The adventures of JOHN STORM and the ELIZABETH SWANN


THE HOLY COMPASS  by Jameson Hunter


Planet earth is uniue in all the universe for its abundance and variety of animals, every one of which should be protected









Many treasure seekers have searched for the mythical holy grail; the Cup of Christ, the Liahona, the all knowing guide, the answer to all our questions about the meaning and secrets of life. More than a thousand years before the coming of Christ the ancient Egyptian priests had decoded and recorded the secrets of nature, immortality and power, condensed in an intricate orb. They then buried their knowledge with their great pharaoh Akenakon for his journey into the afterlife, but the secret was stolen from his tomb by raiders and though the Holy Compass cropped up in history unforgettably, it has been lost in the sands of time for over 2000 years. 


What lies within the ancient device the world will soon find out and that depends on who recovers it for good or evil? With the power of the Holy Compass it is said the bearer may perform miracles, walk on water and cure diseases like cancer. If that sounds familiar then you'll have some idea of what is in store for John Storm as one of his archaeological hunches turns into an epic adventure of biblical proportions.....


Please note that the rights to this story have now passed to Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd. The Plot has been developed with a new website for collaborative writing, as of December 2022.


Although written in book form, the John Storm Franchise is being adapted to scripts and graphic novels. Book publishing should follow.



       The Holy Compass an adventure novel by Jameson Hunter






2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C Clarke

A to Z of movies - Films with related themes

A to Z of Precious gemstones and metals

AI - Artificial Intelligence, usually based on computers

Alethiometer - A magical horological like, instrument, that tells or shows the truth (in fiction)

Ark, The - World's largest & most comprehensive digital interactive DNA database, a catalogue of life on earth

Armageddon - Judgment day, the final battle between good and evil

Bertrand de Guesclin - French knight 'The Eagle of Brittany' 1320-1380

Bible, Holy - Name of the Christian Scriptures

BioCore™ is a brain implant that is designed to communicate with the CyberCore Genetica nano-computer

Bitcoins - Totally unsupported digital money schemes, offering get rich quick gambling

Black Prince, The - Edward Woodstock, Medieval Knight 1330 - 1360

Blue Shield - International organization to protect archaeological artefacts and treasure, from exploitation & smuggling

Cancer - Medical and social cancers, the potential cures, including clean and healthy living

Captain Henry Morgan - Sugar cane plantation, ghostly apparition Palisadoes Cemetery, Jamaica

Cloning - Replicating a biologically identical copy of a living thing from a living or dead subject

Compass - A navigation instrument, that points to magnetic north

Computers - Enigma code cracking machine, Colossus, and Alan Turing at Bletchley Park

CRISPR - A viral delivery mechanism for altering the DNA of a living subject

Crusades, The - Religious wars, Christians Vs Muslims, to secure the Holy Lands (Jerusalem)

Cryptocurrencies - Totally unsupported digital money schemes, offering get rich quick gambling

Cup of Jesus Christ - The cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper

CyberCore Genetica™ super nano-computer, and BioCore™ brain implant work together to enhance human abilities

DNA - DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, a polymer of two polynucleotide chains that coil to form a double helix

El Cid - Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar - Medieval knight 1043-1099

Elizabeth Swann - An autonomous ship powered by hydrogen, held to be the world's fastest zero emission vessel

Enigma - A German coding machine used in WWII, cracked by Alan Turing's Bombe computer

Eternal Life - Life everlasting, the hope of many to live longer

Evolution - How life on earth develops and adapts by passing on genetic advantages by natural selection

Excalibur - Mythical, magical sword of King Uther and Arthur Pendragon

Fossil Fuels - Oil derived gasoline and diesel, coal and gas, cause global warming and respiratory diseases

Genome - The decoding of DNA strands, most especially relating to humans

Godfrey of Bouillon - (The Swan) 1060-1100 First Crusades

Gods - Isis, Jehovah, Ra, Acts of God

HAL - The onboard integrated AI computer system that guards the Elizabeth Swann, loyal to John Storm

Harrison Ford - American actor who played Indiana Jones, brilliant casting

Holy Ghost or Spirit - Trinity, God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade

Innerspace - The opposite of outer space, the underwater subsea kingdom that is largely unexplored

Jeep Cherokee 4x4 off road truck - John Storm's classic zero emission hybrid conversion

Jesus Christ - In the Christian religion, the son of God, on earth

John Storm - Obsessive DNA collector, amateur anthropologist and Captain of the Elizabeth Swann

Joseph of Arimathea - A secret disciple who arranged for the burial of Jesus Christ after the Crucifixion

Jungle Cruise - Film from 2021, quest for life eternal, Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt

King Arthur Pendragon - Legend of the Knights of the Round table, quest for the Holy Grail

Knights Templar - Soldiers of Christ, Order of Solomon's Temple, Catholic military

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider - Illuminati & The Triangle 2001, Cradle of Life 2003, Queen Himiko Life & Death 2018

Medicine Man - A film about the search for a cancer - Sean Connery & Lorraine Bracco, director John Mc Tiernan

Merlin - The magically accurate targeting system for the Swann's 'Excalibur' and 'Pendragon' self-defence weapons.

Money - A source for good and evil

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - British comedy film from 1975

Musket Meloni - The richest man on planet earth

Navigation Instrument - A magnetic needle that points to the North Pole in a protective casing

Pink (Red) Growth - The spread of cannibalism, as food shortages force the eating of human flesh to survive

Pope Peter Benedict, Bishop of Rome - Suffering from advanced cancer, Vatican petitions John Storm

Pope, The - Pontiff Benedict XVI is the 265th Bishop of Rome

Population, World  - The number of humans on planet earth, now over 8 billion

Procreation - A means to regenerate life, over population 8 billion heading to 9 billion humans

Richard I the Lionhearted - King of England famous for Crusades 1157-1199

Richest & Most Powerful - People on the planet

Robert Guiscard - 'The Crafty' Norman medieval knight 1015-1085

Salvage, Marine - Odyssey Florida, Court Case 2011, Spain: Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, Spanish frigate

Sir Henry Percy (Hostpur) - English noble knight 1364-1403

Sir James 'Black' Douglas - Scottish 'good' knight (Robert Bruce) 1286-1330

Sir William Marshal - The tournament master (greatest knight that even lived) 1146-1219

Sir William Wallace - Braveheart, Scottish knight - hung, drawn and quartered by English King 1270-1305

Solar Cola™ and Solar Tonic™ - Magical life giving, fortified energy drinks John Storm is partial to when he is parched

The Ark - World's largest DNA base

The Da Vinci Code - Film adaptation of Dan Brown's novel, starring Tom Hanks

The Golden Compass - A children's fantasy film starring Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig

Tiber, River - Rome, Italy

Trademarks - Elizabeth Swann ES, John Storm JS, Kulo Luna, Solar Cola

Trillionaires - Wealth taxes for failures to invest ecologically

Uncharted - Film from 2022, starring Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg

Vatican - The City, St Peter's Palace, Roman Catholic Church, Holy See home to the Pope









Astrology and symbolism - the signs of life?











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Blueplanet Netdirect Productions are looking for graphic artists, inkers and colourists to help them develop the John Storm adventure series into fully fledged graphic novels: to be printed and distributed traditionally and, if the technology permits, for download to be read on an ipad or Kindle reader. Why not take a look at the John Storm graphic novel link below to see an example chapter from the first of Jameson Hunter's books: Kulo Luna







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