The Diesel eBook Store operates from Richmond the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The business was led by Scott Redford and Kelley Allen, their aim to give you speedy access to around 3 million titles from hundreds of publishers such as Harlequin, HarperCollins, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster and Random House.

So that their listings are easy to find they have developed their own indexing system to organise around 40 categories and 2,700 subcategories. Now that is impressive, with the capacity to add thousands of new books each month.  








Biography General & Other,  Artists & Architects,  People of Color,  Business,  Entertainers,  Literary,  Military,  Political,  Heads of State,  Reference,  Rich & Famous,  Royalty,  Scientists,  Sports,  Medical,  Religious,  Educators,  Lawyers & Judges,  Women,  Adventurers & Explorers,  Criminals & Outlaws,  Editors, Journalists, Publishers,  Personal Memoirs


Body, Mind & Spirit


General Health,  Healthy Living,  Safety,  Women's Health,  Alternative Therapies,  Diseases,  Sexuality,  Body Mind Spirit General & Other,  Astrology,  Channeling,  Dreams,  Meditation,  Healing - General,  Mysticism,  New Thought,  Occultism,  Parapsychology,  Inspiration & Personal Growth,  Prophecy,  Reincarnation,  Supernatural,  UFOs & Extraterrestrials,  Witchcraft & Wicca,  Spiritualism,  Magick Studies,  Unexplained Phenomena,  Angels & Spirit Guides,  Spirituality,  Inspiration/Self-esteem,  New Age/Spiritual,  Personal Growth - Tactics,  Self-Help - General




Computers General & Other,  Artificial Intelligence,  Business Software,  Hardware,  Computer Graphics,  Computer Science,  Data Transmission Sys,  Database Mgmt,  Information Technology,  Networking,  Operating Sys,  Programming,  Reference,  Security,  Certification,  Internet,  Internet - Security,  Internet - Web Site Design,  Electronic Commerce,  Electronic Publishing


Art & Music


Architecture,  Art,  Comics & Graphic Novels,  Music,  Performing Arts,  Acting & Auditioning,  Film & Video,  Television,  Theater,  Photography


General Fiction


Fiction General & Other,  Anthologies,  Espionage/Intrigue,  Sagas,  Fairy Tales, Folklore, Mythology,  Gay,  Ghost,  Historical Fiction,  Horror/Ghost,  Humorous,  Lesbian,  Movie-TV Tie-In,  Occult,  Psychological,  Religious Fiction,  Westerns,  Legal,  Medical,  Technological,  Political,  Sports,  Visionary & Metaphysical,  Alternative History,  eBook Bundles,  Steampunk


Mystery & Detective


Mystery Detective General & Other,  Hard-Boiled,  Police Procedural,  Mystery Traditional British,  Women Sleuths,  Mystery-Det Short Stories,  Mystery & Detective Bundles


Science Fiction


Sci-fi General & Other,  Science Fiction Adventure,  Sci-fi High Tech,  Sci-fi Space Opera,  Sci-fi Star Trek,  Sci-fi Short Stories,  Science Fiction Series,  Science Fiction Bundles


Classics & Literary


Drama General & Other,  Classics,  Literary General & Other,  Literary Collections,  Literary Criticism,  Poetry General & Other,  Anthologies (multiple authors),  Inspirational & Religious,  Single Author,  American,  English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,  Continental European,  African,  Ancient, Classical & Medieval,  Asian,  Australian & Oceanian,  Canadian,  Caribbean & Latin American,  Middle Eastern




Romance General & Other,  Romance Adult,  Contemporary,  Romance Fantasy,  Gothic,  Romance Historical,  Regency,  Short Stories,  Time Travel,  Romance Western,  Suspense,  Harlequin Romance,  Chick Lit,  Romance Bundles,  Paranormal,  Free Romance


Suspense & Thrillers


Suspense,  Thrillers,  Bundles Suspense/Thrillers


Action & Adventure


Action,  Action Adventure General & Other,  Men's Adventure,  Action & Adventure Bundles


Childrens Fiction


Childrens Fiction General & Other,  Action & Adventure,  Childrens - Animals,  Childrens - Boys/Men,  Childrens - Classics,  Childrens - Concepts,  Childrens - Family,  Childrens - Girls/Women,  Childrens - Historical,  Holidays & Festivals,  Horror & Ghost Stories,  Humorous Stories,  Legends, Myths, & Fables,  Childrens - Romance,  Mysteries, Espionage & Detective,  Nature & the Natural World,  Sports & Recreation,  Childrens - Religious,  Science Fiction, Fantasy & Magic,  Childrens - Short Stories,  Childrens - Social Situations


Business & Economics


Business General & Other,  Finance & Accounting,  Marketing - Advertising/PR,  Business Communication,  Business Law,  Decision Making & Problem Solving,  Entrepreneurship,  HR & Personnel Mgmt,  Insurance - General,  International,  Investments & Securities,  Employment & Education,  Marketing - General,  Real Estate - General,  Reference,  Marketing - Selling,  Strategic Planning,  Economics,  Industries,  Nonprofit Orgs & Charities,  Corporate & Business History,  Government & Business,  Information Mgmt,  Production & Operations,  E-Commerce,  Development - General,  Project Management,  Business Life,  Management


