Cross Cultural Solutions - Keen to do something useful while you're in the subcontinent? Find out what humanitarian project appeals to you the most.

  • Darjeeling News - Aimed at promoting Darjeeling and its people, this site has Updates, news, articles, and features local artists and musicians. Try to ignore the annoying cursor pop-ups

  • Destination India - Lonely Planet's profile of a place where the 'only thing to expect is the unexpected'.

  • Discover India - Get your pix fix and travel articles at the India Tourist Development Corporation's monthly magazine.

  • Global Hindu Electronic Network's - The introduction to The Hindu Universe is an all-you-ever-wanted-to-know guide to Hinduism, while the daily Vedic Astrology Predictions is heaps of fun.

  • Hindustan Times - Online news for India, with pop-ups aplenty.

  • India Express - From cricket to controversy; all the news that is.

  • Indian Railways - You'd better hope half the fun is getting there. It's a long ride but make it easy on yourself by accessing timetables, tourist info, special trains and more.

  • - One of the largest travel sites dedicated to India with information on almost all the tourist sites and themes

  • India Travel Forum - India discussion forum for advice and tips for those traveling to India.

  • India Travelite - Finally a travel site that's got its priorities right! 'Cos what your really want to know when you're travelling in India is, 'Where do the cricketers hang out?'

  • - Areyaready for Ayurvedic rejuvenation? Then click here to find out what it is and where you can get it.

  • Link 2 India - 400 links on India: collection of travelogues, festival sites, picture gallery, etc.

  • Madhya Pradesh - If you want to know more about Madhya Pradesh, the Madhya Pradesh tourism corporation will tell you all about tours, events, handicrafts and places you mustn't miss, including the uber-raunch of Khajuraho.

  • Maps of India - It's maps galore! It's also one of those sites that bothers with the stuff no one else does: distances between cities, infrastructure systems, train timetables etc. Invaluable.

  • Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India - Site of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Informative site with useful info, try to ignore the overbearing advertising.

  • Rajasthan Travel Guide - Destination guide for the northen state of India includes travel information and forum, city guide, package tours and transportation.

  • Residency Inn - Hotel in the heart of Jaipur City.

  • Sikkim - Photos of the area between Darjeeling and Sikkim. The site is in French, mon ami.

  • Taj Mahal - The Monument of Love - Includes photographs and information on the history & architecture of the Taj Mahal.

  • Temples of Bishnupur, Bengal - Amples of temples at Saumya Ganguly's homesite

  • The Fab & Funky Guide to Calcutta - We challenge you to find a better (or more entertaining) on-line guide to Calcutta than this - everything from volunteer work to theme nights at the Off Cum On Rambo beer bar.

  • Times of India - It's the CNN of India

  • Travelling Vego/Eco - Searching for animal-free food can be a challenge at the best of times but the bar gets raised when your travelling. Click here to make makes veganism in India and Nepal just that much easier.

  • West Bengal - Half website, half listing it's got more info on West Bengal than you can get through in a one sitting so navigate carefully or be prepared to return.

  • West Bengal Home Page - It welcomes with a 'Swagatam' and then provides ininformation on the state's language, culture and attractions.


  • Destination Kathmandu - Lonely Planet's tale of two cities: one a 'fabled capital of convivial pilgrims and carved rose-brick temples'; and the other 'a splenetic sprawl smothered in the pollution of diesel fumes, dirt, monkeys and beggars'.

  • KEEP - The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) is a non-government organisation that reminds green-friendly trekkers to mind where they're walking. A must for those serious about ecological travel.


  • Destination Maldives - Lonely Planet's profile of a 'pristine tropical island with swaying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons'.

  • Maldives - Atolls, Islands and the Maldives-Portal - With mask, snorkel and camera in the paradise of the Jade-Islands. The Maldives-Portal, complete with Maledives forum, chatroom, many links, photos, panoramas and interactive islands show you the Paradise. Sounds too.

  • Maldives Page - Covers everything from entry regulations and dress codes to what you can expect when you take the plunge into that deep aqua blue.

  • Ministry of Tourism - The official web site of the Maldives has useful background info, stuff on resorts and promotes `quality tourism in a pristine environment'.


  • Afternoon Despatch & Courier - Afternoon, evening, morning, doesnt matter - you still get all the latest Mumbai news and social pages.

