This is a page of links containing information about the Global Positioning System (GPS) and handheld GPS units.





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 There are links to other GPS information sites, online Internet Mapping Programs, GIS (Geographic Information Services), Grid Overlays, DGPS, GPS resellers, GPS manufacturers, Radio modems for GPS use, and the Year 2000 (Non) Problem.


Here are some quick links to other areas in


Global Positioning Systems FAQs


Global Mapping Systems is proud to sponsor the development of Internet-based Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) resources concerning the Global Positioning System. We are currently hosting the general GPS FAQ originally written by Peter Bennett and the GPS Web Resource FAQ written by Skeeter Abell-Smith. Both are now being maintained and updated by Karen Nakamura

We regret that we are unable to answer questions on a general basis about the Global Positioning System due to our limited staff resources although we can provide referrals to commercial consulting services. We suggest posting questions about the GPS to the newsgroup sci.geo.satellite-nav (after reading the FAQs of course :).



General GPS information




Japanese Pages

French Pages


Satellite Tracking

The View from Space


Distance/Bearing/Great Circle Calculators


Government GPS Sites


Internet Mapping Programs

Maps on CD-ROM & Map Vendors


Airport and other Waypoint Files



GIS Mapping Programs

Image Editing Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop -- crossplatform image editing

  • GraphicConverter -- shareware image editing for the Macintosh OS and Rhapsody

  • JADE -- Macintosh freeware image viewing program

  • MAPublisher (Mac/Win) -- "suite of plugin filters that bridges Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to high-end graphics / high resolution printing and electronic publishing technology making cartographic quality map production faster, easier and better"

Other GIS Links


Grid and Map Overlays

  • Silva Navimap -- electronic map reading / overlay device

  • U.K.: Yeoman PLC's Navigator Pro is a plotting table with GPS inputs that works with Admiralty charts. Quite impressive.

  • Waypoint Enterprises sells The Waypointer and The UTM Waypointer grid overlays for lat/long and UTM respectively ($7.95 and $6.95) as well as a Coordinate Grid Video by Avie Reece for $19.95. Contact them at 520-367-2600 voice or 520-367-0264 fax.

    • I received sample copies of the grid rulers and they seem to be well designed and constructed. They are made out of a transparent acrylic. The lat/long grid has rules for measuring 1:24K; 1:62.5K; 1:100K; 1:126.72K; and 1:250K. The UTM grid has a built-in protractor for measuring degree angles an measuring ruler for 1:24000 grids. - K.

  • Eric Werme's UTM Grid Overlay -- in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF format (the original is at Peter Bennet's site, above)


Differential GPS (DGPS)


GPS Resellers


Please send us any additions or comments on any vendors (positive or negative) to

  • Canada: Butler Survey Suppliers -- Ashtech surveying equipment

  • U.K.: HIRETEC UK -- rental of survey grade GPS equipment - Trimble, Ashtech, DSNP (Sercel), Racal / Omnistar systems.

  • U.K.: Lowe UK -- resellers of a great external, active GPS antenna

  • U.K.: Ormston Technology Ltd. -- UK distributors for Dassault Sercel Navigation Products high-end DGPS receivers

  • U.K.: Positioning Resources GPS consultancy, rental, service and sales. Offering a digital workflow solution in the field. OmniSTAR/Garmin/Laser Technology/Magellan/Husky/PocketGIS

  • U.S.A.: Adventure GPS -- outdoor bias

  • U.S.A.: Air Source 1 -- obviously has a aviational bias

  • U.S.A.: CampMor -- a camping bias

  • U.S.A.: CommSys Intermountain -- Magellan and other GPS receivers

  • U.S.A.: CycoActive -- GPS supply w/ emphasis on motorcycles

  • U.S.A.: DataBoat -- general boating supply

  • U.S.A.: Defender -- discount GPS supply

  • U.S.A.: FPS -- specializes in Garmin GPS units (great online catalogue/data for Garmin)

  • U.S.A.: gps4fun -- a good online GPS retailer, recommended.

  • U.S.A.: GPS City -- specializes in Garmin units (beautiful and informative web site!)

  • U.S.A.: The GPS Store -- sales and technical advice on most major brands

  • U.S.A.: Mathew Vangel & Associates -- specialize in Garmin GPS units

  • U.S.A.: Mercat, Inc. -- Trimble, Omnistar and other high-end stations

  • U.S.A.: NavTech GPS -- one of the largest resellers of GPS units, books, seminars, etc.

    • NavTech stocks all of the major brands at reasonable prices and have a wide range of accessories and books on GPS and navigation technology. One important factor is that the staff at NavTech really know their stuff -- they even offer seminars on GPS -- which makes a big difference in the level of purchasing advice and technical support they can offer. The downside is that their prices are only moderately competitive. Tell them that we referred you to them and ask for price matching. - K.

  • U.S.A.: Nobeltec -- reseller of nautical navigational software (no GPS units)

  • U.S.A.: NVLT -- reseller of broad range of Garmin and Magellan GPS units.

  • U.S.A.: REI -- outdoor products cooperative, sells Garmin and Eagle GPS units; camping/hiking/biking goods and much more w/ 10% rebate at the end of the year

  • U.S.A.: Synergy GPS -- resellers of Motorola/ONCORE GPS units

  • U.S.A.: WestMarine -- chain of boating stores (some good prices on GPS units, including $20 off a $200 purchase for new customers)


  • Boat Owners World -- site with many boating related stuff, cluttered and hard to navigate


GPS Unit Manufacturers


GPS Antenna Manufacturers

Many GPS manufacturers also produce GPS antennas. This section lists antenna-only sites. I have personally evaluated both units and give them two thumbs up for their listed use:

  • Lowe UK -- resellers of a great, tiny, external, active GPS antenna. This unit is highly recommended for use with any of the small handheld GPS units, especially the single-channels. It's a must-have for vehicle use if you have limited sky-visibility. Its footprint is approximately 1.25" square and has an embedded magnet. Please note that the Lowe antenna is a 5V powered antenna and is not compatible with the 3V output of the eMap. Check with your GPS vendor and with Lowe to make sure your antenna is voltage compatible.

  • MaxRAD produces a great active GPS antenna for mobile applications called the GPSA. It's quite a bit larger than the Lowe but can be bolted to a mounting post or rooftop (no ground plane is needed). Performance appears to be similar to the Lowe. If I had a boat or an RV and needed a permanent antenna mount, I would definitely consider the MaxRad GPSA. For pedestrian or automobile use, the Lowe is smaller and lighter. The MaxRAD GPS lists for $135 and you can find a dealer by calling MaxRad at 800-323-9122.


Cool GPS Hacks

  • Stelios Cellar -- Digital Camera GPS Interface; Serial GPS LCD Project



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