Crafts, Hobbies & Home


Cooking,  Sewing,  Crafts for Children,  Games,  Chess,  Gambling,  Magic,  Video & Electronic,  Gardening,  House & Home,  Pets,  Crafts




Technology General & Other,  Aeronautics & Astronautics,  Agriculture,  Construction,  Electronics,  Engineering,  Environmental Engineering & Technology,  Fiber Optics,  Food Science,  Imaging Systems,  Industrial Design - General,  Industrial Health & Safety,  Material Science,  Microwaves,  Military Science,  Optics,  Quality Control,  Radio,  Reference,  Remote Sensing,  Robotics,  Technical & Manufacturing Trades,  Telecommunications,  Television & Video,  Social Aspects,  Transportation




Medical General & Other,  Allied Health Services - General,  Audiology & Speech Pathology,  Biotechnology,  Cardiology,  Dentistry - General,  Dermatology,  Dictionaries & Terminology,  Diseases,  Drug Guides,  Endocrinology & Metabolism,  Epidemiology,  Gastroenterology,  Gynecology & Obstetrics,  Health Care Delivery,  Health Policy,  History,  Ethics,  Microbiology,  Neurology,  Neuroscience,  Nursing,  Nutrition,  Oncology,  Ophthalmology,  Pediatrics,  Pharmacology,  Physiology,  Public Health,  Reference,  Rheumatology,  Surgery - General,  Test Preparation & Review,  Urology,  Biostatistics,  Toxicology,  Mental Health,  Parasitology,  Psychiatry - General,  Research,  Genetics,  Essays




Education General & Other,  Administration,  Adult & Continuing Education,  Aims & Objectives,  Curricula,  Educational Psychology,  Elementary,  Experimental Methods,  Finance,  Higher,  History,  Home Schooling,  Multicultural Education,  Parent Participation,  Reference,  Secondary,  Special Education,  Teaching Methods & Materials,  Testing & Measurement,  Leadership,  Physical Education,  Educational Policy & Reform,  Research,  Students & Student Life,  Computers & Technology,  Philosophy & Social Aspects,  Classroom Management,  Mathematics,  Language Arts & Disciplines




History General & Other,  Africa,  Ancient,  Asia,  Australia & New Zealand,  Canada,  Europe,  Middle East,  Military,  Native American,  United States,  World




Humor General & Other,  Essays,  Jokes & Riddles,  Limericks & Verse,  Political,  Parodies,  Adult,  Business and Professional,  Family,  Relationships,  Sports,  Religion


Childrens Nonfiction


Childrens Nonfiction General & Other,  Animals,  Biography & Autobiography,  Body, Mind & Spirit,  Business & Economics,  Computers - General,  Concepts,  Crafts & Hobbies,  Family - General,  History,  Holidays & Festivals - General,  Language Arts - General,  Mathematics - General,  Nature,  Poetry,  Readers - Beginner,  Religion,  School & Education,  Science & Technology,  Social Science - General,  Sports & Recreation - General,  Study Aids - General




Law General & Other,  Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice,  Business,  Civil Procedure,  Constitutional,  Contracts,  Corporate,  Courts,  Criminal Law,  Emigration & Immigration,  Environmental,  Estates & Trusts,  Forensic Science,  Gender & the Law,  Intellectual Property,  International,  Labor & Employment,  Legal History,  Legal Profession,  Property,  Real Estate,  Reference,  Taxation,  Medical Law & Legislation,  Practical Guides




Philosophy General & Other,  Aesthetics,  Eastern - General,  Epistemology,  Ethics & Moral Philosophy,  History & Surveys - General,  Movements - Humanism,  Logic,  Metaphysics,  Mind & Body,  History & Surveys - Modern,  Political,  Reference,  Religious,  Movements - General


Political Science


Current Affairs,  Political Science General & Other,  Civics & Citizenship,  Gov't - Comparative,  History - Theory,  International Relations,  Labor & Industrial Relations,  Political Process,  Public Affairs & Admin.,  Reference,  Economic Conditions,  Political Process - Leadership,  Public Policy - General,  Government - National,  Essays,  Globalization,  Peace,  Political Freedom & Security,  Government - General,  Gov't - International,  Political Ideologies


Reference & Study Aids


Reference & Study Aids General & Other,  Bibliographies & Indexes,  Dictionaries,  Etiquette,  Genealogy,  Personal & Practical Guides,  Questions & Answers,  Quotations,  Research,  Trivia,  Weddings,  Word Lists,  Writing Skills,  Handbooks & Manuals,  Consumer Guides,  Study Aids,  Study - Book Notes,  Study - College Guides,  Study - Professional,  Study - Study Guides




Religion General & Other,  Bible - General,  Christianity - Education - Genera,  Christianity - Christian Life,  Institutions & Organizations,  Comparative Religion,  Devotional,  Eastern,  History,  Inspirational,  Islam,  Judaism,  Meditations,  Philosophy,  Reference,  Spirituality,  Christianity - General,  Leadership,  Antiquities & Archaeology,  Preaching,  Prayer,  Theology


