China (Shanghai) Int’l Electricity Conservation Tech &

Equipment Exhibition and Technology Forum 2005


         The Lack of Electricity in China Hastens Huge Opportunity Delivery


In the Electricity Conservation Industry, China market at least keeps the potentiality to generate RMB 80 billion, and the huge market potentiality and commercial value would be bound to make the industry be the field full of profit. In 2004, compared with 2003, China appears more serious situation in shortage of electricity, early or late, there are 24 provinces and cities to be compelled to switch off power or restrain electricity. Up to the end of 2003,the installed capacity of power achieved 385million kW, the gap of demand was 44.85million kW, and the newly added gap was 24.50 kW. It estimated that the gap of electricity would exceed 20 million kW around of China.   

According to the National Planning of developing electrical power within the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, in 2010, the installed capacity of power generation in China will reach 600millionKw, which means that during the period from 2005-2010, the increased installed power will achieve 33millionKw, the huge demand of promotes the investing enthusiasm in electric power to wave higher and higher. Following the large-scale construction of new electrical power plants round China, China appears the situation that the supply is short of demand in the equipment of generating power, and the facilities are far form meeting the market demands! 

At the same time, certain macroeconomic policies, such as to actively adjust the structure of electrical power resources, to deeply conduct the system reform of electric power, to newly construct and reconstruct (expand) a batch of items of electric grid, to improve the capability of saving electricity etc will bring considerable requirement to China market of Electricity-Saving, and which also provides best opportunities for foreign enterprises of electricity-saving products entering into China.        


Electric power is on the fringe of emergency, which widely open the big door of tremendous demand in Electricity-Saving Tech& Products!

Introduction of Exhibition

Exhibiting Time: Mar.23-25,2005

Exhibiting Avenue: Shanghai Exhibition Center

Exhibiting Area: 5000m2

Exhibitor: 200

Visitor: 25000

Sponsors: the World Bank Group/GEF China Energy Conservation Promotion Execution Organ


           China International Center For Economic And Technical Exchanges

Planning Unit: Shanghai Jingmao Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

Organizer: Shanghai ZM Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co.,Ltd.


Advantages and Features of the Exhibition


Powerful Advertising Propaganda, Particular and Careful Invitation of Audiences

Since the consecutive integration and development of Shanghai ZM Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd, they have been one of the most influential exhibition organizers, the power generative alliance is devoted to producing top grade exhibition and creating branded convention, as well as making the exhibitions at higher level and services at deeper level. Through accumulation of many years, it has established huge database for the buyers of the certain industries, and comprehensively provided services for the exhibitors and the professional visitors to make the Brand Effect of the exhibition deeply rooted in all visitors and spread to the world.

      Before exhibition, through various activities and measures such as the telephones, Faxes, E-mails, web-sites, invitation cards, and visits, we invite the high quality buyers from the state departments such as Electric Power Department, Petroleum Department and Government Organizers etc, and manufactures such as textile, machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather, air conditioner etc, and activity places such as hospital, school, waiting room, department store, athletic ground, big recreation center, restaurant, hotel etc, as well as greenhouse. 


Provide You with Value-Exceed Additional Services through Carefully Planned Exhibition Promotion Activities, Extensive Media Propaganda
1.The organizer and supporting units have the sources of professional visitors

    2.We will make <The Preview of the Exhibition> elaborately, focusing on the introduction of exhibitors and their products, and hand the magazine out to key buyers.

    3.The exhibition will be publicized and reported by more than one hundred media like specialized newspaper, magazines, websites, broadcasting stations, TV stations at home and abroad.

    4.We will send invitations to manufactures and visitors listed in the large database that owned by the organizer particularly through mail, fax, e-mail and so on.

  5. is the only official website appointed by the sponsors of China (Shanghai) International Electricity Conversation Tech& Equipment Exhibition and Technology Forum 2005. It strengthens the communication between the organizer and exhibitors or visitors, providing full range and specialized exhibiting directions and service for exhibitors and visitors by issuing the latest trends of the exhibition, exhibiting directions and the information of exhibitors through Internet and modern telecommunication technology.


