The adventures of JOHN STORM and the SOLAR NAVIGATOR


CYBER WARS - SPLICE  © by Jameson Hunter

An evil masterplan is thwarted in return for the cure of the century





Cyber Wars - Swastika and eagle Nazi emblem





1945: Adolf Hitler refused to accept defeat in the face of the advancing allied forces. He'd tried the V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket as super weapons to crush Germany's enemies, but he failed to deliver the nuclear strikes that would have changed history. He had lost the battle in Europe, but he had a plan up his sleeve for world supremacy that the allies could not possibly foresee.


Over 70 years will pass before Hitler's terrible scheme begins to see results.


Present day: John Storm is alerted to a series of human DNA related thefts in different countries around the world by his reporter friends Steve Green and Charlie Temple. The Solar Navigator is then attacked by Somalian pirates who have been commissioned to steal John's DNA collection. Charlie calls for assistance on a story she is covering, mentioning a 20th century world domination issue that seems to have come back to life, apparently linked to the DNA thefts, the Columbian drug cartels and the 2nd World War Nazi quest for super humans. The Solar Navigator speeds across the Atlantic ocean towards the Amazon and Charley, curiosity having got the better of John and Dan ........




Deep in the Amazon rainforest Charlie is in trouble taken hostage. John and Dan mount a rescue, in the process discovering the extent of the Nazi experiments and the uses planned. John discovers that enhancements are quite an advantage, or a means to level the playing field.




The master plan may have started out as an evil quest to rule the world but from the ashes it seems that the scientists have found a cure for abnormal cell division. Having foiled the dastardly plan, our adventurers return home to a heroes welcome.




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Not every battle takes place over rugged terrain, on the open sea or even in the air. Today, you'll find some of the fiercest fighting going on between computer networks without bullets and bombs. The warriors in these confrontations use bits and bytes. But don't think that digital weaponry doesn't result in real world consequences. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cyber Warring is about to be shoved into another gear, as computers are spliced with humans.  


Cyber warfare is a serious concern. Unlike traditional warfare, which requires massive amounts of resources such as personnel, weapons and equipment, cyber warfare only needs someone with the right knowledge and equipment to wreak havoc. The enemy could be anywhere - even within the victim nation's own borders. Another frightening aspect of cyber warfare is that a cyber attack can come as part of a coordinated assault on a nation or it could just be by infiltration. By the time a target figures out the nature of the attack it may be too late. Most nations are wholly unprepared to deal with cyber attacks. With that in mind, the question isn't: will there be a cyberwar - it is when will there be one?








Cyber Espionage and Hacking: The story could delve into the world of cyber warfare, where skilled hackers manipulate critical infrastructure, disrupt communication networks, and infiltrate government systems. Visualize scenes of hackers working in dimly lit rooms, typing furiously as they breach firewalls and gain access to classified information. Political Intrigue and Betrayal: Illustrate the tension between political leaders who are unaware of the impending disaster and the hidden militants within their ranks. Show clandestine meetings, coded messages, and double agents working to destabilize governments. Consider creating striking visuals of politicians in shadowy corridors, whispering secrets. Nuclear Countdown: As the plot unfolds, depict the countdown to nuclear launch sequences. Show military personnel in control rooms, their faces etched with anxiety, as they grapple with the weight of their decisions. Use contrasting colors to convey the urgency and gravity of the situation. Global Panic and Chaos: Once the nuclear holocaust begins, illustrate chaos on a global scale. Cities in flames, panicked crowds, and desperate attempts at evacuation. Use dynamic compositions to capture the intensity of the moment—people running, sirens blaring, and mushroom clouds rising. John Storm’s Quest: Introduce your protagonist, John Storm, as a reluctant hero who stumbles upon the conspiracy. Illustrate his journey—from uncovering clues to confronting the militants. Show his internal struggle as he grapples with the enormity of the threat and the sacrifices he must make.







520,30’N, 13,000W


April the 20th 1889 was just another day in the annals of human history save for the birth of Adolf Hitler at Brauna am Inn, Austria. Fifty-six years later in Berlin, the European phase of the 2nd World War was drawing to a close. On the 30th of April 1945, Hitler was facing imminent defeat as the Soviet army to the north east and US troops from the south west closed on Berlin. Hitler had two choices: escape to exile, as many of his colleagues had done, or arrange to plant the seeds of the 4th Reich, where the 3rd Reich was doomed. It was to be a high stakes decision and exile would serve no useful purpose.  

Nobody would guess what was up his sleeve and all traces of his research had been eliminated. Provided that the allies believed the 3rd Reich had capitulated, that would be that. Thus, in a final defiant gesture for his ultimate cause, Adolf played his last cards. He gambled with his life, deciding to draw venom from the advancing armies and deflect subsequent investigations which might prevent the final objective of Aryan supremacy. Hitler issued his last orders from the Chancellery underground complex, setting himself up as a pawn in what he saw as a noble cause to confuse allied strategists. With Soviet troops just half a mile away he instructed a loyal aide to execute his final commands.  

“Ya, Lotti Hess unt Hedweg Koch. Ya, to Bogota, unt Manaus, unt set them up vith our doctor missionaries for adoption. They will keep our research secret unt vait for the right time to begin a new order.”  