Science & Nature


Nature,  Nature - Animals,  Nature - Conservation,  Nature - Insects & Spiders,  Nature - Marine Life,  Nature - Essays,  Nature - Natural Resources,  Science & Nature General & Other,  Astronomy,  Astrophysics & Space Science,  Bacteriology,  Biology,  Biotechnology,  Chemistry,  Cosmology,  Earth Sciences,  Energy,  Environmental Science,  History,  Mathematical Physics,  Research & Methodology,  Nuclear Physics,  Paleontology,  Physics,  Reference,  Relativity,  Time,  Waves & Wave Mechanics,  Philosophy & Social Aspects,  Essays,  Life Sciences


Social Science


Social Science General & Other,  African American Studies,  Anthropology,  Archaeology,  Criminology,  Customs & Traditions,  Demography,  Emigration & Immigration,  Ethnic Studies,  Feminism & Feminist Theory,  Folklore & Mythology,  Gay Studies,  Human Geography,  Lesbian Studies,  Men's Studies - General,  Methodology,  Minority Studies,  Popular Culture,  Social Work,  Sociology,  Women's Studies,  Penology,  Discrimination & Racism,  Gender Studies,  Death & Dying,  Future Studies,  Freemasonry,  Sociology of Religion,  Essays,  Third World Development,  Poverty,  Children's Studies,  Violence in Society,  Media Studies


Sports & Fitness


Diets,  Exercise,  Nutrition,  Sports & Fitness General & Other,  Sports - Baseball,  Sports - Basketball,  Boating - General,  Bodybuilding & Weight Training,  Boxing,  Cycling - General,  Essays,  Fishing,  Sports - Football,  Sports - Golf,  Hiking,  History,  Horse Racing,  Hunting,  Martial Arts & Self-Defense,  Motor Sports,  Mountaineering,  Outdoor Skills,  Reference,  Running & Jogging,  Sailing,  Soccer,  Sports Psychology,  Sports - Tennis,  Training,  Walking,  Wrestling,  Equestrian




Travel General & Other,  Adventure,  Africa,  Asia,  Australia & Oceania,  Canada,  Caribbean & West Indies,  Central America,  Europe,  Essays & Travelogues,  Special Interest - Family,  Mexico,  Middle East,  Parks & Campgrounds,  Reference,  South America,  United States,  Special Interest - General


True Crime


True Crime General & Other,  Espionage,  Murder,  Serial Killers




NY Times Bestsellers,  Movies & T.V.,  Book Club Titles,  Stellar Premieres,  Best Under $5,  Award Winners,  New Harlequins






Jeffrey Archer - Kane & Abel

Isaac AsimovI Robot

Peter Benchley - Jaws

Enid Blyton - The Famous Five

Charlotte Bronte - Wuthering Heights

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code

Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan

Lee Child - One Shot

Agatha Christie - Murder on the Nile

Tom Clancy - The Hunt for Red October

Arthur C Clarke - Space Odyssey

Michael Connelly - The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Crichton - Jurassic Park

Clive Cussler - Raise the Titanic

Daniel Dafoe - Robinson Crusoe

Roald DahlThe Big Friendly Giant

Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist

Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Homes



Alexander Dumas - Count Monte Christo

Ian Flemming - James Bond

John Grisham - The Pelican Brief

Charlaine Harris - Dead Until Dark

Stephen HawkingA Brief History of Time

Ernest HemingwayOld Man and the Sea

Amanda Hocking - My Blood Approves

Jameson Hunter - $Billion Dollar Whale

Stephen King - The Thing

Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book

Stieg Larson - Girl with Dragon Tattoo

D H Lawrence - Women in Love 

C S Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia

Jack LondonThe Sea Wolf

Robert Ludlum - Bourne Identity

Ian McEwan - Atonement

Alistair McLean - Bear Island

Herman Melville - Moby Dick

Kyotaro Nishimura - Terminal Murder Case



George Orwell - 1984

Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Arthur Ransome - Swallows & Amazons

Nora Roberts - Sweet Revenge

Harold RobbinsThe Carpetbaggers

J K Rowling - Harry Potter

William Shakespeare - Romeo & Juliet

Sidney Sheldon - The Naked Face 

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein

Wilbur SmithShout at the Devil

Bram Stoker - Dracula

Robert Louis Stevenson - Treasure Island

Mark TwainAdventures Huckleberry Finn

Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues U Sea

Edgar Wallace - King Kong 

H G Wells - War of the Worlds

Oscar Wilde - Picture of Dorian Gray

Virginia Woolf - To the Lighthouse










Anita Blake - Guilty Pleasures


Captain America


John Storm - Kulo Luna







The Incredible Hulk



The Fantastic Four

The Green Lantern

Tin Tin


X Men




Many traditional rules of publishing have been superceded by the long awaited advent of electronic publishing, where books are stored online and available for downloading to read on electronic tablets, such as for the ipad or kindle readers. These days it is possible to upload in thirty languages using Smashwords.com and books may even be read on mobile phones with the right application, such as Android. E-book stores such as Diesel, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Sony list thousands of easy to find titles at realistic prices.




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