A water taxi or river taxi is a boat used for public transportation in cities with abundant water channels. Many cities, including New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale, London, and Tokyo have scheduled water taxis which operate in a similar manner to ferries or buses. Others, like Venice, have for-hire boats similar to traditional taxis. (Venice also has a vaporetto, or waterbus, system that operates similarly to American "water taxis".) [1]


Water taxis also operate in cottage areas where some cottages are accessible only by water. Visitors can drive to a local marina and take a water taxi to the final destination.


On March 6, 2004, a "Seaport Taxi," a water taxi service operated by the Living Classrooms Foundation, capsized during a storm near Baltimore's Inner Harbor; 5 passengers died in the accident.









The Thames Clippers are a water-bus service operating in London on the River Thames. They offer commuter service between eastern and central London, as well as tourist services.





Thames Clippers operate under licence from Transport for London. Although the river boat service is not fully integrated into the tube and bus ticketing network, passengers holding a valid travelcard pay a substantially reduced fare (2/3 of the ticketed price) on all routes. Seasonal tickets are also available.



Commuter services


Main Commuter Service


Commuter service is between Savoy Pier (on the north side of the river by Embankment tube station and Charing Cross tube and railway stations) and the Royal Arsenal Woolwich Pier (on the south side of the river in Woolwich. The service runs approximately every 20 minutes during peak times, and every half hour off peak times.


Stops include from west to east:


  • Savoy Pier - at the Savoy Hotel

  • Blackfriars Bridge - for Blackfriars tube station

  • Bankside Pier - for Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre

  • London Bridge City Pier

  • St Katherine's Dock - for Tower of London

  • Canary Wharf

  • Greenland Dock

  • Masthouse Terrace

  • Greenwich Peak hours only

  • Royal Arsenal Peak hours only




New York water taxi service



Hilton / Canary Wharf Ferry


Thames Clippers operates a direct ferry service between Canary Wharf and the Hilton Hotel London Docklands directly across the Thames from Canary Wharf in Rotherhithe. The service uses smaller boats than the commuter service but runs at a higher frequency of roughly every 10 minutes. The ferry can be used both by guests of the hotel as well as by normal passengers not staying at the hotel.



Visitor/Tourist services


Tate Boat Service


The Tate Boat Service serves visitors travelling between the Tate Modern museum on the South Bank and the older Tate Britain in Millbank across the river, with a stop by the London Eye and the Saatchi Gallery.



London Eye to Tower Express


Visitor service directly between the London Eye and the Tower of London, aimed at tourists.



Wireless internet


Since May 2006, ThamesOnline is offering free wireless internet access to all commuters using the Thames clipper service.















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