  • Bollywood - From Cannes Award-winning films to soppy soaps, from cheap melodramas to all singin' musicals, the many-headed Hydra that is Bollywood can be grappled with right here.

  • Destination Mumbai - Lonely Planet's profile of a place that has 'Bollywood cinema, cricket on the maidans on weekends, bhelpuri on the beach at Chowpatty and red double-decker buses.' all in the one dharma good city.

  • EcoMantra Nature Awareness and Travel - Creating awareness about nature and ecology through nature. Experience and explore the Indian wilderness. Activities: Trekking, camping, nature orientation, wildlife safaris, workshops and educative field trips with duration of 1 to 15 days.

  • Mahabaleshwar On Line - A Guide to Mahabaleshwar, the queen hillstation of Maharashtra.

  • Mumbai - It does the links jig and boasts a useful bulletin board.

  • Mumbai Central Message Boards - This is where those who know all tell all they know to others who don't know much. Scurrilous gossip about the Bollywood stars, weighty discussions about sport, dating romps, money predictions and a free for all; it's all here on one helluva masala of a site.

  • Mumbai on the net - A multi-channel Mumbai portal with everything from restaurants reviews to sporting views to 'what's on' news.

  • Mumbai Police  - Cop it sweet at the official net-home of Mumbai's Finest.


  • Blue Space - A non-profit co-op doing some really wild treks in Nepal.

  • Buddha Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd - Nepal - Agency in Nepal arranging trekking, tours, hotel reservation, safaris, rafting, mountaineering, expedition, flight tickets, bus ticketing, sight seeing, vehicle rental, and tours.

  • Destination Nepal - Lonely Planet's profiel of aplce of 'sublime scenery, time-worn temples, and some of the best walking trails on earth'.

  • GIFT for AID Nepal - Learn more about the development of Nepal. Find a suitable place to contribute, choose a project and follow the progress through our website.

  • Himalaya Dog Squad Rescue Nepal - It's Rin Tin Tin in the mountains. It's an organisation that does great sniff-and-search work but it could do with your support and an occasional grateful scratch under the chin.

  • Hotel Nepal - A site to find hotels from budget to deluxe.

  • KEEP - The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) is a non-government organisation that reminds green-friendly trekkers to mind where they're walking. A must for those serious about ecological travel.

  • National Parks - Bill Greer covers the lowlands of the Royal Chitwan and Royal Bardia National Parks.

  • Nepalese Cuisine - is dedicated exclusively to Nepalese cuisine and restaurants. Limited in its offering, this site provides online recipes to satisfy your tastebuds when yearning for the real thing.

  • Nepal Home Page - Travel sites don't come much better than this - good info, pix and a FAQ page.

  • Nepal - Trek Around Annapurna - Photo Gallery - On this web site you will find many photos taken before, during and after a trek around Annapurna. No big story, only pictures...

  • Nepal Yellow Pages - Let your fingers do the trekking! This category wise web site lists a variety of businesses, handicrafts, tours, travel & trekking agents. Telephone and postal addresses included.

  • Pokhara Tourist Service - These folks provide tourist services in Nepal, including trekking & whitewater rafting.

  • Safe Journeys Adventure Treks - Small group adventure treks in Nepal and Scotland.

  • Sijmen Hendriks - Sijmen's photographs of Nepal are so luscious it makes you want to smear them on toast and eat them. Or visit Nepal.

  • The Voyagers Wanderlust - An intimate personal website with stories, photos, sketches, and travel info from all over but with a focus on Nepal. A good place to start when first considering to travel to Nepal.

  • View Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - Directory featuring lodging, trekking, restaurants, education, and more.

  • Virtual Annapurna Trek - Big Mountain. Mad Englishman. Bad Weather. High altitude-cigarettes. Drollery. Purloined Monty Python. Heaps of useful info. Go.

  • Walking to Rara Lake - William W Greer's reaches the remote Rara Lake with the help of a whiskey bottle-bribe and a whole lot of sweat.

  • White Water Adventures - Nepal - A well set out site that gives you the low-down on white water rafting in Nepal.

  • - All the facts and figures, highs and lows, ups and downs of the Annapurna Treking Circuit.


  • Dawn - Get up with the birds and get your your daily news feed.

