WELCOME to a world of adventure and achievement - the very latest in progressive technological thinking and projects. This website is crammed with information for students of renewable energy, robotics, boat design, eco houses, genetics and other important issues such as how we got here and where we a going, the futility of war, famine and peace. The website is in English only because we don't have the resources to translate generally. We wanted to let you know that nationality and religious beliefs make no difference to us, we think of our fellow man as one large family. It's a wonderful planet we live on and we are so very lucky to be here, we should do our very best to cooperate to manage our resources, fairly and sustainably for all of our neighbors. In the words of Albert Einstein:


  "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” 


Our mission is to help people focus on the important issues to reduce conflict, such as energy for living, food, water and transport, essential to life on Earth. We are working toward a sustainable global economy for our blue planet. Please use the links in the navigation bars to search our site by subject and thankyou for visiting us.



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Every living thing on earth is a passenger on our precious blue planet.  The Earth is like a giant spaceship (8,000 miles in diameter) relentlessly Navigating the Solar System on automatic pilot locked in a gravitational sequence, much the same as we must live on the land (well, maybe that will change one day). Hence, we are all Solar Navigators, and as the only genuinely intelligent species in our solar system at the moment, it is our responsibility to find ways to sustain our ecology to keep our planet clean and habitable for all future generations of Solar Navigators.


Our Earth spins as it orbits its prime energy source.  It is the tilt of the spinning Earth, and its elliptical passage as it orbits the Sun that dictates how much energy the spherical surface of our Earth receives throughout the day, and throughout the year.  This natural pattern of energy reception has shaped the patterns of life in plants and animals.  This is why there are seasonal migrations of birds and fish and why animals have adapted to suit their territorial conditions, to include the timing of mating and birthing.  It will also dictate the route of any solar powered boat.  So too, should we as a species adapt to our changing circumstances and move away from dwindling fossil fuels to renewable energy.


Okay, that may be a bit heavy, so apart from educational articles and reporting important global events via this website, our mission is more down to earth - to conquer the oceans at a respectable pace with a SOLAR powered vessel.  We hope this pioneering work will push the boundaries of man's technological achievements forward as a practical example of renewable energy in use.  The "World Electric Challenge" is a voyage of discovery encompassing scientific observation and data collection, in between just sailing and the ocean adventure. 


Other important issues that we are looking at is low cost energy self-sufficient housing and electric vehicles that refuel instantly to dispel range anxiety. We believe that when these issues are tackled seriously by our world leaders, that apart from limited food and water for a growing population, that many of the things that cause us to go to war (such as oil) will no longer be important.



Sculpture in the Ancient Egyptian god style, Ra and Horus. The Solar Lady is a work or art that has been in the making for over 10 years, with Kylie Minogue providing significant inspirational input from her performances.


The Solar Lady - Ships figurehead, symbolic of our quest for human advancement



Electric boats don't pollute our oceans with chemicals, noise, or deplete the Earth's energy reserves.  The use of clean renewable energy is kind to marine life and helps prevent global warming.  Solar cars are also clean and kind to city dwellers.   The average speed of a solar car is now around 50 mph - this vast improvement is simply because a lot of students (with the generous support of their sponsors) have built a lot of cars to race each other.  As they say, racing improves the breed.  We would like to set a new world record for others to beat.  Please help us if you can and join in the fun as we endeavor to encourage others to travel as no man has gone before. Time stands still for no man at the moment. Make the best of your short stay on Earth



Human baby in Mother's womb, future life symbol





John Storm and Kulo Luna $billion dollar whale

When a pirate whaler kills a small humpback whale, a larger companion sinks the pirate ship to avenge the death, but is itself wounded. The pirates put a price on the whale's head, but an adventurer in a robotic boat races to beat the pirates and save the wounded animal. 



John Storm adventure book Kulo Luna, the $billion dollar humpback whale by Jameson Hunter


This modern adventure story by Jameson Hunter is due to be released late 2013 or early 214 as an e-book with hopes for a film in 2015 or soon thereafter.





وقدم التاريخ على 4 مايو 2012 في الساعة 2:15 بعد الظهر المحلية عندما PlanetSolar Tûranor بنجاح رحلة مأهولة حول العالم على الطاقة الشمسية. بناء على هذا النجاح، ومحاولة SolarNavigator الطواف 1 الحكم الذاتي والتنمية الجارية لإطلاقه في عام 2015.




L'histoire a été faite le 4 mai 2012 à 14h15, heure locale, lorsque les PlanetSolar Tûranor terminé avec succès un voyage habité dans le monde à l'énergie solaire. Fort de ce succès, SolarNavigator va tenter la première circumnavigation autonome, développement en cours pour un lancement en 2015.


Geschichte wurde am 4. Mai 2012 um 02.15 Uhr Ortszeit erfolgt, wenn der Tûranor PlanetSolar erfolgreich eine bemannte Reise um die Welt auf Solarenergie. Aufbauend auf diesem Erfolg wird SolarNavigator die erste autonome Weltumsegelung, die Entwicklung in Gang zu versuchen für den Start im Jahr 2015.


La storia è stata fatta il 4 maggio 2012 alle 02:15 pm ora locale quando il PlanetSolar Turanor ha completato con successo un viaggio con equipaggio intorno al mondo per l'energia solare. Sulla base di questo successo, SolarNavigator tenterà il 1 ° circumnavigazione autonomo, in corso di sviluppo per il lancio nel 2015.




Tûranor PlanetSolar가 성공적으로 태양 광 발전에서 전세계 유인 항해를 완료 할 때 역사는 오후 215 현지 시간 5 2012 4에 만들어졌습니다. 성공을 구축 SolarNavigator 2015 발사 방식에 따라 1 자치 주항, 개발을 시도합니다.


A história foi feita no 04 de maio de 2012 às 2:15 pm, hora local, quando o PlanetSolar Turanor concluído com êxito uma viagem tripulada ao redor do mundo com energia solar. Com base nesse sucesso, SolarNavigator tentará a circunavegação primeiro autônoma, o desenvolvimento em curso para o lançamento em 2015.


История была сделана на 4 мая 2012 года в 2:15 вечера по местному времени, когда Tûranor PlanetSolar успешно завершена пилотируемых кругосветное путешествие на солнечной энергии. Основываясь на этом успехе, SolarNavigator будет пытаться 1-го автономного кругосветное плавание, развитие в настоящее время к запуску в 2015 году.


Se hizo historia en el 4 de Mayo de 2012 a las 2:15 pm hora local cuando el PlanetSolar Turanor completado con éxito un viaje tripulado alrededor del mundo con energía solar. Sobre la base de ese éxito, SolarNavigator intentará la primera circunnavegación autónomo, el desarrollo en marcha para su lanzamiento en 2015.

Historia iliwekwa juu ya Mei 4, 2012 saa 2:15 wakati mitaa wakati PlanetSolar Tûranor mafanikio ya kumaliza safari manned kuzunguka Dunia juu ya nishati ya jua. Kujenga juu ya mafanikio ambayo, SolarNavigator itajaribu 1 uhuru circumnavigation, maendeleo chini ya njia kwa ajili ya uzinduzi katika 2015.

Historien gjordes på 4 maj 2012 kl 02:15 lokal tid när Tûranor PlanetSolar genomgått en bemannad resa runt världen på solenergi. Med utgångspunkt i den framgången kommer SolarNavigator försöka 1. Autonoma seglingen, utveckling pågår för lansering 2015.



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