Getting an investment opportunity in front of a serious venture capital firm is quite difficult. They simply haven't the time to sort through (by reading) hundreds of unfiltered unsolicited business plans, so they accept plans only from sources they know will send them opportunities that meet their investment criteria.  Furthermore, greater than 99% of all other investors aren't listed on the Internet or in any directory of any type and cannot be found by searching the web. 504 Bank brings these difficult-to-access investors together in a centralized investment network by aggressively advertising our services and making our investment library the largest and most useful of its kind. Investors want and need a reliable way to find and identify the best investment opportunities in an organized way.


Through traditional means an average company seeking financing is able to get 3 or 4 serious investors a month to actually read their business plan. 504 Bank permits these same businesses to present their business plan to hundreds, or even thousands, of investors who have a greater overall likelihood of investing since they are proactive, rather than passive. This approach is a more serious and calculated way of raising funds.


Paying a big upfront fee to list your business opportunity in a Venture Capital network, or a matchmaking service, yields disappointing results. Once a matchmaking service has your upfront investment it becomes a financial loss to them to further market their services and your plan to investors. Their marketing expenditure goes into increasing the number of investment opportunities they have, because that represents profit, while building and maintaining their investment network, and providing you with success, represents a loss.



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The venture capital industry has come of age and the Venture Capital Institute is at the fulcrum of this evolution.  When the very first Venture Capital Institute was under development in 1974, the program was expected to have a two-year life cycle at most. Twenty-six years later, the Institute has provided the educational foundation that over 3,300 venture capital professionals have used to become successful in their venture investing endeavors.

Now, with over two decades of experience providing educational programming that meets the highest professional standards, the Venture Capital Institute now offers three distinct programs designed to advance the careers of venture capital and private equity fund managers, and the entrepreneurs they back.


The Institute's Faculty

The strength of the Institute's programming comes from the remarkable dedication of its faculty members. These individuals are distinguished professionals and accomplished venture managers who have invested over several venture cycles. They are all masters of the profession and are committed to sharing their observations and expertise. Each faculty members take a balanced, interactive approach to teaching using detailed lectures and outlines, question and answer sessions, and illustrative case studies.

The Institute is Fertile Ground for Building a Professional Network

While the Institute's rigorous schedule and intensive educational content are legendary, all of the social functions and teamwork promote invaluable networking among industry peers and faculty. The Institute draws venture capitalists and entrepreneurs from around the world thus providing unparalleled opportunities for participants to build global venture alliances.









Commercial Lending
Do you need a loan for your business? We can deliver.

Business Plans Haven't written your business plan? We write the best.

Investment Representation Do you require assistance securing VC financing? We can represent you.

Stock Swap Fund Need collateral? Buy stock from a hedge fund with your own stock.

Companies listed with 504 Bank have a good success rate and build business contacts rapidly. 504 offers access to more than 7,000 registered investors, servicing more than 1,500 per day, and signing up more than 100 new investors daily.


504 Bank maintains a sizable and growing investment community.  It locates investors by tapping into existing venture capital networks, pushing their content out to investment web portals, trade magazines, affinity groups, affiliates, and by sharing results based revenues, thereby finding the 99% of investors that are otherwise inaccessible. 


Their system allows companies seeking financing an inexpensive alternative to an IPO where they can be listed in a central marketplace thereby reducing the cost of raising funds while speeding up investment time frames.  A company seeking financing determines how many investors it would like to show its' business plan to and 504 Bank attempts to meet their ceiling. For verification, the company seeking financing receives the email address of each investor that downloads their business plan.



This material and any views expressed herein are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed in any way as an endorsement or inducement to invest in any specific program. Before investing in any program, you must obtain, read and examine thoroughly its disclosure document or offering memorandum.




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