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The oldest and earliest surviving electricity generating station with load-levelling is at Herstmonceux in Sussex, England.


The exact date when the then owner of Lime Park - Baron de Roemer, constructed the generating station is not known.  We can however estimate that it was between 1884 and 1893.  The estimate is based firstly, on the knowledge that after 1884 most generators were direct coupled high speed engines and secondly because the well bell is clearly marked 1893 and the well was not known of previously.  We also know from a pulley unearthed on site, that at least one (the first) engine used belts and pulleys.







Well bell dated 1893




Lime Park is first mentioned in 1555, when it consisted of a park of about 100 acres surrounding a manor house called “Lyme”.  In 1820 the estate was described as consisting of a farmhouse, hop oast, barn, two stables, wagon lodge and a granary.  In 1821 the Lords of the manor of Herstmonceux acquired it.  They owned it for much of the 19th century.  Although no archaeological survey has been carried out, it is reasonable to assume that Lime House contains the remains of the original manor house.


Lime House dates from 1870 when it was built as one family house.  The building is constructed in the ‘Turdorbethan’ style with timber gables, steeply pitched roofs and prominent chimney stacks.  There are two gatehouses.  One called East Lodge is in the Park.  The other called North Lodge is some 1,000 yards along a hardly used entrance Northwest adjacent the A271.  Also in the Park is an old stable building now converted to residential use in the 1950's, renamed The Old Rectory by Peter and June Townley in 1989.





Lime House - now divided into four separate residences







Herstmonceux Electricity Generating Works Circa. 1900 - 1936



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Shelagh Claire Lambert

Lime Cottage

Peter Gwyn Langford & June Erben Marion Townley

The Rectory

Camille Anne-Marie De Kok

Lime House

Louise Elizabeth Jones

Linden House

Clare Askaroff


Lime Park Heritage Trust

The Old Generating Works


East Lodge







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Herstmonceux Generating Station
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