This stylish Swiss watch was Omega's first digital timepiece and one of the first ever digital watches.  Featuring a mineral ruby window, the LED display shines brightly and is triggered by a magnetic switch on the side.


Omega enjoys brand recognition all over the world – and on the Moon. The famous Speedmaster Professional ‘Moon watch’ accompanied the Apollo 11 crew to the Moon in 1969 and became the first and only watch to be worn on the lunar surface. In the process, it became one of the true iconic watch designs. Omega watches are known for their reliability, accuracy, performance and style, as you may care to agree from the featured timepiece.




Omega time computer, Kojak time clock



Digital Omega Time Computer





The watch is waterproof.  It is adjusted by brushing a magnet against two special locations on the underside of the casing. Omega watches were worn on the Moon by Astronauts during NASA's famous landing.




Omega "Time Computer I" aka TC1 is the first LED watch ever available for sales in Europe. Unfortunately Omega never entered into the research field of digital watches and subcontracted LED watches to fill the gap in their portfolio. Omega TC's are based on Pulsar technology and contain late P2 modules that can be easily transplanted from corresponding cheaper Pulsars and Hamiltons. Even the cases were American made by Star Watch Case Company with the same magnetic-button Pulsar concept, identical caseback and ring. In other words... all magnet-set Omega LED watches are genuine Pulsars with an Omega logo. Battery spacers can be used the same way as in Pulsar modules to accommodate modern 357 batteries.


Omega modules are generic Pulsars with cosmetic upgrades so it is common to find a Pulsar or Hamilton module in a TC1. "Genuine" Omega modules have a printed logo and gold-plated calibre + serial number plate (plaque). These are fixed with glue and usually missing but they significantly increase the value as a complete set. The TC1 was available in a limited edition solid gold and heavy 80 micron yellow or white-gold-fill of which the latter is often mistaken for stainless steel (the steel bracelet ref.1203/211 slightly differs in color from the WGF case). A few box versions can be found depending on the country of sale as boxes were usually subcontracted locally to save on costs. European boxes will usually be the generic red but the American style should be a wood-like plastic clamshell. Finding a perfect match with box and papers is extremely difficult!










So impressed with the architecture befitting a Pharaoh, Telly Savalas wore this stunning timepiece in the crime drama Kojak. The 1974 Kojak Omega Time Computer 1 Watch (cost £1,900 roughly $3,000) is famous not only for its prominent placement upon the wrist of a TV policeman — this watch sported more transistors than the smallest TV of the time. "Who loves you baby." (Lollipop not included)





This watch is famous because the casing was used by Will Bates for his NanoComm™ military ball-busting super computer. A computer that is so powerful it can hack any supposedly secure network in seconds. This is a work of fiction, being developed by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation, as part of an ocean and climate awareness initiative.


The CyberCore™ prototype and technical support was sold at auction for $20 billion dollars, to an undisclosed recipient. This turns out to be a group of German industrialists based in Brazil, who are fed up with the present World Order, based on unsustainable growth, greed, and financial world domination, as artificially cheap imports are flooding the world's markets, leading to global warming and instability. The German group purchased NanoComm's super computer, for use in cloning experiments where DNA codes needed to be cracked and spliced with precision, to create enhanced replicants, based on human and other DNA extracts.


Having created the Panamanian Running Man, the Germans, working with Egyptologists who are keen to discover and reincarnate Cleopatra, manage to secure her preserved remains, from an underwater grave. They then successfully clone the last Pharaoh queen of Ancient Egypt, a scientific breakthrough that disturbs the US military and the CIA, as they realise the threat to homeland security.


An amateur archaeologist, John Storm, and his technology guru, Dan Hawk, are employed to recover Cleopatra's remains, but they are too late, discovering the mausoleum where the Queen was entombed, but find it empty, and recently disturbed.


John Storm is the skipper of an extremely advanced solar and hydrogen powered ship called the Elizabeth Swann. Despite being powered by green hydrogen with solar assistance, this trimaran is very fast, potentially the future of zero carbon shipping. This was predicted by Jules Verne in 1874, and may come true in part, as the IMO's targets are now for emission free cargo and passenger craft by 2100.






Boxed Omega digital watch














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