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Where the SolarNavigator boat is the ‘product’, the service we are offering to our financiers is media exposure, an ecological assertion through affiliation with our expedition, brand positioning on our web pages as well as potential development of merchandise in synergywith our World theme.


That is not all. While the boat may be the product, the secondary product is also scientific research, experimentation and rapid prototyping - which equates to knowledge - in this case shared or open innovation.


The SolarNavigator boat is of a design that is likely to fire the imagination of reporters. As with PlanetSolar this leads to articles in newspapers wherever the SolarNavigator travels, docks, passes, etc, and this is real value return for associates that cannot be achieved by other means. This is the special preserve for proactive forward thinking companies with an sustainable corporate plan - and that is another quality that the public reward with brand loyalty.

Should you want to quantify the likely coverage, it is helpful to look at recent examples in other world events.  The most obvious and best examples are shown in this plan in a chart compiled independently.  The days in question are:-

  1.  February 9th 2005, where Ellen MacArthur generated an estimated £5 million on that one day in media coverage when she returned from her Solo Non-stop round the world Record breaking venture on the B&Q trimaran.  

  2. May 4th 2012, when PlanetSolar crossed the finish line at Monaco generating an estimated 10 million on that one day.


Please see newspaper headlines in our Appendices.


This example is chosen as the most relevant and comparable to the project because of its marine sporting-nature and the World Record Breaking parallels.  Our high ranking website illustrated the interest that was shown in Dame Ellen MacAthur during the lead up to the finish, illustrated by the rise in our website hit statistics which were in respect of Google searches for her name.


The Solar Navigator project offers in addition to the marine-sporting element and World Record Setting, an ecological dimension which is likely to further enhance media interest.


The Cable and Wireless Adventurer is an earlier example of the value of media exposure that can be generated as it took headline news in all the main British newspapers when in 1998 the 35m stabilsed monohull took the world record for the fastest motorised powerboat to circumnavigate the globe.  This was achieved in less than the 80 infamous days documented in the fictitious story of Philleous Fogg who took on this World circumnavigation challenge in the novel by Jules Verne published in 1873.  


The route of the Cable and Wireless Adventurer included 15 stop off points, 11 of which were in Cable and Wireless territory.  


It may be possible for the Solar Navigator to include additional stops in relevant countries in order to benefit our sponsors.  


To see the figures from our web archives, you will need to request the Appendices, for which you will need to complete a NDA, which is available on request. Please contact our Marketing Manager.




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Project Objectives

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Batteries | Alloys | Timber | Composites | Navigation | Hydraulics

Motors | Electronics | Solar Panels | Propeller | Transmission | Tooling | Life Support

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