The Golden Globe Awards are American awards for motion pictures and television programmes, given out each year during a formal dinner. Run since 1944 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the awards are a major part of the film industry's "awards season" which culminates each year with the Oscars. This is particularly true since 1996, when the HFPA signed a new television broadcast contract with NBC (prior to that, they were aired on TBS, but before the existence of TBS, one of the "big three" commercial networks, i.e. CBS, NBC, or ABC, always broadcast the show). The broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards generally ranks as the third most-watched awards show each year, behind only the Oscars and Grammys, and movie studios actively solicit support from HFPA members and mention nominations and awards in their advertisements.




Golden Globe



The Golden Globes are awarded early in the year, based on votes from (as of 2005) 86 mostly part-time journalists living in Hollywood and affiliated with media outside of the United States.


Unlike the Academy Awards, for which the eligibility period begins January 1, the eligibility period for the Golden Globe Awards begins October 1.





The first Golden Globes Awards were held in 1944 at the 20th Century Fox studios. It has since been held annually, at various locations throughout the next decade, notably the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hollywood Knickerbocker Club and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It was during the early stages of the 1950s that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association made the decision to establish a special award that recognizes outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. To give importance to the award and recognize its subject as an international figure in the entertainment industry the award was presented to Cecil B. DeMille in 1952, the official name of the award thus became the Cecil B. DeMille Award. The award was then first presented to Walt Disney the following year.


The awards at the ceremony had typically been presented by journalists who were part of the association. However at the 1958 Golden Globes which was the first year of local telecast, in an impromptu action, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. collectively known as the Rat Pack took flight to the stage, allegedly taking over the presenting with whiskey and cigarettes on hand. The action was met with great delight of the audience. The next year the association asked them to present the awards.


In 1963, the Miss Golden Globe concept was introduced, in its inaugural year; there were two Miss Golden Globes, one for film and television respectively, Eva Six and Donna Douglas. In 1964, national telecast was distributed through a special segment on The Andy Williams Show.


Indicating the impact that animated films have had on the industry, in early 2006, the Hollywood Foreign Press announced that a Golden Globe would be awarded for the Best Animated Feature starting in 2007 at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards.



Award categories


Motion picture awards: Exclusively awarded until 1956


  • Best Motion Picture - Drama

  • Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

  • Best Director - Motion Picture

  • Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama

  • Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

  • Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama

  • Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

  • Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture

  • Best Supporting Actress - Motion Picture

  • Best Screenplay

  • Best Original Score

  • Best Original Song

  • Best Foreign Language Film

  • Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement in Motion Pictures.















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