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The mission of the MPBA is to promote all types of model boating and to encourage members to compete in the various competitions held throughout the country. 


Membership is normally via an affiliated club, but the lone boater is catered for by membership via the Countrywide Club.





The Model Power Boat Association, MPBA, was founded in 1924 by clubs in the London Area. Since that time it has grown into a national body, which represents all types of model boating; including static scale and a small number of yachtsmen. 


The other interests included are scale models, radio control racing, known as multi racing, fast electric models, straight running, tethered hydroplanes and radio control hydroplanes. These interests are grouped into sections, which control the organisation of the discipline; i.e. make rules and organise the programme of regattas etc. 


The sections are each represented on the MPBA committee together with the officers of the organisation. 



The Model Power Boat Association (MPBA) exists to promote all forms of model boating in the United Kingdom.  The aim of the MPBA is to encouraging all aspects of model boating and in particular powered models. It provides a competition structure leading to National Championships in all the sectional disciplines supported:-

  • Scale models - both electric and steam driven

  • Multi models - i.c. powered racing craft

  • Hydro models - tethered i.c. and steam models

  • Fast Electric models - r/c controlled electric racing craft

  • Circuit Racing models - r/c controlled i.c. models

  • Straight Running models - any powered craft for straight running competition

The MPBA supports domestic clubs arranging competitions for the above interests and assists individuals wishing to compete in World Championship events.  The MPBA provides third party insurance for paid-up members and endeavours to ensure that safety for competitors, officials and the general public is paramount at all times. The MPBA is keen to support public display events and demonstrate to the general public the various facets of model boating.


A Yearbook and a quarterly newsletter help to keep members informed of forthcoming events. The MPBA is a member of the Joint Radio Consultative Users Committee (JRCUC) and endeavours to ensure model makers interests are always properly considered.




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MPBA Affiliated Clubs


The usual way of becoming an MPBA member is through membership of an affiliated club. Usually this is through a suitable local club or one of the specialist national clubs. The Countrywide Club provides direct MPBA membership for those not wishing or able to join another club. In case of difficulty contact the Membership Secretary.

Why join a club?


Clubs will usually have access to their own water. Even where the water is available to the public the club will often have additional facilities provided for their exclusive use.   Clubs are able to provide insurance through MPBA membership. You would not generally be allowed to operate a powered model without insurance. Frequently owners of water insist on insurance for all types of model boat.  

Other club members will provide advice and help on all aspects of building and running model boats. The encouragement and assistance gained from members can prove invaluable in overcoming the difficulties that arise especially when building your first boat.  Lakes are few and far between in the UK. They are being lost to Fishing & Wind-Surfing. By supporting your local club and the association in general, we are more likely to be able to hold on to these lakes.


How do you find a club ? [National] [Northern] [Midland] [Southern] or [all venues] for a full list. If you run into problems the Membership Secretary will try to help.

MPBA membership includes insurance cover on your clubs water and also when competing in Regattas held by other clubs, the MPBA or organisations anywhere in the world. You will also be provided with a number of other services including the MPBA's magazine Propwash and this Website.


The MPBA also promotes the interests of boat modellers in any way it can including exhibitions and affiliation to a number of organisations including NAVIGA and the UKRCC. The MPBA provides a framework for competitions to be held anywhere in the UK.




Countrywide Club   Electra   NFERC   Model Hydroplane Club   National Oval Racing Club   Retro Racing Club



Anglia M.M.C. .   Bournville M.Y. & P.B.C.   Burton-on-Trent and District M.B.C.   Caldicot M.B.C.   Cheltenham S.M.E   Cotswold M.M.C.
Coventry M.B.C.   Daventry M.B.C.   Derby M.B.C.   Grantham and District M.B.C.   Hartsholme Electric M.B.C.   Kingsbury Water Park M.B.C.
Leicester M.B.C   North Birmingham M.B.C.   Northampton & District M.B.C.   Nottingham M.B.C.   Peterborough Area M.B.C.   Peterborough M.P.B.C.   Rugeley Power Station M.B.C.   Sandwell M.B.C.   South Wales M.B.C.   Telford M.B.C.   West Wales M.B.C.



