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Pearl Harbor USS Arizona capsize burning


Traditional warfare: USS Arizona burned for two days after being hit during the raid on Pearl Harbour





FICTION - Action/Adventure


The Astute submarine is the target for terrorists in a novel to be released as an E-Book in 2013/4 by Jameson Hunter. The protagonist, John Storm, is called upon by the British secret service to try foil the terrorists plan to unbalance the oil economy. Storm has acquired enhanced thinking skills and with the speed and near silent running of the Solar Navigator, he is thought to stand a good chance of detecting the perpetrators - but things are not always what they seem.  


Operation Neptune, military submarine John Storm adventure by Jameson Hunter


Though crazy the group of extremists are resourceful enough to have captured the Astute, crew her and blow up an oil rig. Just how much damage they manage to do and will the hero John Storm succeed in stopping the conservation mad mariners. The planning for such a crime equals that of the 9-11 hijackers. The obvious intention had to be to show that nothing is safe - not even a £multi-billion pound cold-war show piece.


The rights to this story are being negotiated with a film production company. The intention is to make a 3D blockbuster movie. With the tax incentives removed, their is no reason to try to keep production local, although much of the film, especially the special effects, may be made in the United Kingdom, as the UK is a leader in the field of CGI. This story has a decidedly RN naval feel to the project reminiscent of the Commander Bond created by Ian Flemming.






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