Planet earth is uniue in all the universe for its abundance and variety of animals, every one of which should be protected







The Magna Carta was first signed by King John in 1215, forced to do so by the Barons of England who were fed up with royalty being above the law.


They fought the Crown to a standstill, with threats to wipe out the King if he did not agree to bind royalty to bow to the law, and to grant every nobleman and person with land the right to a fair trial, such as not to have his lands confiscated without due process.


Even today in the United Kingdom there is no Bill Of Rights and no Effective Remedy. The reason for this is that the King or Queen of the day will not agree to dilute their power to a state of full accountability, where every man woman and child has rights cast in stone and a level playing field in terms of equality at arms in a Court of Law.


Instead, there is a system of Honours and promotions, whereby the Courts that are supposed to be independent are actually influenced by the reigning king or queen.


England, which includes Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as the 'United Kingdom' is supposed to be a democracy. But, the local police authorities are immune from prosecution as are planning civil servants where the police will not investigate any crime committed by a brother officer. Hence we have a situation where armed officers raided Jimmy Ashley's flat in Hastings, a raid based on fabricated evidence, and was shot dead while naked and unarmed. The murderer, Chris Sherwood, was not convicted, neither were any of the police officers who helped to fabricate the reports that led to the armed raid. Naturally, this involved the local council. 



King John signs the Great Charter, Magna Carta at Runnymede



The country can never truly be said to be a democracy and a decent place to live while it remains a Police State.


We are advocated of Human Rights, as per the Universal Declaration, rather than the European Convention, where the courts in Europe are not accountable, and where full transparency in all decision making is essential for effective justice.


Justice must not only be done, but it must be seen to be done.


The slightest whiff of bias, invalidates any decision of the English courts.


Organizations like the Criminal Cases Review Commission are not fit for purpose. We must strive to install as system that is 100% fair and accountable to the electorate.


In the United Kingdom we have the Human Rights Act 1998, but without Articles 1, 13 and 17 all working to ensure the effectiveness of Article 6 (Clause 29 in the Magna Carta) the UK's HRA might as well have been written on toilet paper.










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