Birkenhead M.Y. & P.C.   Blackburn and District M.B.C.   Bolton M.P.B.C.   Bridlington M.B.S.   Bury Metro M.M.S.   Conisbrough and District M.A.   Darlington and District M.B.C.   Dewsbury M.M.S.   Featherstone M.P.B.C.   Goole M.B.C.   Heaton and District M.P.B.C.
Huddersfield S.M.E.   Hull M.B.C.   Humber Marine M.B.C.   Keighley & D.M.E.S.   Leeds & Bradford M.B.C.   Manchester R.C.B.C.
Northern Fast Electric R.C.   Peterlee M.B.C.   Seahorse M.B.C.   Sheffield S.M.S.   Silksworth M.P.B.C.   South Shields M.Y.C
Wearside M.B.C.



Ace M.P.B.C.   Alpha M.B.C.   Basingstoke & Deane M.B.C.   Blackheath M.P.B.C.   Brentwood M.Y & P.B.C.   Bromley M.P.B.C.
Capstan M.B.C.   Chichester Lakeside M.B.C.   Coalhouse Fort M.B.C.   Cygnets M.B.C.   Dolphins M.B.C.   Eastbourne M.P.B.C.
Elmbridge M.C.   Gipping Valley M.B.C.   Hanwell and District M.S.   Herne Bay "Heron" M.B.C.   Hertford and District M.S.
Leighton Buzzard M.B.C.   Marches Model Boaters   Mayesbrook M.B.C.   Mid Thames M.B.C.   Moorhen M.B.C.   Portsmouth and District M.P.B.C.   South Ham   Southampton M.P.B.C.   Southend S.M.P.B.C.   St. Albans & District M.E.S.   Stevenage M.B.C.
Swindon M.B. & E.C.   Victoria M.S.B.C.   Warminster M.B.C.   Watermead M.B.C.   Waterside M.C.   Welwyn Garden City S.M.E.
Willen M.P.B.C.   Woodbridge M.B.C.   Worthing and District M.B.C.   Yate and Sodbury M.B.C.


Links to other Websites


Please Email us with links to other websites. If you have trouble with an obsolete link please tell us.




MPBA Affiliated Clubs and Organisations



Bridlington Model Boat Society


CADMA (Conisbrough)


Coventry M.B.C.


Chichester Model Boat Club


Cygnets M.B.C.


Elmbridge Model Club



In German language

Nottingham M.B.C.


Rugeley Power Station MBC


Southend MPBC


Stevenage M.B.C.


Woodbridge M.B.C.


Capstan MBC


Sandwell Model Boat Club


Waterside Model Club





Independant Organisations


Offshore Model Power Boat Association


John Kerr

Surface Warship Association


Norwegian Model Speed Boat Association (NMSBF)


Corby Model Boat Club



Model Yachting Association


Luton & District Model Club


Scottish Federation of Model Boat Clubs


Dundee Model Boat Club


Model Warship Site (US)


Fast Electric World       

 UK Fast Electric Scene              

Joint Radio Control Users Committee (JRCUC)


South West Association of Model Boat Clubs


modelboatracing Website

Information about Multi (FSR-V) racing






Radio Frequencies



There are three bands available for Model Boat use. The UKRCC represents the modelling community to the regulatory authorities.


27 MHz is the traditional band allocated to all Radio Control users many years ago. Much of the lower cost radio equipment produced still uses this band. Since the introduction of CB radio and radio controlled childrens toys, the 27 MHz band has been subject to interference problems. Improvements are being made to equipment to reduce channel spacing in the future ( See UKRCC announcement ).


40 MHz is the latest band to be allocated and is for the exclusive surface models. When purchasing new equipment the 40 MHz band is the best choice for model boats. Equipment is still more expensive than the 27 MHz band but the difference is shrinking.


UHF band (459 MHz) is once again a band allocated to all Radio Control users many years ago. It is rarely used and little commercial equipment has ever been produced. Equipment for the UHF band is hard to obtain and expensive.


On NO ACCOUNT may the 35 MHz band be used. This band is reserved solely for the use of aeromodellers and its use for surface craft is forbidden.


Other countries have frequency bands that differ from those in the UK. Increasingly these bands are being rigidly enforced. Regattas have been cancelled because of problems and there have also been instances where the authorities have confiscated equipment. It is essential that you check before you travel.





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