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Q. What is a shipbroker?

A. A shipbroker is someone who arranges the ocean transport of goods and commodities by sea, the employment of a vessel or buys and sells ships on behalf of his clients.

Q. What do they do?

A. Shipbrokers act as intermediaries between shipowners and charterers or the buyers and sellers of ships. The broker is involved in many stages of a deal: presenting the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of a contract or sale, finalising the details of the contract and following the deal through to its conclusion. Increasingly shipbrokers also provide their clients with a wide range of market intelligence and advice.

A junior broker would be expected to be extremely flexible in terms of his or her job description - typically no formal training is given and experience is gained "on the job". Tasks might include: entering tonnage into the company's database; assisting the operations (or "post-fixture") department to get an understanding of the more technical nature of shipping; checking through charter parties (the legal contracts for any fixture); as well as starting to build his or her own contacts within the shipping world.

A successful shipbroker will have built up a network of contacts around the world - shipping is an industry based very much upon relationships and therefore it is essential that anybody entering the profession has an ability to get on with people from a variety of backgrounds. Shipbroking is highly competitive and there are far more shipbrokers than shipowners or charterers in the world - any trainee will need a strong commercial sense, be able to think on their feet and offer sound constructive advice to their clients.

Shipbroking is an intensive career choice - the hours are long and brokers are expected to be available "24/7". Typically the day will start early in the morning in time to catch to important Far Eastern markets and continue until the evening - some weekend work is usually expected if clients are based in a country where this is the norm.

Do I need qualifications?

A. New entrants to the ship-broking industry do not need a shipping qualification, but there are shipping business degree courses run by several British universities. The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers offers professional qualifications and the Baltic Exchange also runs a number of practical shipbroking courses. 

Q. Where are the jobs?


A. Many shipbrokers are based in and around London. It is estimated that London's 700 shipbroking companies - many of them small businesses - account for 50 per cent of all tanker and 30-40 per cent of dry bulk chartering business. Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Vancouver, Athens, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Oslo are also important centres of shipbroking.

Q. Is it well-paid?

A. Shipbroking is a demanding and often stressful career, but the rewards can be high for the successful broker. Shipbrokers generally earn a low to medium basic salary with bonuses for good performance.

Q. How do I become a shipbroker?

A. Companies rarely advertise for entrant positions in to the industry but some of the larger firms do recruit graduate trainees or school leavers. Contact details for some of the larger London firms are listed below:


Louise Scott
Howe Robinson & Co Ltd
Mint House 77
Mansell Street
London E1 8AF


Orla Friel
HR Manager
St Magnus House
3 Lower Thames Street
London EC3R 6HE


Simpson Spence & Young Ltd
Lloyd's Chambers
1 Portsoken Street
London E1 8PH


Human Resources Director
Gibson Shipbrokers Ltd
PO Box 278
Audrey House
16-20 Ely Place
London EC1P 1HP


Human Resources Manager
Galbraiths Ltd
Bridgegate House
124-126 Borough High Street
London SE1 1BL


International Shipbrokers Ltd
65 Leadenhall Street


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7680 0068
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7680 9702




Fundamentals of Ship Sale & Purchase training course by distance learning - Programme Overview for this introduction to vessel S&P training course

For Anyone Interested in the Negotiation, Preparation and Completion of Buying and Selling Ships

This comprehensive course on the S&P of second hand tonnage is an opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the complexities of the topic and to gain an understanding of the processes.

Through this distance learning training course you will develop a balanced knowledge and understanding of ship sale and purchase including the commercial aspects to enable effective negotiation and the processes and the legal framework. It is written to provide maximum relevancy and deliver a thorough understanding of the roles of the parties in conducting ship sale and purchase transactions.

Download the latest Fundamentals of Ship Sale & Purchase training course brochure by clicking here.

Course Programme

Introduction to Ship Sale & Purchase, Parties, Roles and Contract Forms
The Shipbroker and Formation of the Contract in Sale and Purchase
The Memorandum of Agreement Part I: Details, Descriptions, Price and Delivery
The Memorandum of Agreement Part II: Delivery Process, Documentation and Condition
The Memorandum of Agreement Part III: Other Terms and Ship Recycling 
Performance Guarantees, Default, Remedies and Arbitration

Fundamentals of Ship Sale and Purchase is validated by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and successful participants will be exempted from the ICS Introduction to Shipping subject.


