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Our society is dependent on fossil fuel reserves which are limited in supply and of which wholesale burning is causing measurable negative effects on the earth's atmosphere.  According to experts, the release of carbon dioxide is adding to the heating of the earth and causing the erratic weather conditions that are being experienced globally.  


Governments are tackling this issue with the introduction of Carbon Taxing which seeks to promote greater respect for the environment.  However, the actuality of this situation is that taxes from high carbon producing countries are passed to low carbon producing countries offsetting only guilt, while Planet Earth Ltd remains exploited and continues to get hotter.


It is time to demonstrate through high profile, practical applications the full potential that renewable energies have to offer in the area of sustainable mobility. The environmental conservation of our Planet through the promotion and practical application of photovoltaic energy, is at the heart of this project. This represents a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness in the general public.  In perusing such objectives, we advocate a phased introduction of such technologies such as not to jeopardise world economies. We are not economy wreckers, nor would we support any move to de-stabilise world markets.


The ultimate objective of the project is to set respectable ocean crossing speeds so demonstrating to the world that marine transportation may be undertaken using renewable energy for propulsion, without using internal combustion engines to convert biomass or other bio oils or gases to energy via greenhouse gas producing machinery.


Many company chiefs are proactively changing corporate practices to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are one of these, we would like to share our project with you.


For our associates we aim to enhance the image of their companies by achieving a world first with style and competence. In addition to the actual event, we will also maintain, our positive internet presence.  









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Electric solar powered wave piercing trimaran world circumnavigation

Solarnavigator is a battery electric trimaran with an extremely efficient active hull 

that runs on solar power = energy from nature. This hull form has never been

attempted before, nor has the use of wind energy been used in such manner for crew comfort.





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Project Objectives

Galley | Paints | Screens | Diving

Project Estimates | Record Attempt | PR Events

Batteries | Alloys | Timber | Composites | Navigation | Hydraulics

Motors | Electronics | Solar Panels | Propeller | Transmission | Tooling | Life Support

Tank Testing (Model Construction)& Results



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 Kulo Luna, a John Storm adventure featuring the Solarnavigator, by Jameson Hunter  Cyber Wars, an adventure story (book) featuring John Storm and the Solar Navigator by Jameson Hunter


The design of the Solar Navigator boat has been licensed for use in

the John Storm series of books by Jameson Hunter - Filming, etc




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