  • Destination Pakistan - Lonely Planet profiles a place with 'mind-blowing landscapes, extraordinary trekking, a multitude of cultures and a long tradition of hospitality.'

  • Pakistan Link - It's billed as the 'first Pakistani newspaper on the internet since 1994' which is a tad confusing but their news is not.

  • Pakistan Students Association - The Rensselaer Student Union discusses Pakistani politics, history and culture.

  • Saher - It's bright and cheerful in a 'daisies-in-the-fields' kind of way but takes ages to download because of all those graphics of daisies in the fields. Once you're in, though, there's heaps to explore.


  • Art Sri Lanka - A doorway to Sri Lankan art and culture, depicting art history, ancient, colonial and contemporary paintings. Portrays Buddhist, Christian and Hindu art. Information about online exhibitions and art institutions of Sri Lanka.

  • Daily News - Get the (er?) daily news.

  • Destination Sri Lanka - Lonely Planet's profile of a place that has palm-lined beaches, Kandyan dances, elephant processions, masked devil dances and plenty of ruins.

  • Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation - A non-profit organization whose charge is to develop Sri Lanka as a viable and thriving ecotourism destination.

  • Sri Lanka Human Rights - Don't duck out of reality by ignoring the issue of Sri Lankan human rights. Check out these collated reports from Amnesty International and other sources before you go.

  • Sri Lanka Insider Tours - In collaboration with the Sri Lankan Ecotourism Foundation, this is an ecotour. Participants travel using local transport, and stay in homestays and locally owned hotels. At least 25% of the registration fees will remain in the villages visited.

  • Sri Lankan Travel - Find out about Sri Lanka's history, culture and places to visit through text & photos.

  • Sri Lanka Web Server - It includes the Ceylon Tourist Board's official site and a host of online news sources.







Travel Guides


City of Kandy

City of Matara

Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) 





Sacred Cities 

Dalada Maligawa 

Arugam Bay 

Destination Sri Lanka (German)

Sri Lanka Tourist Board

A journey to Sri Lanka

Travel Info by US Dept. of State - Oct 1997

Destination Sri Lanka at Lonley Planet

Travel Sri Lanka at Yahoo!

Sri Lanka at Traveldocs

Travel Guide in German

Lonley Planet

Travel Docs

Excite Travel Guide

Siri's Lanka - Photo essay of Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka


A journey to Sri Lanka

Mathara City

Travel Lanka

@ Sri Lanka


Trips to Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka

Time Travel & Tours

Sri Lanka Customs 

Sri Lanka Budget Travel Website by Shaun Bayley

Colombo City Guide 

Sri Lanka Travel Guide 

Embassies & Visas

Embassy of Sri Lanka - USA

Consulate General of Sri Lanka, Los Angeles - USA

Sri Lankan High Commision - Canada

Sri Lanka High Commission - UK

American Embassy - Sri Lanka

Consulate General - Japan

French Embassy - Sri Lanka

Embassy of Italy - Sri Lanka

Embassy of Sri Lanka - Austria

Embassy of Japan - Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Embassy - Netherlands

Embassy of Sri Lanka - Berlin 

Dual Citizenship FAQ

Department of Immigration and Emigration - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka High Commission - Canada 

Sri Lanka Embassy - Jordan 

Sri Lanka Embassy - Dubai 

Sri Lanka Embassy - Australia 

Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Air Lines

Adore Travel Inc.

Acme Lanka

D. Holidays

Tour Guide Lecturer (FRENCH & ENGLISH)

