It is important that we learn from and take note of important events in the history of our planet such as the extinction of Dinosaurs - if we, as the intelligent species homo sapiens, as the most dominant force on earth, are to survive!


The time has come to look seriously at the ways we do and do not yet utilise energy from nature, such as to conserve existing fossil fuels and more importantly, prevent global warming from destroying our natural habitat.   Unravelling the DNA chain and reconstructing it via cloning to eradicate defects in our species, or to improve us, is perhaps one of the most important experimental projects of our century, even though teetering on the edge of 'mad scientist' or 'evil dictator.'  Additionally, if we cannot change our dirty fuel greedy habits quickly enough, to adapt to survive, the human race could go the way of the dinosaur!



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Asteroid impact on Earth

One lump or two?

How many asteroids did it take to wipe out the dinosaurs?
This Horizon was shown in October
Investigate extinction theories


Model dinosaur skeleton

The first dino discoveries

Nineteenth century fossil hunters found the truth to be even stranger than fiction.



Seamonsters game

Seamonsters adventure

Can you survive the seven deadliest seas of all time in this game? Take the plunge!



Behind the scenes at Walking with Dinosaurs

Bringing dinos to life

Find out how the special effects teams created the TV dinosaurs.






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Histories: King of the duck-billed dinosaurs

It was 1903 when palaeontologist and spy Baron Franz Nopcsa set off for the wilds of northern Albania - it was a highly eventful trip

Histories - 02 April 2005

Protein recovered from dinosaur eggs

The eggs were laid by titanosaurs before being buried by floods and fossilising unusually fast - the protein is similar to that of a modern chicken

News - 19 March 2005

'Raptor' dinosaurs roamed far and wide

A new fossil discovered in Argentina proves that the fast-running relatives of the movie star velociraptors really got around

Breaking News - 23 February 2005

Can 'feather foot' knock oldest bird off its perch?

'Feather foot' may knock oldest bird off its perch

News - 19 February 2005

Large mammals once dined on dinosaurs

Amazing fossil finds reveal that dinosaurs were not the only fearsome predators living on prehistoric Earth

News - 15 January 2005

Sprinting ostriches offer dinosaur insights

Analysis of ostriches running on treadmills provides clues to human leg mechanics and how dinosaurs may have moved

Features - 25 December 2004

Dinosaurs' 'bulletproof' armour revealed

Some dinosaurs' protective plates had a similar arrangement of fibres as seen in bulletproof fabrics, making them extremely tough

Breaking News - 16 November 2004

Dinosaurs were struck down in their prime

They were wiped out in the midst of breathtaking diversity and success, suggests a new analysis of fossils

Breaking News - 18 October 2004

T. rex descended from feathered ancestor

The ancestors of Tyrannosaurus rex were covered in protofeathers, reveals the most complete fossil found so far

Breaking News - 06 October 2004

Dinosaurs may have been doting parents

A fossilised "creche" of 34 young dinosaurs and an adult - buried alive - suggests that dinosaurs may have been caring parents

Breaking News - 08 September 2004

Teen T-rex had monster growth spurt

The flesh-eating dinosaur achieved its giant size in a dramatic surge of growth during adolescence, shows a study of discarded bones

Breaking News - 11 August 2004

Flying dinosaur needed a bird's brain

Flight was built into the brain as well as the body of Archaeopteryx, a new CAT scanning study reveals

Breaking News - 04 August 2004

Horn damage hints at Triceratops battles

The three-horned dinosaur could apparently wrestle head-to-head with other members of its own species

Breaking News - 26 June 2004

Pterosaurs went for the soft shell

Spectacular fossil hints that the flying reptiles laid soft eggs rather than hard ones

News - 12 June 2004

Dinosaurs were broiled alive

Following an asteroid impact 65 million years ago, the sky would have burned red for hours as debris rained into the atmosphere

News - 05 June 2004

Four-winged birds may have been first fliers

A new study of Archaeopteryx supports the idea that the first birds were four-winged gliders, not two winged flappers

Breaking News - 23 May 2004

Thick-skulled dinos lose their headbutting hard-nut image

The idea that dome-headed dinos used their skulls as battering rams against rivals may have to be revised

News - 15 May 2004

Bizarre dinos of the deep freeze

Two oddball dinosaurs species have been unearthed in Antarctica

News - 06 March 2004

X-rays reveal pterosaurs' aerial expertise

Scans of fossil skulls show the extinct flying reptiles had an extraordinary ability to process balance information

Breaking News - 29 October 2003

Veggie monsters

An atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide was ideal for herbivorous dinosaurs

News - 25 October 2003

Ancient birds legged it to take wing


Did Archaeopteryx have feathered legs to help it fly?

News - 25 October 2003

Brontosaurus 'missing link' unearthed

Remains of the earliest known sauropod - a relative of the largest dinosaurs to roam the Earth - have been unearthed in South Africa

Breaking News - 04 July 2003

Cannibal dinosaurs revealed by tooth marks

When the going got tough, some meat-eating dinosaurs turned on their own kind to satisfy their hunger

Breaking News - 02 April 2003

Four-winged dinosaur makes feathers fly

A dinosaur with 'extra wings' is challenging long cherished theories about the origin of bird flight

Breaking News - 22 January 2003

Flapping chicks give flying hints

The unusual beating of their tiny wings does not get baby partridges off the ground, but it does cast light on the origins of avian flight

Breaking News - 16 January 2003

Perfectly preserved dinosaur stuns palaeontologists


Hadrosaur "mummy" reveals new details about diet, muscles, movement and development

News - 19 October 2002

Palaeontological pee

Fossil crater reveals that sauropods produced enough pee to fill a bathtub

News - 19 October 2002

Ancient eye resurrected


Scientists recreate eye protein of reptile that fell extinct 240 million years ago

News - 28 September 2002

Pterosaur skull suggests sex and violence

Its huge bony crest may have been used for sexual display - its jaw implies it preyed on fish at the ocean's surface

Breaking News - 18 July 2002

Ancient bird-like footprints found

But the prints are 55 million years older than the oldest known bird fossils - so what made them?

Breaking News - 26 June 2002

Fossils point to asteroid causing dinosaurs' demise

Analysis of ancient leaves boosts claims that a massive asteroid strike obliterated 70 per cent of life 65 million years ago

Breaking News - 11 June 2002

Giant dinosaurs arrived with a bang

A meteorite impact may explain the rapid rise of huge, carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as their demise

Breaking News - 16 May 2002

Dinosaur reveals fully formed feathers

The first unequivocal example is uncovered - the find supports the idea that feathers evolved before they were used for flight

Breaking News - 06 March 2002

Hunting the fossil frauds

A geology student devises a way to spot if different fragments of fossilised bone have been cobbled together to make a fake

This Week - 17 November 2001

Jurassic Park's flying circus

This Week - 13 October 2001

Filter-feeding dinosaur sieved its food

It did not walk like a duck, and it is unlikely to have quacked like one, but a Mongolian dinosaur is the first known to have eaten like a duck

Breaking News - 29 August 2001




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