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With so much media interest in the environment brought about by Global Warming, alternative energy technologies are in the news daily. World Leaders meet at regular intervals to discuss targets for reductions in greenhouse gases. What better time than to encourage development and enthuse technology students and emerging support companies with such a bold adventure.


Solar Navigator is carbon neutral when at sea and may contribute to local energy supplies when in port - a veritable portable power house. She may also be used as a clean emergency transportable generating station, such as in times of natural upset. 


Solar powered boats may be used for other routine tasks, such as survey vessels, for exploration and as cargo vessels. To date nobody has circled the world to prove that it can be done at workable speeds. Until somebody paves the way with a practical demonstration, the skeptics will continue being skeptical (There are none so blind as those who cannot see). After we achieve a new world record, that particular negative will be closed off. Apathy may no longer remain entrenched in argumentative debate.


Imagine where we'd be now if Wilbur and Orville Wright had not flown their Flyer plane at Kitty Hawk in December 1903, if Charles Rolls (Rolls Royce) had not flow across the English Channel (there and back) in 1910, and Charles Lindbergh had not crossed the Atlantic in Spirit of St Louis in May of 1927. Time and again today's history becomes tomorrow's normality.  These incredibly daring feats made history and created the possibility of cheap and reliable air travel. This is today's normality which we take for granted, but should we?


The time is now. The project is feasible and a worthwhile contribution to human achievement. This is a time limited opportunity to not only get involved with an extraordinary expedition as a reputation builder, but in the process get your company's name seen around the world - cost effectively and in unique style.


This kind of offer does not come along very often - perhaps once in a lifetime. So please help us make a lifetime ambition come true for a visionary that dared to dream it could be done, where perhaps others with a vision for a cleaner, safer environment, also wish it were true.




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Project Objectives

Galley | Paints | Screens | Diving

Project Estimates | Record Attempt | PR Events

Batteries | Alloys | Timber | Composites | Navigation | Hydraulics

Motors | Electronics | Solar Panels | Propeller | Transmission | Tooling | Life Support

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