The missionaries of course were their newly exiled commanders. Lotti and Hedweg were just children, but they were gifted and plainly immersed in medical science. Moreover they’d been indoctrinated and sworn to uphold Nazi ideals and pledged allegiance to Adolf Hitler personally while in the Hitl er Youth.

“Ve vill entrust our dowry to them for the greater glory. Make der arrangements for der Heinkel 111 Ernst has converted for our mission.”  

“Yes my Führer, it is done.”  

“See to it personally, ya, unt vhen you hear my signal, dispose of our bodies clumsily, so they will be identified?”  

“Yes my Führer, is that absolutely necessary?”  

Hitler shouted back his eyes hardly constrained in their sockets: “It is imperative, I command you,” waving his head from side to side and gesturing with his arms wildly.  

“My leader, I will obey your command,” said his trembling aide.  

Twenty minutes later the unmistakable sound of a 9mm Luger pistol came from the Chancellery bunker. Hitler had taken his own life. His faithful wife Eva took a cyanide capsule. On hearing the signal, the young aide carried the corpses of Hitler and Eva to the garden, poured petrol onto them and struck a match. The pyre erupted with a whoosh singeing the aide’s eyebrows. He watched with mixed emotions as the fire consumed the Chancellor’s flesh.  

On Hitler’s orders, Admiral Dönitz assumed command of German forces and presidency of the Reich in May 1945. His instructions were to capitulate to save his troops from Soviet hands. In 1946 he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by the International Military Tribunal at Nürnberg. Alfred Rosenberg and nine others were hanged in October 1946. Rudolf Hess and others were sentenced to life.  

While this political distraction was in play, the seeds of the 4th Reich were being sewn in the Jungles of South America. Heinkel’s long range adaptation of the HE 111 bomber aircraft had successfully delivered its cargo. The allies knew that many party members had escaped their clutches, but had no idea of the plan that was afoot. Hitler’s ideology had been plucked from the ruins of defeat. That idealism was nothing new of course. Eugenics; the science of breeding humans, was described by the British naturalist Francis Galton in 1909 as: the “study of agencies, under social control, which may improve or impair” future generations.





Adolf Hiter, The Fuehrer



Evil genius - Adolf Hitler















BERLIN - Nazi’s escape to S America


Adolf Hitler, Bunker





Robbery BBC news



SOMALIA - Horn of Africa


Pirates attempted hijack Solarnavigator



AUSTRALIA - Laser cannon


Flashback Batcave



CAIRO - Museum of Antiquities


Mummy theft



TANZANIA - Rift Valley archaeological dig


Flashback Storm's obsessive hobby



NASA - Tracks 40 mph running man


High security meeting DARPA



GENEVA - DNA splicing


Klaus Kolreuter’s genome laboratory  



ROME -  Via Del Corso: INCUBUS automatic cloning


Franco Francisco is propositioned, Rome



CALIFORNIA - NANOCOM supercomputers


Wrist device with mobile comms



GENEVA - International Human Research Society


Theft of software from IHRS  





Auction of Nanocom device, California



PANAMA Youtube 30mph running man


Trinidad: Sam Hollis & Majorie Boyle





Platoon battle sequence, warlords v cops





Discovery athletes are identical clones



ATLANTIC DASH - speedy voyage


Charley T. discussion Frankenstein





Woo Suk Hwang, cloning master criminal  



REGENERATION Human cell division


Age repair kit Choy Wong Nobel prize  





Rescue Charley Temple



MANAUS -  Espionage


Storm picked up by FBI / MI6





The team discover technology extent





Infiltration key personnel










Stake out





Arrests of crooked politicians



CYBERCORE analysis


DNA supercure WHO





John & crew receive commendations 



World Health Organisation


On eugenics & Adolf Hitler








Adolf Hitler Youtube














John Storm





Dan Hawk


Electronics Wizard



George Franks


Solicitor based in Sydney



Sam Hollis


Reporter/editor Trinidad Bugle



Steve Green


Freelance Reporter



Charley Temple





Majorie Boyle


Back packer



Jill Bird


BBC Newsnight Presenter



Tom Hudson


Sky News Editor



Dick Ward





Inspector Harry Hall


Scotland Yard's finest, Chief Inspector



Sally Swift


Ch Insp's personal assistant



Nick Johnson


Justice Minister



Rodney Dunbar


Army major



Jack Mason


FBI director international liason



Brian Bassett


Editor the Independent 



Jack Hawkins


Royal Navy Captain (Surefire)



Kit Kattand


Interpol forensic scientist (French)



Will Bates


Nano communications engineer



Gerry Stokoe


Consultant brain surgeon



Hugo Schwartz


Director DARPA cybernetic organisms



Franco Francisco


Spanish inventor INCUBUS



Klaus von Kolreuter


Scientist dedicated to mapping human genome



Choy Song


Fugitive Korean clone & stem cell expert



Gunter Koenig


South American cartel mastermind (Nazi)



Roberto Ferrara


Acquisitions agent for Columbian cartel



Esteban Sanchez


Columbian drug baron



Manuel Quinn


Columbian thug



Boris Hess


Congo cartel mastermind (Nazi)











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Cyber Wars - Swastika and eagle Nazi emblem



We are looking for a scriptwriter and director to help turn this semi-military marine adventure into a 3D film, as part of the John Storm franchise. If you might be interested in such a project please contact Blueplanet Universal Productions.








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