New Year's Day is the start of a fresh new year, a completely blank canvas and the chance to reflect on years gone by and resolve to make changes to improve our lives and those of others.


Life is a gift and life on Earth a glorious symbiosis of interdependence we pay little heed to in global terms - and why is that? Why are we constantly harming our fellow man in hundreds of regional struggles for control of land, people and wealth. Are we so very different from each other just because we have different beliefs, customs and practices?



Nelson Kruschandl of Herstmonceux call's for sanity


Nelson Kruschandl - Wake up Call



In truth, we are not. We are brothers with the same genetic code and origins and the same needs to survive. Air to breath and food to nourish. Unfortunately, we are also competitive, which, can be a good thing but only if correctly channeled.


We are also intelligent. Our intelligence often tells us to do things contrary to our inbuilt genetic code for survival. In nature, we either kill something we don't understand (derived from kill to eat), or run from it (as in run to live). Our rush to war is based on competition for food in nature, when one tribe crossed the path of another, hence threatened the survival of the other, by depleting the food stocks in that area.


We see this today in animals - nothing has changed for them because they cannot think or control their environment, or comprehend a world that is different. We can!  We can see beyond the meal on the table to plant crops for next year and so on. Now, instead of fighting over food, we are fighting over cheap energy, in the form on oil. Almost all countries now depend on oil to keep their economies afloat. Great in the beginning, but not so good now we know how much damage internal combustion engines are causing, when combined with other industrial power supplies for home and factory use.



World Peace, clean energy and kindness to our fellow man





We owe a duty to our fellow man. That means I care about what happens in Africa, India, China and Russia, just as much as I care about Scotland or Wales, or indeed, my friends in Eastbourne. It should also mean that my brothers in those countries, should care about me.


It means that I should want for my brothers around the world, a reasonable standard of living and sustainability for them. I am not so bothered about those with a higher standard of living, except that I wish them continued success. But I should be troubled if the relative inequality is causing harm to another brother - and indeed I am. I am concerned that some people enjoy a lifestyle of extravagance, creating far more pollution, without a thought for giving anything back to the planet.


We are struggling to come to terms with our new understanding and control of ourselves, while still acting in tribal fashion. Yet, in reality we are a global family, now joined in communication and trade, where we so wish. There are even moves to co-ordinate development of our countries with agreement of major objectives by some world leaders - such as the G8.


Yet we are failing to use our new found understanding to make changes to global development, which will ensure our long term survival and our duty to the Earth and all forms of life that inhabit our precious blue planet.


Is it not time we thought about this collectively and more importantly, with binding obligations? Should we not make an effort to find out just how much life the planet can sustain and act sooner to prevent the current rise in temperature and the super-heated economies which are fuelling the carbon build up, which could lead to extinction? I don't mean to be a scaremonger here. I'm just pointing out the worst case scenario. This is the responsible thing to do - examine the possibilities - because chance favours the prepared mind.



Peace for the World doves and olive branches





One of the most famous audits of all time was the Domesday Book. This audit of England was conducted because the then recent Conqueror, William the 1st, wished to collect taxes more effectively, bring in more money to his coffers and take effective control of the land.


Although for money reasons, the idea is not bad. Why should we not work out how much land there is on Earth. Then see how many people and animals the useable land mass can support, without adding to the global warming cycle we are presently caught up in. Each person could have an allowance, or target to aim for, and each territory an ideal population ratio.


This might not sit well with some developed countries and it might make those countries trying to industrialise at a break neck pace, plan a sustainable future, rather than rush headlong into an irreversible global meltdown. Of course we have nor right to force anyone to do anything they don't want to. We are hoping everyone will realise there is little option in the long term. Where I am simply thinking aloud, a formula could be found, once we agree we have a problem that needs our urgent attention.


If such a survey were conducted, we would know by how much each person on Earth is over-producing CO2. You may not care to think about such statistics, but the way we are behaving right now is causing serious and probably irreversible damage to the Planet.


Either we cut our CO2 emissions to reverse the warming trend, or we have to face up to the fact that our Planet simply cannot sustain Human life at present population levels. Sobering news, but true nevertheless. As Al Gore said in his movie: "It's an Inconvenient Truth."




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