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The below is an A to Z listing of Film investment / development companies from around the world. If you are not included, please email us to rectify.


If you are reading this, you are likely an experienced investor seeking a solution to counter abominable stagnation that continues to plague investors since 2008, with negligible improvement into 2013. 


Films can generate spectacular returns on investment, over a short to mid term period. Look at the ROI chart at the bottom of this page for the facts. The upside potential of film is much greater than most traditional investments such as property and stock market shares.


Fortunately, films as a product, exhibit no correlation to the financial markets, which can help balance your investment portfolio - here in the UK or in the USA:


"The King’s Speech makes UK film investing fashionable. When Colin Firth was crowned King of the Baftas – and later the Oscars – the UK film industry experienced a resurgence. The recent spate of British film success signals there is serious money to be made – The King’s Speech grossed $414m worldwide"

The Telegraph 3rd January 2012








Co-produced with Green Screen Productions, HENRY 5 is a 100% British owned and controlled film. This investment opportunity from Alternative Solutions allows you to get involved in an outstanding film production which is estimated to gross $170m on the global box office. Projected Investment returns are up to 60%. Recoupment of capital within 12 months of theatrical release and ongoing royalties for 25 years

HENRY 5 is a story of political intrigue and personal ambition that not only reminds us of the Bush Blair years and the invasion of Iraq but also that Shakespeare's perspective, expressed four hundred years ago, is as relevant today as it was then, and will be in the future.



Alternative Solutions
Estate House
26-28 Sandgate High St
Kent, CT20 3AP
Company No: 07719816
Tel: 01303 626 300







Blueplanet Universal Productions welcome investors of $1m+ for the first of their action series featuring an artificially intelligent boat and an amateur anthropologist / treasure hunter who gets himself into all kinds of international scrapes. BUP has developed a business strategy aimed at the profitable production of an independent franchise of feature films for distribution internationally. Contact them for the distribution rights in your area and to discuss product placements.




Blueplanet Universal Productions

Solar House, BN27 1RF

United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 1323 831727







Why Invest in a Film? (online application only)


* Expected ROI of 183% (Based on previous Industry figures)

* 30% tax relief on all qualifying investments 

* Historically films have generated spectacular returns on investment, over a short to mid term period.
* Absolutely no correlation to the financial markets, making them a prized asset
* Royalties - unprecedented growth of online distribution and media companies generating huge demand 

   for ongoing quality content.
* AAA* Insured
* Low Risk
* Investment Terms from 3 - 25 years







This website provides serious information on how to get your film funded.







Formosa Films is a feature film development and production company based in London that makes edgy, contemporary movies for an international audience. They protect backer’s investments by keeping budgets low and building sustainable, creative relationships with some of the UK’s finest talent.

Their innovative funding strategy combines a variety of tax driven schemes. Pioneering the now industry-standard EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme). Where most UK projects pre-sell rights internationally to fund a percentage of the budget, Formosa Films combines private equity, together with regional/state subsidised funding and where applicable, UK film tax credit or similar tax credit systems in other countries.




Tel: +44 (0) 208 709 8700
Fax: +44 (0) 208 709 8701







Hollywood Film Investors, LLC welcome accredited investors and institutional investors to their network. If you are interested in learning about the tax advantages of investing in film, contact Jed when he can forward information to your accountant. Prior to investing in a film, HFI evaluates a film on well over 200 film and investment criteria.


Contacts: or call 1-866-97-FILMS.






Minimum investment: £500,000

Aurora Film Partners claim an exceptional opportunity for committed high net worth individuals prepared to devote time and money to establish an international film business, in partnership with Ingenious Media.
Ingenious has developed a business plan aimed at the profitable production of independent feature films for the international marketplace. Combining long-established, extensive industry contacts, sophisticated greenlighting metrics and aggressive commercial terms, Aurora builds on the success of previous film businesses operated by Ingenious. These include Ingenious Film Partners 2, which backed Avatar, the highest-grossing film of all time.


Contacts:  020 7319 4117

Ingenious Investments

15 Golden Square
London W1F 9JG
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7319 4000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7319 4001





Seattle Film Group LLC has the majority of the management and development team in position ready to begin operations pending funding of the development company. Other team members and staff as outlined in the business plan will be brought aboard once full operations commence.

You are invited to request copy of their business plan for which you should contact George J. Ladas by phone or email to request a password for client login to download a PDF file of the BP.




George J. Ladas - President
1424 6th Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

E-Mail :

Office : 206-282-1057
Cell : 206-369-0749







Templeheart carefully select movie projects that they assess as able to produce great returns. They are an independent company, not tied to any specific film producers. Thus have the freedom to move within the film industry and cherry pick projects.

They choose films with widespread appeal for international audiences, then apply their simple formula for managing risk through to distribution:

* Using in-house expertise, they carefully select and invest in new film projects.
* Templeheart provide members with details of new projects.
* Members can choose to invest in the films they wish.

* Templeheart apply an in depth analysis of the budget, cast, storyline, technical crew, previous genre    

    success and alligned with the latest cinematic trends. 

* Mitigate risk through pre-selling the movie.

Templeheart suggest building a portfolio of movies across producers, and offer a variety of products from guaranteed profit on short term bridging loans, through to assisting in multimillion dollar financing deals.



Templeheart Films Ltd
8a Evelyn Court
Deptford Business Park
Grinstead Road
London SE8 5AD
United Kingdom
UK Tel. 0845 528 0578
Int’l. +44 207 018 7505














Films under development A - Z



Our objective is to raise awareness of films and film production as alternative investments.


The film industry has seen consistent improvement and growth through austere times. The ROI chart below is an example of % returns on some popular movies. The facts speak for themselves. The potential of film is much greater than most traditional investments such as property and stock market shares.


Using the latest advances in digital movie technology and modern techniques, independent film makers can now create movies with the look and feel of multimillion pound productions - so enhancing investment opportunities.

Most Profitable Movies - Return On Investment (ROI) example chart


Released Movie Budget Worldwide Gross Percentage Return
. . . .
2009 Paranormal Activity $15,000 $196,681,656 655,505%
1980 Mad Max $200,000 $99,750,000 24,837%
2004 Super Size Me $65,000 $29,529,368 22,614%
1999 The Blair Witch Project $600,000 $248,300,000 20,591%
1993 El Mariachi $7,000 $2,041,928 14,485%
1968 Night of the Living Dead $114,000 $30,000,000 13,058%
1976 Rocky $1,000,000 $225,000,000 11,150%
1978 Halloween $325,000 $70,000,000 10,669%
1973 American Graffiti $777,000 $140,000,000 8,909%
1994 Clerks $27,000 $3,894,240 7,111%
2007 Once $150,000 $18,997,174 6,232%
1969 The Stewardesses $200,000 $25,000,000 6,150%
2004 Napoleon Dynamite $400,000 $46,140,956 5,667%
2004 Open Water $500,000 $52,116,982 5,411%
1980 Friday the 13th $550,000 $59,754,601 5,332%
1939 Gone with the Wind $3,900,000 $390,525,192 4,906%
1915 The Birth of a Nation $110,000 $11,000,000 4,900%
1925 The Big Parade $245,000 $22,000,000 4,389%
2004 Saw $1,200,000 $103,096,345 4,195%
2004 Primer $7,000 $565,846 3,941%



Note: Percentage return figures are estimations based on the assumption that 50% of the box office receipts were returned to studios, by cinemas. These figures are based on cinema ticket sales. They do not include earnings from other revenue streams such as games or dvds.



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