Jetwing Travels

JNW Lanka Tours

Destinations Travel

Upul's Travel Services

Sri Lankan Air Lines

Airport Transfers

Connaissance de Ceylan

Dream Vacations

Villas in Sri Lanka

Exotic Tours

Sri Lanka Hotels Online

Anton Travels

Sunlanka Holidays

Gabo Travels

Srilankan Airines

Aloy's Travel Services


Sri Lanka Insider Tours

De Silva Travellair

N-Car Travels & Tours

Anton Travels

Time Travels

Airwing Tours

Paragon Holidays

Wisdom Lanka Travel Services 

CaroLanka Tours 

Samarakoon Tours 

Hotels & Accomodation

Blue Oceanic Beach Hotel - Negombo

Ceylon Hotels Corporation

Serendib Group

Deer Park Hotel

Galadari Hotel - Colombo

Holiday Inn - Colombo

Hotel Renuka - Colombo

Hotel Sudu Araliya - Polonnaruwa

Hotel Thilanka - Kandy

Hunasfalls Hotel - Kandy

Jetwing Hotels

The Lady Hill - Galle


Kogoda Beach Resort

Royal Lotus Hotel - Polonnaruwa

Royal Oceanic Hotel - Negombo

Saman Villas Hotel - Bentota

Sea Garden Hotel - Negombo

Seashells Hotel - Negombo

St. Andrew's Hotel - Nuwara Eliya

Strand Ecolodge

The Swiss Residence

The Blue Water

Tropical Villas Hotel - Negombo

The Villa Riviera

Yala Safari Beach Hotel - Tissamaharamaya

Ceylon Tourist Board approved Hotels


Hotel BLUE NOTE - Hikkaduwa

Blue Corals - Hikkaduwa

Gimanhala Transit Hotel - Dambulla

Ayurveda - Ayurveda Health Resort in Ambalangoda

Comfort Lodge - Kandy

Accommodation Search Engine

Lanka Prencess

Thiranagama Beach Hotel

Paradise Holidays

Arugam Bay

Sunnyside Holiday Bungalow

Plantation Villa Hotel - Hikkaduwa


Gimanhala - Dambulla

Muhudu Niwasa - Tangalle

Tropic Inn - Mount Lavinia

Privilege - Wadduwa

Ceylon Hotels Corporation

Ruhunu Hoteliers Association

Trans Asia - Colombo

Triton Hotel - Ahungalla

Kandalama Hotel - Kandalama

Tea Factory Hotel - Nuwara Eliya

Earls Regency - Kandy

Goldern sun - Kalutara

Browns Beach Hotel - Negambo

Neptune Hotel - Beruwela

Palm Village Hotel - Uswetakeiyawa

Hotel Hill Top - Kandy

Bandarawela Hotel - Bandarawela

Mahaweli Reach Hotel - Kandy

La Kandyan - Kandy

Culture Club - Kandalama

Unawatuna Beach Resort - Unawatuna

Hotel Shalini - Anuradhapura

White Haven Hotel - Panadura

Amarasinghe Guest House - Haputale 


Travelogue by Erik Futtrup, Aug 1991

Return to Sri Lanka by Erik Futtrup, Sep 1993

A trip to Sri Lanka by Kate Allen, Dec 1993

Savour cool Kotmale climes (Oct 1998)

Pilgrimage to the Citadel of Sigiriya (Feb 1999)

British Era Hotels of Sri Lanka by Bill Wood, Feb 1998

Sri Lanka And Maldives Travel Log by Helen Pederslie, May 1993

Holiday To Sri Lanka by shane Cook, Aug 1997

Kandy floss by Malcom knox

Sri Lanka by Priit J. Vesilind ( National Geographic Senior Writer)

Perils on the Peak by Imran Vittachi (Sunday Times)

Where jumbos romp (visit to Uda Walawe) by M. Mahasenan

Journey to the end of world by Anu Weerasuriya

The climb up Sri Pada by Dr. A. M. Ladduwahetty

Mine threat at Horton Plains (Sep 2001)

Exploring Kandy by Akane Furukawa (Aug 2001)

Haggala Botanical Gardens by Aditha Dissanayake (Aug 2001)

brewed in paradise by Jon Hibbs (Aug 2001)

Sri Lanka travelogue by Ben van den Anker (Dec 1999)

Leila Hadley: Star Sapphires, metta and sansara

If hell is other people, welcome to paradise by Jane Knight (Nov 2001)

