The Conservative Prime Minister is just as useless as Labour's equivalent in curbing borrowing or modernising the dysfunctional constitutional monarchy






Boris Johnson got himself caught in a trap, where his staff were having parties at Number 10 Downing Street, and he was photographed breaking strict covid rules.





Boris Johnson has known about Britain laundering drug money, but so far has nothing about it, making the United Kingdom the world's most corrupt country in 2022 - bereft of affordable housing, but crammed full of executive homes for overseas investors to rape our benefits system. In 2021 17 Conservative MPs called for Bojo to enact laws to prevent the United Kingdom from falling ever deeper into the mire. A requirement under United Nations sustainability development goals SDGs, 16 and 17. Johnson, was suffering from PartyGate allegations in January 2022, and other sleaze, not least of which is being seen as the Clown of Europe. Not a bad thing in itself, except for lacking any real plan of action to recover from Covid and deal with the energy crisis - with cheaper renewable electricity, stemming from conflicting coal and oil policies, that have allowed climate deniers to warm our planet for many years past the point of knowing, and now potentially past the point of no return. These are the climate criminals that are wrecking the future for generations to come.


When David Cameron was Prime Minister, he mentioned about the possibility of having a Written Constitution, not being well received by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as the head of state of a dysfunctional Constitutional Monarchy, that has failed to address such issues. This now falls to the next prime minister, who will have trouble dealing with the mess that has been left behind.


In 2022 the Royal Family were in one heck of a pickle with Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor falling foul of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, having entertained the convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and convicted trafficker (subject to re-trial and/or appeal in 2022), Ghislaine Maxwell, at Buckingham Palace and Balmoral. All very iffy on the trafficking and prostitution front, where social functions were used to locate and groom under age girls. Parliament, can no longer fail to address the dysfunctional royals. This must be a subject for discussion in open session in the House of Commons.


IMF Warns UK: in the latest Report May 2012 -  Concluding Statement of the IV Consultation has a pessimistic tone. But, the agency believe that the country can help its own cause through stimulus and monetary policy. These are against the current trend of government austerity and a lack of intervention of any significance from the Bank of England.


David Cameron is best known as the clever political chess player who (effectively) caused Brexit, so allowing Boris Johnson to get elected, Theresa May having fumbled the British Exit (Brexit) from the European Union.






David Cameron's Conservatives are leading the UK into the abyss



UK and US economies are among the worst in the world. It's no laughing matter. Sustainable policies are all wrong leading to 1.33 trillion in debts as of 2014.








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