 Electricity conservation technology and products:

        High effective technology in frequency conversion and speed change; frequency conversion tool; non-power compensatory tool; high effective intelligent electricity conservation tool; electrical machinery electricity conservation tool; lathe electricity conservation tool; applicable system of dynamic current conservation instrument; central air conditional electricity conservation system;

     Energy conserving machinery and power-generating equipment; refrigerating equipment; ventilating equipment; technology of stored cooling from ice; collective technology of surplus heat and pressure

Electricity conservation technology and products in illumination:

     Energy conservation electric light source, intelligent illumination energy conservation system; energy conservation tool of illumination; electricity conservation tool of fluorescent lamp; electricity conservation tool of street light

Energy conservation technology and products of home appliances:

     Energy-saving freezer, air conditional, hot water heater and home appliances& electrics 

Exhibiting Fee

1  Standard Booth 9 m23mx3m

Domestic enterprise in A district: RMB 880/ m2

Domestic enterprise in B district: RMB 780/ m2

Domestic enterprise in C district: RMB 680/ m2

Domestic enterprise with foreign investment: RMB 980/ m2

Foreign enterprise: USD 230/ / m2

(The cost covers: 9 m2 exhibition area2.5m high wall panel, one sign panel in Chinese and English, a table, two chairs, one electric outlet of 220V, two spotlights and carpeting.)

2.  Indoor Raw Space

Domestic enterprise:RMB 800/ m2min.18m2
Overseas enterprise: USD 210/ m2 (min. 18 m2)
(The cost covers: exhibition site, security and cleaning service.)

Free Service

cleaning the exhibition site regularly and guarding the exhibition site for 24 hours a day.
providing the admission tickets and invitation cards to the exhibitors for inviting their customers.

Publish the company introduction in Chinese and English in less than 100 words on the exhibition journal( Please do provide e-file draft in form of Word, or send by e-mail, draft by hand will not be accepted.)


Note: Ticket to be printed min 30 thousand (70mmx210mm)

Related Activities

1.In order to improve the authority of the exhibition and attract more specialized personnel, the organizer will invite authorized people of the line to hold top-level seminars regarding the trend, demand and new technology of China Electricity Conservation industry during the exhibition.

2.During the exhibition the sponsors will invite well-known companies at home and abroad to hold technical seminars, to carry out international exchange on science and trade, and to make advertisement and introduction of products. All exhibitors can supply for holding such seminars. Please decide the theme of the seminar yourself. Each seminar is limited to 2 hours and the fee is RMB3800—6800(including site, acoustics equipment and drinking water).

3.Exhibit held at the same time:

The 5th China International Electric Power Equipment& Technology Exhibition 

  Detailed Rules and Regulations

1. Fill in the application form for participating in the exhibition and send it by post or fax to the organizers;
2. Please remit or T/T the exhibition cost (50% down payment or full payment) to the organizer within 5 days        after making the application. The balance should be paid off before Feb 21, 2005. We will send the invoice after we receive all the exhibition cost.
3. The exhibitors submitting application form after Feb 21, 2005 should pay the exhibition cost in full amount at one time.
4. Principle for allocating exhibition site: "First applying, first making payment and first making arrangement"; for double entrance booth, plus 20% charge;
5. The exhibitors should fax the bank bill of payment to the organizer after remitting the full amount of the cost

6. The exhibitors can have the ordered exhibition site reserved only after they have paid the 50% down payment within the stipulated period;

7. The organizer will send application annual to exhibitors not later than January 21, 2005 after receiving the application form and payments.

How to participate


The exhibitor shall fill in the application form and contract with company's stamp and then mail or fax it to:

Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd

Add: Room A, Floor1, No1, Lane99, Hong Cao South Road, Shanghai  

Zip code: 200233
Tel.:+86-21-5109 7799   5450 0848 

Fax: +86-21-6485 4895



Contact Person: Mr. Hu Yu         13370012752


Tel:010-6360 0181   6360 0457

Contact Person: Mr. Chen Shuzhong   Mr. Lan











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