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The World Solar Navigation Challenge will attain exposure through direct and indirect channels. The main focus of activity will be centered about the boat via media coverage (Press, News, TV), including the build and testing stages and the attempt's).  


There will also be documentaries, and the subsequent showing and demonstrations at events around the world to be arranged for mutual convenience. These will include international boat shows and alternative energy conferences we have already identified and mention elsewhere in this plan. We hope Solar Navigator will come to be seen as embodying all that constitutes the spirit of co-operation between world leaders toward a better, sustainable environment.


Prime sponsors will have naming rights and prominent hull billing, in proportion to their commitment. It is the hull signage and placing that is important here. (A SCHEDULE OF PLACING USING A DIAGRAM OF THE HULL AND VALUES TO BE AGREED) Whereas, lead sponsors by the very nature that they will be offered naming rights will see their name in print every time the project is written about. See the chart below as to media coverage dollar values in relation to well known marine events.


Compared to our funding requirement our returns are expected to exceed that achieved by other well known projects due the the long-term impact of our website, (SEE EXAMPLES IN TABLE FORM ILLUSTRATING COST, RETURN ON BOAT PROJECTS AND RETURN ON CONVENTIONAL ADVERTISING SPACE) and represents a multiple many times that if the same sums were spent on conventional advertising.





We are offering the opportunity to a single sponsor, to name the Event.  Therefore establishing their association in the history books as well as in the minds of consumers with this pioneering project.  Panasonic achieved this with the 'Darwin to Adelaide Solar Car Race' which is know as 'The Panasonic World Solar Challenge'.  Hence our prestigious event could be represented with your Company name as:  "The _ _ _ _ _ _  World Solar Navigation Challenge".  We cannot do this alone and welcome the opportunity of working with you and sharing the opportunities the project represents.




Our website is a popular encyclopedia covering widely searched for topics including Music, Films, Sport, Geography and History.  It generates 700,000 hits per day, has been more than doubling in hits for the last four years and is top of the search engines in most subjects surrounding this project from 'Solar Boats' to 'Solar Catamaran' and most of the world record greats 'Sir Malcolm' and Donald Campbell', 'John Cobb', 'Richard Noble', 'Andy Green' and 'Ken Warby' to name just a few. 


Investors will benefit from increased traffic flow as we place links from the website to theirs. Prime sponsors will benefit from the prestigious placing of their name on our Index and other key link pages.  See Appendices for details. 





We will work with our sponsors to identify interesting and relevant merchandising opportunities, product placements etc.


Digital games could be created for Xbox or Playstation and Nintendo or for a series of feature films, a TV series, or Cartoons.  A combination of any of these initiatives would significantly enhance the longevity and value of your contribution to our project, if appropriate.


For as long as our sponsors and partners wish to be associated with our project, they will benefit by coverage in whatever medium Solar Navigator is positioned.









ROI (media exposure only)


Non-stop solo round the world record 2005 

Ellen MacArthur’s record-breaking 

(Sports Business)

72 days

£5 million in ONE DAY


Whitbread Round the World Race 1997-1998

2 boat team


9 months

£4 million written press

£22.6 million TV exposure
£20.4 million news coverage


Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002

(SEB/ Sports Marketing Survey)

9 months

£84 million 200% ROI

Assa Abloy

Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002

(Assa Abloy/ Sports Marketing Survey)

9 months

£32.7 million


Around Alone 2002-2003


Emma Richards came 4thin solo round-the-world race


8 months

£12.1 million (UK only)


Route du Rhum 1998
Ostar 2000

Vendee Globe 2000-2001

(Offshore Challenges/ Sport Business)

2 ½years

£17.8 million written press
£5.5 million radio
£20 million TV news 

Royal Sun 

Transatlantic Record
& Jules Verne Trophy

Skippered by Tracy Edwards, attempt on non-stop round-the-world record, 
ended in dismasting
(Tracy Edwards Associates)

1 year

£8 million (UK only)
ROI 200% (UK only)
£36 million worldwide


Vendee Globe 2004

Solo non-stop round the world race
(TNS Sport)

3 months

£2.8 million over the event.


Transat Jacques Vabre 2003

Double-handed transatlantic race won by Franck Cammas
(TNS Sport)


1.314 million TV coverage


Vendee Globe 2004 -2005 

Solo non-stop round the world race  (TNS Sport)

3 months

€18.6 million TV coverage

White Ocean Racing

Vendee Globe 2008

Solo non-stop round the world race

3 months


Volvo Cars

Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012



70 million web/media est.



Francis Joyon

1 day

5 million web/media est.

Planet Solar Turanor

World Circumnavigation 2012

1st solar powered circumnavigation

1 year 7 months

35 million web/media coverage



Based on the sport marketing figures above, our projection for the solar navigator is conservatively estimated as follows:



Blue Planet

Fastest  World Circumnavigation

Solar powered

9 months + world tours over 2 further years

EST £35 million News

      £25 million TV exposure

      £10 million Press



      £70 million Total



Thus the media returns for this truly environmentally friendly advertising opportunity, should offer worthwhile savings to a company prepared to share the challenge with us.



In order to view the Appendices and other confidential information, investors will need to complete a Non Disclosure Agreement, which is available on request.





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Project Objectives

Galley | Paints | Screens | Diving

Project Estimates | Record Attempt | PR Events

Batteries | Alloys | Timber | Composites | Navigation | Hydraulics

Motors | Electronics | Solar Panels | Propeller | Transmission | Tooling | Life Support

Tank Testing (Model Construction)& Results



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