Inventors improve the quality of life the world over.




Copies in Seconds : How a Lone Inventor and an Unknown Company Created the Biggest Communication Breakthrough Since Gutenberg--Chester Carlson and the Birth of the Xerox Machine
by David Owen  from Simon & Schuster

Benjamin Franklin : An American Life
by Walter Isaacson  from Simon & Schuster

Murder Suicide : A Novel
by Keith Ablow  from St. Martin's Press

Practical Electronics for Inventors
by Paul Scherz  from McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

Alexander Graham Bell : Inventor and Teacher
(Historical American Biographies)
by Michael A. Schuman
Reading level: Young Adult
Library Binding - 128 pages (March 22, 2000)
Enslow Publishers, Inc.; ISBN: 0766010961

Alexander Graham Bell : Making Connections
(Oxford Portraits in Science)
by Naomi Pasachoff, Jay M. Pasachoff
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover - 140 pages Reissue edition (August 1996)
Oxford Univ Press; ISBN: 0195099087

The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed
by John McPhee     Listed under Airships


Edison : A Life of Invention
by Paul Israel
Hardcover - 480 pages (October 1998)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471529427

Thomas A. Edison : A Streak of Luck
by Robert Conot
Paperback - 565 pages (March 1986)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306802619

Edison in Florida : The Green Laboratory
by Olav Thulesius
Hardcover - 150 pages (March 22, 2000)
University Press of Florida; ISBN: 0813015219

Entrepreneur Magazine: Bringing Your Product to Market
by Don Debelak
Paperback - 384 pages 1 edition (February 14, 1997)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471157503

George Eastman : A Biography
by Elizabeth Brayer
Hardcover (March 22, 2000)
Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801852633

The Goodyear Story: An Inventor's Obsession and the Struggle for a Rubber Monopoly
by Richard Korman
Hardcover: 230 pages
Encounter Books; ISBN: 1893554376; (February 2002))

Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors (4-Volume Set)
by Franklin Day Jones, Holbrook L. Horton
Hardcover from Industrial Press, Inc.
Book Published: December, 1977


Inventing Made Easy : The Entrepreneur's Indispensable Guide to Creating, Patenting & Profiting from Inventions
by Tom & Roger Bellavance
Paperback - 272 pages (July 1999)
Quiet Corner Pr; ISBN: 0966506979


John P. Holland, 1841-1914 : Inventor of the Modern Submarine
Richard Knowles Morris
Paperback / Published 1998    See also Submarines


How to License Your Million Dollar Idea : Everything You Need to Know to Make Money from Your New Product Idea
by Harvey Reese
Paperback - 233 pages (August 1, 1993)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471580503





'The Energy Age' is due to be published by Lime Park Trust from January 2013

The 'Land Speed Record' book will not be published for some time yet.


by Giancarlo Masini, Frank D. Stella, Emilio Segre (Preface)
Paperback - 380 pages Reprint edition (January 1999)
Marsilio Pub; ISBN: 1568860579


Rembrandts in the Attic : Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents
by Kevin G. Rivette, David Kline
Hardcover (December 1999)
Harvard Business School Press; ISBN: 0875848990

Profiting from Intellectual Capital : Extracting Value from Innovation (Intellectual Property Series)
by Patrick H. Sullivan (Editor)
Hardcover - 288 pages (March 1998)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 047119302X


Patent and Trademark Tactics and Practice
by David A. Burge
Hardcover - 268 pages 3rd edition (March 1999)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471329320


Protecting Your Ideas : The Inventor's Guide to Patents
by Joy L. Bryant
Hardcover - 150 pages (October 1998)
Academic Pr; ISBN: 0121384101

Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed
by Ben R. Rich, Leo Janos
Janos (Yeager) does it again with this absolutely fascinating account of the development of such aviation landmarks as the U2, the Blackbird SR-71 and stealth technology.
Listed under Skunk Works


Tuxedo Park: A Wall Street Tycoon and the Secret Palace of Science That Changed the Course of World War II   by Jennet Conant
This must have been an extremely difficult book to write. Its subject, Alfred Loomis, never gave interviews during his lifetime and destroyed all his papers before his death. "Few men of Loomis' prominence and achievement have gone to greater lengths to foil history," writes author Jennet Conant. Had he not done these things, his name would be better known--and this probably wouldn't be the first biography about him. So who was Alfred Loomis? "He was too complex to categorize--financier, philanthropist, society figure, physicist, inventor, amateur, dilettante--a contradiction in terms," writes Conant. Loomis established a private laboratory in New York and hired scientists whose work in the 1930s wound up making possible both the radar and the atomic bomb. These developments were essential to Allied victory in the Second World War. Conant is perhaps the only person who could have pierced Loomis's obsessive secrecy and written this book; she grew up with Loomis's children and other members of his family. Her grandfather, Harvard president James Bryant Conant, was one of Loomis's scientists. Tuxedo Park is an important book about the development of military technology in the United States; admirers of The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes and similar titles won't want to miss it. --John Miller -  Hardcover: 330 pages   Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0684872870; (May 2002)


On Tycho's Island : Tycho Brahe and His Assistants, 1570-1601
by John Robert Christianson
Hardcover (December 1999)
Cambridge Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 052165081X

