Indie publishing is a practical way to enter the market, with electronic readers now available at very reasonable prices. offers distribution to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Diesel and other e bookstores:-


Smashwords Inc., based in Los Gatos, Calif., is an ebook self-publishing and distribution platform. The company began public operation in 2008, founded by Mark Coker.


Smashwords is a self-serve publishing service. Authors upload their manuscripts as Microsoft Word files to the Smashwords service, which converts the files into multiple ebook formats for reading on various ebook reading devices. Once published, the books are made available for sale online at a price set by the author. Smashwords does not use DRM.

Smashwords features:

  • Possibly the largest indie ebook distributor

  • 100,000+ titles published by 37,000+ authors and publishers

  • 85% net back to the author or publisher

  • Distribution to 31 countries

  • Sales and metadata reporting

  • Free ISBNs

  • Free ebook conversion to nine formats

  • Unlimited updates to your books and metadata

  • Marketing and selling tools free

Getting Started:

  1. Get your free account for your free account.  Your confirmation email will summarize your next steps.

  2. Format your manuscript as a microsoft .doc word document or, you can send an email to to request: a list ("Mark's List") of Smashwords ebook formatters and cover designers. This costs around $40.

  3. Click to publish then follow the straightforward steps to upload your book and cover image.


Free and fast e book distribution

Join over 37,000 authors and publishers from around the world who use Smashwords to publish and distribute over 100,000 original ebooks (as of February 2012).


At Smashwords there are no setup fees, no packages to buy and no cost to update or revise your book.  Smashwords also provide free ISBNs.


Smashwords is an authorized ebook distributor for most major online ebook retailers, including the Apple iPad iBookstore.


Smashwords is a certified Global Apple Aggregator distributing to iBookstores in 31 countries.


Smashwords distributes to Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo the Diesel eBook Store and EbookEros.


Smashwords books are also distributed into the native catalogs of top mobile e-reading apps such as Stanza on the iPhone and iPad (used by 4 million+ people) and Aldiko (over 2 million users) and Word-Player on Android devices. 


To publish at Smashwords, you have got to be the original author or the exclusive digital publisher, distributor or literary agent.


Smashwords does not publish public domain or Private Label Rights books, for which see Kindle.


Smashwords is the world's leading ebook distributor for indie authors.  Their free service helps you publish, distribute and sell your masterpiece.


Your book will be readable on any e-reading device, including the Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble nook, your personal computer, Android devices, and others. 


Smashwords authors gain access to free, do-it-yourself sales and marketing tools to help you promote your book. You receive 85 percent of the net sales proceeds from your titles. Affiliates receive between 60 - 70.5% of the list price of sales.


The Seven Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success


Smashwords for Publishers

If you're the exclusive publisher of two or more different authors, and you want to list and control your authors' titles on Smashwords, you may upgrade your account for free to Publisher status. This allows you to list and publish all your authors and their titles as multi-format, DRM-free ebooks.


Each publisher is provided a custom-branded online bookstore, and the ability to list an unlimited number of ebook titles from an unlimited number of authors. Publishers receive 85 percent or more of the net sales proceeds from their titles.



Founded 2008
Founder Mark Coker
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location California
Distribution Worldwide
Official website









Jeffrey Archer - Kane & Abel

Isaac AsimovI Robot

Peter Benchley - Jaws

Enid Blyton - The Famous Five

Charlotte Bronte - Wuthering Heights

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code

Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan

Lee Child - One Shot

Agatha Christie - Murder on the Nile

Tom Clancy - The Hunt for Red October

Arthur C Clarke - Space Odyssey

Michael Connelly - The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Crichton - Jurassic Park

Clive Cussler - Raise the Titanic

Daniel Dafoe - Robinson Crusoe

Roald DahlThe Big Friendly Giant

Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist

Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Homes



Alexander Dumas - Count Monte Christo

Ian Flemming - James Bond

John Grisham - The Pelican Brief

Charlaine Harris - Dead Until Dark

Stephen HawkingA Brief History of Time

Ernest HemingwayOld Man and the Sea

Amanda Hocking - My Blood Approves

Jameson Hunter - $Billion Dollar Whale

Stephen King - The Thing

Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book

Stieg Larson - Girl with Dragon Tattoo

D H Lawrence - Women in Love 

C S Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia

Jack LondonThe Sea Wolf

Robert Ludlum - Bourne Identity

Ian McEwan - Atonement

Alistair McLean - Bear Island

Herman Melville - Moby Dick

Kyotaro Nishimura - Terminal Murder Case



George Orwell - 1984

Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Arthur Ransome - Swallows & Amazons

Nora Roberts - Sweet Revenge

Harold RobbinsThe Carpetbaggers

J K Rowling - Harry Potter

William Shakespeare - Romeo & Juliet

Sidney Sheldon - The Naked Face 

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein

Wilbur SmithShout at the Devil

Bram Stoker - Dracula

Robert Louis Stevenson - Treasure Island

Mark TwainAdventures Huckleberry Finn

Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues U Sea

Edgar Wallace - King Kong 

H G Wells - War of the Worlds

Oscar Wilde - Picture of Dorian Gray

Virginia Woolf - To the Lighthouse









Anita Blake - Guilty Pleasures


Captain America


John Storm - Kulo Luna







The Incredible Hulk



The Fantastic Four

The Green Lantern

Tin Tin


X Men





Many traditional rules of publishing have been superceded by the long awaited advent of electronic publishing, where books are stored online and available for downloading to read on electronic tablets, such as for the ipad or kindle readers. These days it is possible to upload in thirty languages using and books may even be read on mobile phones with the right application, such as Android. E-book stores such as Diesel  Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Sony list thousands of easy to find titles at realistic prices.



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