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Planet Earth, conservation of species and the natural world




University of Aberdeen

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Anglia Polytechnic University

Aston University


University of Bath

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The University of Birmingham

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University of Buckingham

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The University of Huddersfield

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Kingston University


Lancaster University

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London Business School

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The Manchester Metropolitan University.

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ewcastle Business School

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Sabhal Mor Ostaig Scotland's



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University of Westminster.

School of the Built Environment

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School of Engineering and the Built Environment


University of York




York St John College




























BRITISH DESIGN - Once you have your education, do something good with it. The above car is being built on a shoestring budget by non-university students - who are learning by doing.


The Ecostar DC50 is potentially the world's most versatile EV design, where is can swap between battery and fuel cell energy storage at the flick of a switch - and without a service station in sight.


The challenge for the team building the Ecostar DC50 (Direct Current motors and 50kW) special, is to reduce the long standing 80 second recharging world record, to less that 30 seconds. Team Speedace know it is possible to get this down below 10 seconds, but their finances (the biggest challenge) are limited, so they are not aiming as low (or is that high) as we might.  Unlike universities, private research projects do not qualify for state aid, despite owning the IP.


The next stage will be to construct a model of a Bluebird™ service station by way of a feasibility study. Despite the latest findings of the UN's IPPC, promising technology like this, that could herald a new age of sustainable motoring, are unlikely to be given a chance. Why? Because they are too small and new to attract regular business finance, and being new - so no track record - do not qualify for European funding under the Horizon 2020 handout scheme. Indeed, the fact that companies who are afraid to develop disruptive technology are getting all the state grants to develop dinosaur technology, is rather counter-productive.





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