Uncommon Friends : Life With Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Alexis Carrel, & Charles Lindbergh
by James D. Newton
Paperback (June 1989)
Harcourt Brace; ISBN: 0156926202

Power from Steam : A History of the Stationary Steam Engine
by Richard L. Hills 
(Paperback - October 1993)

James Watt : Master of the Steam Engine (Giants of Science)
by Anna Sproule 
(Library Binding - September 2001)

They All Laughed : From Light Bulbs to Lasers : The Fascinating Stories Behind the Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives
by Ira Flatow
(Paperback - June 1993)

At Work With Thomas Edison : 10 Business Lessons from America's Greatest Innovator
by Blaine McCormick, John P. Keegan 
(Paperback - November 2001)

The Selected Papers of Boulton and Watt: The Engine Partnership
by Matthew, Boulton, Jennifer Tann (Editor)
(Hardcover)  Special Order

The Technology Transfer System : Inventions - Marketing - Licensing - Patenting - Setting - Practice - Management - Policy
by Albert E. Muir
Hardcover - 254 pages (August 1997)
Latham Book Pub; ISBN: 0965759768

Edison : Inventing the Century
by Neil Baldwin
Paperback (February 1996)
Hyperion (P); ISBN: 0786881194

Out of Print - try Used Books

How to License Technology (Intellectual Property Library)
by Robert C. Megantz
Paperback - 240 pages (June 1996)
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471134104
Out of Print - Try Used Books


The Inventor's Desktop Companion : The Guide to Successfully Marketing and Protecting Your Ideas
by Richard C. Levy
Paperback - 440 pages Rev/Updtd edition (May 1995)
Visible Ink Pr; ISBN: 0787604909
Out of Print - try Used Books


The Inventor's Notebook (Inventor's Notebook, 2nd Ed)
by Fred E. Grissom, David Pressman
Paperback - 224 pages 2nd edition (December 1996); ISBN: 0873373650
Out of Print - try Used Books


Marketing Your Invention
by Thomas E. Mosley
Paperback - 274 pages 2nd edition (May 1997)
Upstart Pub Co; ISBN: 1574100726
Out of Print - try Used Books


Patent It Yourself (7th Ed)
by David Pressman, Stephen Elias (Editor), Linda Allison-Lewis (Illustrator)
Paperback - 496 pages 7th edition (January 1999); ISBN: 087337469X
Out of Print - try Used Books


Alexander Graham Bell : The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone
by Edwin S. Grosvenor, Morgan Wesson, Robert V. Bruce
Hardcover - 304 pages (March 22, 2000)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810940051
Out of Print - Try Used Books


Patent Searching Made Easy: How to Do Patent Searches on the Internet and in the Library
by David Hitchcock
Paperback - 256 pages (March 1999)
Nolo Press; ISBN: 0873374762
Out of Print - try Used Books


Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers
by Thomas T. Gordon, Arthur S. Cookfair
Paperback - 128 pages (July 1995)
CRC Press - Lewis Publishers; ISBN: 0873713176
Out of Print - Try Used Books


Successful Patents and Patenting for Engineers and Scientists
by Michael A. Lechter
Paperback - 412 pages (July 1995)
Inst of Electrical &; ISBN: 0780310861
Out of Print - Try Used Books


Patent Strategy for Researchers and Research Managers
by H. Jackson Knight
Paperback - 180 pages (May 1996)
John Wiley & Son Ltd; ISBN: 0471960950
Out of Print - Try Used Books






Albert Einstein - light & energy relativity

Alec Issigonis - mini front drive transverse engine

Alexander Graham Bell - telephone

Archimedes - screw pump & mass

Barnes Wallis - Dambusters Bomb

Benjamin Franklin - electricity, lightning

Charles Babbage - Computer

Christopher Cockerell - Hovercraft

Clive Sinclair - ZX80 computer & C5 runabout

Ferdinand Porsche - electric cars & VW beetle

Frank Whittle - jet engine

Francis Bacon - experimental science

Galileo Galilei - astronomy, pendulum clock

George Eastman - photographic film

George Stephenson - Rocket steam locomotive

Gottlieb Daimler

Guglielmo Marconi

Henry Ford - factory production lines

Howard Hughes

How Things Work - Links

Isaac Newton

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Great Eastern

James Dyson - vortex chamber vacuum cleaner

James Watt - steam engine



John Dunlop - car tires

John Ericsson - marine propeller

John Logie Baird - television

John McAdam - tar bound road surfacing

Joseph Swan - incandescent light bulb

Leonardo da Vinci

Louis Bleriot - cross channel flight

Michael Faraday

Montgolfier Brothers - hot air balloon

Nelson Kruschandl - Car joystick

                         - EV refuelling system

                         - Minisub nuclear sub hunter

                         - Solar Yacht

                         - Wind tunnel

                         - Artificial Intelligence

Nikolaus Otto

Robert Fulton

Rudolph Diesel - compression ignition engine

Thomas Edison - light bulb

Thomas Sopwith

Thomas Telford - roads & bridge builder

Trevor Bayliss - wind up radio

Sebastian de Farranti

Wright Brothers - Orville and Wilbur






Autonomous robotic ship, artificial intelligence


The ultimate Robot Boat. Solarnavigator uses an advanced SWASSH hull as the platform 

to mount the world's first autonomous circumnavigation. A successful expedition could pave the way for improved safety at sea.





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