We may not agree with her politics, but she was a great leader, who unfortunately forgot that she had a duty to the natural world and to prevent financial slavery



Margaret Thatcher, Poll Tax riots, sell off of social housing, Conservative prime minister



Margaret Thatcher simply went too far in seeking to enslave the electorate. She also failed to provide a means for young families to start off in life, selling them into a life of financial slavery. In doing so, she forgot that her duty as a Prime Minister is to the electorate, not to the elite landlords and drug dealers, looking for a place to launder their money. As a result, in 2022, the UK is held to be the most corrupt country in the world with virtually no low cost housing.


Baroness Thatcher, as the honours system operated by the present constitutional monarchy made her, created a system where there were no affordable homes. She stifled the innovative electorate who wished to lead an alternative lifestyle, in favour of a planning regime more from the Adolf Hitler stable of social ideas. Thus, the planet was allowed to warm, with rampant climate change, as conservative policies based on exploitation of the sweat of honest workers, to the benefit of her cronies and a kleptocratic military regime unbefitting a small island nation, with an unbalanced economy based on growth and borrowing, that got the UK deeper into debt.


In short, she did not have a clue as to sustainability ideals, or fairness - that eventually led to riots in London and all over England - and thankfully, her demise. Other PMs that followed: John Major, Tony Blair (war criminal), Gordon Brown, David Cameron (cause of Brexit), did nothing much to restore economic balance, with Theresa May aiming for a cleaner greener Britain and amendments to the Climate Change Act 1998, while Boris Johnson almost concluded Brexit, but fell foul of his own rules as to social distancing, corruption and discrimination. A real shame, where he was pushing for renewables and zero emission transport, but with confused signals as to sustainable housing and nuclear energy, that is more expensive than renewables, with no cure for radioactive waste management. The real cost to society and the planet.






Margaret Thatcher's funeral


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