Lovers leap and the young work hard in Nuwara Eliya

Wanton seduction in paradise by Sophie James

That memorable ferry boat ride by Dr. Granville Fernando

Journey to the holy peak By D.C Ranatunga

Horton Plains: On the trail of breathtaking beauty

Adam's Peak: The Magic at Morning Side By Damitha Hemachandra

Leopard Safari in Yala by Tilak Conrad

'Elle Gap', a place to reconnect with nature by Daniel R. Rauchman

As the Kumbukkan Oya gathers moonlight, life and shadow by Nayanaka Ranwella

From Kanniyai to Kokkilai via Tiriyaya by Derrick Schokman

Rootless in Jaffna by Shamindrini Sivanathan

Vignettes of Sinharaja by Jagath Kodituwakku

Nilgala: Elephants, ruins and blue mountains far away by Nayana Ranwella

Sojourn in Jaffna by Asiff Hussein

The "Makara" in the Gal Oya valley by Nayanaka Ranwella

A hidden treasure deep in the Uva by Gomin Dayasri

The road to Kilinochchi by Prasanna W. Jayewardene

Udawattakele - a retreat or a refuge? by MIHIRINI KUMARASINGHE

Batticaloa... Life without war by Rohan Canagasabey

Car Rentals

Mal Key

Recreation and Sports

Poseidon Diving Station - Scuba Diving 

Outward Bound - Outdoor educational organization 

Sri Lankan Cities

Galle || Kandy || Hikkaduwa

Clickable map of Sri Lanka at Cardiff, UK

Clickable map of Sri Lanka by Lonely Planet

Virtulanka - Clickable map of SL

Clickable Map of Sri Lanka

Descriptions: Hotels, Events & Places

Seeing the Kandy Perahera for myself by Aditha Dissanayake

The Tea Factory, a unique hotel in misty mountains by Beverley Jansz

'Ayurveda Villa' a special place at Riverina Hotel by Elmo Leonard

Doings and happenings in rest houses Kirthie Abeyesekera

Ambalama: Tasteful blend of tradition and modernity By Damitha Hemachandra and Asma Edris

St. Andrew's, N'Eliya by Beverley Jansz

Elapatha Walauwa By Damitha Hemachandra and Asma Edris

Hotel Seruwa By Beverley Jansz

Misty past of Saman Devale By Damitha Hemachandra and Asma Edris

Sri Dalanda Maaligaawa - Kandy

Embekke Devale: A wooden wonder by Gamini G. Punchihewa

Lighthouse: Lanka's only 'Small Luxury Hotel of the World' by Beverley Jansz

Ella Adventure Park: It's a leafy haven by Umangi de Mel

Bridge House, an architectural wonder By Madhu Kandubodaarachchi

Breezy weekends at Bolgoda by Jayanthi Liyanage

Club Palm Garden the 'Action lovers paradise' by Beverley Jansz

Yala's unique bird hide by CAROL ALOYSIUS

Aluvihara- where Tripitakas were written

Hunas Falls - a paradise on the misty mountains By Beverley Jansz

An aristocrat's grand old house By Damitha Hemachandra and Asma Edris

The Deer Park - where nature meets luxuries By Beverley Jansz

On the summit of Batalegala By PRADEEP DHARMARATNE

The old world charm of the Mount By Beverley Jansz

The lure of Sri Pada by Aryadasa Ratnasinghe

Riverina-Sri Lanka's largest resort hotel By Beverley Jansz

Galway Forest Lodge - Nuwara Eliya's nature's paradise By Beverley Jansz

Tissawewa Resthouse

The Oasis - splendour amidst unspoilt nature By Beverley Jansz

Yala Safari Game Lodge By Beverley Jansz

Nuwarawewa Resthouse By Beverley Jansz

Tissawewa Resthouse by Wilfred Lasz

Tropical Villas - Beruwala by Beverley Jansz

Polonnaruwa Rest House by Beverley Jansz

The Swiss Residence by Beverley Jansz

Lotus Villa Ayurvedha Centre by Prasad Gunewardene

Anuradhapura: A disappointment! by Vijaya Jayasuriya

Sir John Kotalawala Defence Academy by Rashomi Silva

Reflections on the Galle Fort by Derrick Schokman

Wedderburn Rest by Beverley Jansz

Unseasonal notes from Nuwara Eliya by Ajith Samaranayake

Hotel Suisse by Beverley Jansz

Alpine - Nuwara Eliya by Beverley Jansz

The Hill Club - Nuwara Eliya by Beverley Jansz

The Village - Habarana by Beverley Jansz

Bandarawela Hotel - Bandarawela by Beverley Jansz

Nilaveli Beach Hotel

Hotel Sindbad

Deer Park Hotel - Girithale by Maureen Perera

Arugambay Beach Resort - Arugambay by Beverley Jansz

'Whist Bungalow' - Mutwal by Kumudini Hettiarachchi

The Hill Club - Nuwara Eliya By Jill Worrall 








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