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The Solar Navigation Challenge was a trading name of Max Energy Limited, a not for profit company with charitable objects. The Event was being run by Blueplanet Productions.  





A solar powered boat will be taking up the challenge to be the fastest solar-powered motor boat to ply a world course.  This will be achieved using a combination of innovative low-drag hull design coupled with high efficiency solar panels and motors complimented by an efficient low drag drive train.  Energy used for life support during the expedition is also captured from nature via wind generators.   





The World Solar Navigation Challenge is the event that we have created to showcase this technology in action.  It comprises a unique opportunity for a company to enhance it's global brand, provided they share key principles;

  • To use their experience and expertise to drive forth innovation with the intention to share this knowledge with the rest of mankind, and

  • Impact the greater good of the planet by challenging conventional thinking to help realise fresh opportunities. 

In order to be able to benefit from the significant media coverage both the boat and challenge will represent, our partners will need to command a suitable marketing budget for the financial year of April 2013 - 2014 and may appreciate the continued cost-effective advertising and prestigious association with the planned world tours.  With a suitable budget at your command we hope to demonstrate that this opportunity represents not only a chance to be involved in a historical world first circumnavigation record appealing to the adventurer within all of us, but also a cost effective marketing decision based on sound business reasoning. 





Global warming and renewable energy are hot topics (with a capital H!).  Environmental issues capture headlines, are the subject of numerous documentaries, form the focus of school curriculums throughout the world, influences consumer buying behavior and motivates business to higher ethics.  It forms a major agenda issue for the G8 summits.


In some cases businesses are pioneering the lead and legislation is trailing behind.  The subject is also given serious consideration by a growing number of world organisations, not least of which is the G8, now G20.  


Global warming is considered by many to be the current overriding threat facing humanity.


A team of sailors (including RN volunteers) will attempt to set new records with a cutting edge trimaran design, in the process making media stops at key locations, to suit sponsors and generate a media following, designed to maximise exposure for associates as per Dame Ellen Macarthur and Offshore Challenges - and please see our Appendices for details.


The advertising world is now waking to alternative energy as a rapidly expanding consumer market, where previously Maddison Avenue and other advertising hot spots are now recommending associations with clean renewable energy.


By way of example the Darwin to Adelaide solar car race now attracts multi-million dollar investment from sponsor’s Panasonic. One of the most famous solar powered cars was used by its makers, Honda, in media campaigns around the world to good effect. This same company is now advertising how clean its diesel engines are.


The global ownership of one word is a priceless asset in the digital age according to M&C Saatchi, the internationally famous advertising agency. We are offering an association with the Solar Navigator name, which is a registered trademark in England and Australia, with applications pending in the USA and Europe. Sponsors names will also be prominently embedded in our website to good advantage for years to come.




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Project Objectives

Galley | Paints | Screens | Diving

Project Estimates | Record Attempt | PR Events

Batteries | Alloys | Timber | Composites | Navigation | Hydraulics

Motors | Electronics | Solar Panels | Propeller | Transmission | Tooling | Life Support

Tank Testing (Model Construction)& Results



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