Lloyds Maritime Academy - ship sale and purchase distance learning







Marine & Boat Insurance Providers Table



Type of Insurance


24 hour dinghy insurance

Dinghy & Sailboard Insurance Immediate insurance premiums displayed by clicking onto the class of craft.

24 hour dinghy insurance


We've teamed up with to provide our clients with a competitive online marine quote: DINGHY, SPEED BOAT, SMALL YACHT, CABIN CRUISER.


Affinity Insurance Brokers

Official Brokers to the Irish Sailing Association. Affinity Insurance Brokers, the premier source for insurance coverage and risk management advice for Ireland's sailing and fishing communities.



Cargo INSURANCE. Take advantage of capacity and services through the London market and other specialist insurers. Our arrangements include insurers able to write surplus lines in most of North America.


Arden Insurance

Arden Insurance Services are able to arrange cover on all craft from the smallest of dinghies to the largest ocean going vessels. Discounts are also available for: RYA Qualifications, Policy excesses up to 1,000GBP, Craft in Marina Berths, Craft with alarms. Many of our standard policies include: Third Party Liability up to 2,000,000GBP, 12 Months in commission cover, Underwater Machinery Damage, Protected No Claims Bonus, Road Transit Cover, Legal Protection Cover.

Arden Insurance

Edwards & Associates

We offer marine insurance to cover pleasure boats such as yachts and cabin cruisers, as well as larger private boats. Whether you are looking for personal or commercial marine insurance, we have a large base of insurers who we use to make sure that you get the best possible deal: Personal and Commercial Marine Insurance.

Edwards & Associates

BC-Marine Inurance

Set the right course to solve your Marine Insurance Requirements. Marine Craft Insurance, Legal Protection, Foreign Travel, Boat SalesAccident & Medical, Loss Of Earnings, Marine Finance, Marine Tradesmen, Crew Liability, Instalment Plans, Boat Builders & Repairers, Public Liability, Recovery & Assistance, Product Liability. UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & the EU.

BC-Marine Inurance


We have particular expertise in the following: International Marine, Cargo, Inland Goods in Transit, Hauliers Liability, Freight Forwarders Liability.

Bishops plc

Alfred Blackmore

Alfred Blackmore Group Ltd UK insurance broker specialising in bloodstock, classic car, construction, financial services, healthcare, international motor, marine, professional indemnity, reinsurance and special accident.

Alfred Blackmore

Blythin & Brown

Loughborough brokers provide online quotes for marine insurance, and also offer a full range of financial advice.

Blythin & Brown


Marine insurance underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Discover what is covered by the policies, read the FAQs, get an online quote or claim online.


Covers most commercial risks in the following industries: manufacture, motor trade, haulage supply, farms, shops, offices, clubs, pubs, hotels and marine (ONLINE APPLICATION FORM).


German marine insurer provides boat-insurance services throughout Europe. Select a boat type, get a quick quote, and track a claim. 20% internet purchase discount.


Newton Crum

Dinghy - Narrowboat - Motorboat - Sailboard- Yacht - Marine Insurance. FREE INSURANCE QUOTATIONS no charge or obligation. Dinghy Insurance, Sailboard Insurance, Inland Waterways Insurance, Yacht - Motorboat - Speedboat Insurance, Stolen Boat List.

Newton Crum

Engine Breakdown Cover Ltd.

Offers unique insurance policies for marine in-board engines.

Engine Breakdown Cover

Fairmont Insurance Services

Super Yacht Insurance for yachts in excess of $1 Million to over $125 Million. Coverage includes Liability, Loss of Charter, and Crew Personal Accident and Medical.


Lucas Fettes & Partners

Marine Insurance: Hull and accessories of a vessel, passengers and worldwide cargo movements.

