Planet earth is uniue in all the universe for its abundance and variety of animals, every one of which should be protected




Peace on Earth is a concept worth fighting for. What would that mean to us? Well, it could mean we might spend more time constructively building a healthier society. We could spend more time investigating our planet and the solar system, which in turn may yield more pieces of the puzzle combating disease and poverty. It's all a question of balance and common sense.



The Planet Earth Act 2020



The foundation to a genuine state of sustainable world peace is a stable international economic platform. To achieve this:

  1. Our reliance on fossil fuels which also pollute the planet must be replaced with renewable energy for living and industry

  2. We must stop looting our natural resources. These must be mined or farmed sustainably and those who produce the goods, should be fairly rewarded.

  3. We must respect and work with our neighbours, rather than constantly covet their lands and resources. In fact, we should seek to share that we have with those less fortunate and they with us.

  4. We must provide housing at a price and comfort level that every family can afford.

Greed is the enemy. Those who are greedy and power hungry are effectively working against a peaceful world. For one person to become rich, someone else must become poorer. That is the sad and undeniable truth on financial inequality. In saying this, I am not denying the value of a free market and the efforts of the entrepreneur. For, the creation of jobs and wealth is essential, provided that such wealth creation is spread more evenly. 


Only those with the drive, energy and grasp of the many factors needed to run a business, will be in a position to succeed.  Hence, we need men and women of vision to create and invent and we need men and women of vision to implement new discoveries and enhance the quality of life, which in turn creates jobs and provides homes.


"I am not a rich man and I do not seek to profit from others. All I would like, it to benefit from the efforts of my labours. I enjoy a hard days work, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally. Once a person has achieved a comfortable lifestyle, there is little point simply making more money, if all it will do is sit in a bank somewhere accumulating yet more money. This is one reason, more and more wealthy people are giving to good causes. You can only drive one car at a time."


However, if those with wealth and power operate fair policies and care for their fellow man, that is when the human race will truly be heading for world peace.





Another serious issue to come to terms with, is how far can we continue to populate the planet and just how much life can the planet sustain. Humans are possibly too successful at multiplying, where our intelligence gives us control over our environment that other species do not enjoy.


We all have our way of contributing to society, ours is to try to do something to show world leaders and future generations that alternative energy can be practical.


We are firm believers in fair treatment, fair trade and equal opportunities. We think we should adopt a common sense approach to energy reserves, where the constant fighting to take control of oil, and the power struggles by different political groups, is wasteful and simply throwing human effort and lives away. Once energy is available to all at sensible cost, we will have taken a giant step toward global peace.


For all the above reasons we applaud the sterling efforts of all those who are working toward peace and sustainability, for they are working for our precious blue planet and all those who inhabit it. NK






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