At the age of 37, Raphaël Domjan conceived the PlanetSolar concept, and he has done everything possible since to turn his dream into reality. Someone who genuinely “dabbles in everything”, Raphaël Domjan wears several hats and increases activities he takes part in that are closely connected to man and nature: an ambulance driver, high mountain guide, rescue specialist in perilous environments etc. Raphael is admits to being a jack of all trades; trained electronics engineer, jet and glider pilot and avid eco defender:


"We must motivate engineers and scientists to develop innovative technologies and show that the impossible can become possible."




Raphael Domjan interview Monaco






2012  Set 585 day solar circumnavigation record


2005  Obtained a Demonstration Pilot (air show) certification (OFAC)

2004  Founder and President of the “PlanetSolar” project

2004  Obtained a Patrol Pilot and night flight certification

2001  Managing partner and Head of Sales, Horus Networks - solar powered computer server.
        Qualified as Swiss Red Cross ES ambulance driver/paramedic
        Obtained a private pilot’s license and trained as an extreme conditions rescue specialist.

1999  Obtained an advance ET Mechanical Engineer diploma

1998  Founded Swissrescue.ch

1998  Qualified as a professional IAS ambulance paramedic

1997  Professional ambulance driver/medic and Head of IT, Groupe Sanitaire de Lausanne





Raphael is now an accomplished public speaker. He attends many eco events, such as the IHT Global Clean Energy Forum:


While Europe grapples with an economic slowdown and climate change and environmental concerns slip down the agenda, and North America pursues a shale-driven future, where are the best and most promising prospects for the renewable energy industry? How can the cost of clean energy be reduced through technology, and what cutting-edge developments will help the clean energy industry evolve?  

The 2012 IHT Global Clean Energy Forum will explore how innovation in the key areas of: technology; business models; finance; and policy will help the clean energy industry grow its share of the energy mix. Whether through new sources of funding, public-private partnerships, new policy mechanisms or technological innovations, the Global Clean Energy Forum will showcase actionable ideas for business and government leaders. 



Raphael Domjan and Immo Stroher




IHT Conference key initiatives for 2012:


Clean Energy Future Think Tank

An invite-only, closed session bringing together C-level business representatives with senior policymakers and government representatives. Limited to 30 participants, this private session will act as a Think Tank on the future of the clean energy industry and explore how government and business can work together.  Members of the Think Tank will be invited to review submissions for the Clean Energy Innovation Showcase. Selected members of the Think Tank will be invited to present highlights of their discussions to the main audience.


Clean Energy Innovation Showcase

A lively and fast-paced session, featuring up to 8 new speakers, each sharing one idea that they believe will change the clean energy industry.  We will use our database of contacts and our communications channels to invite submissions for ideas, which will then be vetted by our Clean Energy Future Think Tank.  This is an opportunity for delegates to hear bite-sized chunks of new ideas, which can be followed  up privately during one of the breaks or in the networking lounges.  At the end of the showcase, delegates in the room will be invited to vote for their top idea - the winning speaker will be invited to be featured in a video interview, to be carried on the conference Web site and featured in a special email announcement.


Raphael Domjan mooring the Planetsolar



Raphael Domjan mooring the Planetsolar



Raphaël est un homme ordinaire qui, depuis son adolescence, est passionné d'aventure et d'exploration. Aujourd'hui, son travail principal consiste à gérer et organiser le premier tour du monde en bateau fonctionnant uniquement à l'énergie solaire; « PlanetSolar » et à coordonner la fondation Solar Planet qui œuvre dans la promotion du développement durable en Suisse et dans le monde.


A l'heure actuelle, les aventures et les explorations ne sont plus là pour découvrir de nouvelles terres encore inconnues, aller plus vite, ou plus haut. Elles ont vocation de protéger notre environnement ainsi que la biodiversité. Nous disposons aujourd'hui des connaissances et des technologies pour être durables, et redonner un vrai sens au progrès.


Avec l'aide de sa société Horus Networks Sàrl et de la fondation Solar Planet, Raphaël s'engage également dans différents projets humanitaires. Il veut favoriser l'utilisation des énergies renouvelables dans les pays en voie de développement et leur permettre ainsi d'acquérir une indépendance énergétique tout en développant de nouvelles technologies.



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Raphael Domjan's portrait







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"Only those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, will!"  -  Henry Dunant




Solar Navigator triple hull SWASH trimaran tank test model


Rahael Domjan proved the solar boat concept with style. 

The Solar Navigator team hope to build on Raphael's incredible

 achievement with a revolutionary SWASSH design.

Such a design has never been built. The Solarnavigator has stealth

capabilities and the circumnavigation may be autonomous.

A vessel with these characteristics is of tremendous value for routine

survey, rescue and peacekeeping duties.





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