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The need to advertise in diverse ways in the modern digital age has been recognized by many advertising agencies.  The tremendous growth of Internet users plus the huge volume of search activity occurring around the world continues to present an abundance of marketing opportunities to companies on both a local and global scale. Global Internet advertising spending will grow by more than 10% a year according to ZenithOptimedia which is hardly surprising as the Economist Intelligence Unit confirms there is more potential for internet based business than ever before.  Ecommerce has been rising steadily, and service sites such as Google receive 37 million internet searches per month (recorded in a comScore survey in August 2007), AOL makes an estimated 20% of it's revenue on internet advertising and websites such as Myspace and Youtube (who scored second highest for searches) have acquired value several thousand times the cost of production in conventional terms. 

The global prominence of websites like these is utilised by businesses who are quick to recognise that internet advertising represents a fraction of the equivalent cost it would be to promote their products in these 174 separate countries worldwide.  This medium has created phenomenal interest and a take-up that nobody could have predicted.  This is underscored by the recent valuation of the three year old social networking site, Facebook at $15 million in October 2007 which provides an advertising platform for which Microsoft paid $240 million for a 1.6% share.





There are currently around 1,244,447,000 internet users. That's 1/6th of the population worldwide and this figure is growing.  According to a recent survey by the average age of internet users is 32 with 64% holding at least college degrees with an average annual income of 60,000 dollars...representing a financially healthy potential target audience. 


Where one of the key marketing principles is anticipating customer's future needs and wants...the Solar Navigator project embodies this by showing the customer a taste of the future, and demonstrating it can be a cleaner, better one from the present they are living in.


The WSNC has been developed in conjunction with and is significantly bolstered by our high ranking website which takes advantage of it's multi-country, and varied topics which rank particularly highly on most related subjects to the project from 'Solar boats' to 'World Record breaking catamerans' and are consistently proven to be utilized in particular by schools and universities with elements of the National Curriculum which covers solar and wind energy, in most English speaking countries.  In addition to this we have modules on sporting achievement and technological innovation.  These subjects appeal to the young internet-using demographic  with disposable incomes that represents the large majority of consumer product purchasers.


According to a global report in 2005 by Energy BBDO, teens aged 13-18 are "very concerned" about the world and their own future. These concerns have made them self activists, creative, and highly adaptable to emerging technologies. The report identifies seven shifts in attitudes and behaviors within this group and this project represents an opportunity for marketers to approach this group and stay relevant.




Solar Navigator World Challenge appeals to those seeking to generate worldwide media attention for their products or services and seeking association with;

  • an adventurous spirit 

  • a high tech image

  • a global focus 

  • a business driven by innovation and not afraid of a challenge

  • a desire to go faster and further than the competition, and

  • a willingness to cross boundaries and increase expectations

By way of an example, if you are in the consumer/electronics market and wish to encourage in the younger demographic who utilise multi-connectivity and are resistant to traditional forms of advertising that you can provide them with up to the minute, cutting edge technology to enable them to enhance their communication, empower them and inspire optimism with something that will endure then the Solar Navigator project is for you. 


Presently the World Solar Navigation Challenge is ahead of the rival projects listed in the competition section, being the original world navigation project against which others will be measured, and upholding the UK's reputation for setting World Records and continuing it's proud maritime heritage. We would like you to share this experience with us and we cannot do this alone.




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