Lucas Fettes

Navigators and General

Navigators and General has been at the forefront of yacht and motorboat insurance since 1921 and has been the market leader in this field for over 70 years. Navigators & General is part of the Zurich Financial Services Group and Financial Ombudsman Service, providing policyholders with world-class security. Today, Navigators provides cover for vessels with a total value in excess of £750,000,000. Underwriting insurance for all types of leisure craft, from dinghies to £5,000,000 vessels, has provided us with the breadth of experience to understand even the most individual requirements.

Navigators and General

Giles Insurance Brokers

Marine Insurance. Dinghy, Power Boat, Yacht, Cabin Cruiser, Jet Ski, Charter Boat, Commercial Fishing Boat, Yacht Yard

Giles Insurance Brokers

SHW Group

Marine Cargo Insurance. Cover is arranged with specialist insurers and the individual policies are written to suit your business requirements including if required Warehousing for distribution during export or import.

SHW Group


Freight legal liability for both UK and international domiciled companies. Freight legal liability insurance, Cargo insurance, Charterer's Liability insurance. Delegated authority to deal with claims matters relating to marine insurance.

Lonham Group

Mardon Marine Insurance Brokers and are the websites of Mardon Marine and maritime Underwriting Agencies Ltd. (Including Maritime Underwriting Agencies Ltd)

Mardon Marine

Noble Marine

Noble Marine are specialist insurance brokers dealing with all classes Yacht insurance, rowing insurance, laser class, dinghy insurance, sailboard insurance.

Noble Marine

Rob, Perry Marine

Need Insurance? We are agents for one of the most competitive insurance brokers in the country who specialise in marine insurance.

Rob, Perry Marine

Pendleton May

We operate a scheme for the insurance of yachts, motor boats and small craft. Our expertise, experience and number of clients insuring their boats enables us to provide you with wide cover at competitive cost. Try us by completing our form.

Pendleton May

Terra Nova

Terra Nova Protection & Indemnity provides fixed premium P&I cover for the Owner / Manager / Charterers of commercial ships operating in domestic, coastwise or short-sea trades.

Terra Nova

Oban Insurance Centre

Read about the insurance schemes covering marine, holidays, business, motoring and agriculture. Offers an online quote system.

Oban Insurance

B Portwood & Co.Ltd

Marine and boat insurance. On-line insurance rates are provided for dinghies, canoes, sailboards, small craft, inflatables, speedboats, yachts and motorboats for use in the uk and in Western Europe for up to 60 days.


Alexander Brooks & Stevens Ltd

Marine Insurance providers

Alexander Brooks & Stevens

Graham Sykes Insurance

Graham Sykes Insurance insure a variety of boats. Our polices cover you for use on inland and costal waterways between May and September. Smaller craft usually have to be laid up ashore over the winter months. For larger vessels we can provide cover for them all year round. For the water skiers out there we can usually extend your policy to include liability for towing water skiers.

Graham Sykes

Craig & Suttar

In most cases we can provide all risks cover including third party liability for you and your craft. Polices cover you for use on inland and costal waterways between May and September. For the waterskiers out there we can usually extend your policy to include liability for towing waterskiers. In some case we can add your boat onto your house contents insurance which is sometimes cheaper.

Craig & Suttar

Tyser (UK) Ltd

Marine and boat Insurance

Tyser (UK) Ltd

Yachtsman Marine Insurance Ireland

Yachtsman Marine Insurance Ireland. Sports boats, Yacht cruisers, motor cruisers. We offer yachtsmen an exceptional insurance package at a highly competitive price. We are constantly reviewing our policy wording to provide the most up to date terms and conditions to ensure that our clients have the most appropriate cover.

Yachtsman Insurance









Meeting Your Needs 

If you would like to sell your existing ship or buy a ship, please let us have details and we will advertise for such vessel, confidence assured.






Cardiff Business School

Southampton Institute

Liverpool John Moores University
London Metropolitan University

City University Business School

Greenwich Maritime Institute

Warsash Maritime Centre

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Maritime Education & Training 









Laser weapons on boats are now a reality

Fleet operators might reduce insurance costs if their ships have

autonomous capability, which system promises safer seas.





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