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Applications are split into two streams. Stream 1 is for small scale PV installations between 0.5kWp and 5kWp.

Stream 1: Small-scale applications (0.5kWp - 5kWp)

  • Owners of domestic dwellings

  • SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises), i.e. organisations with less than 250 employees and less than 25 million annual turnover

  • Public bodies for use on public buildings (e.g. schools, health centres, etc)

  • Voluntary / charitable organisations / community groups

Stream 2: Large and Medium-scale applications (5kWp - 100kWp)

  • Any organisation seeking support for installations from 5kWp to 100kWp, for example:

    • Housing developers

    • Housing associations

    • Businesses

    • Public bodies for use on public buildings (e.g. schools, health centres, etc)

    • Energy service companies

    • Voluntary / charitable organisations / community groups



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Small scale applications


We only need a number of straightforward pieces of information to set the ball rolling. You can download an application form here or call our enquiry line on 0800 298 3978.


The application form is straightforward to complete. You will be required to nominate an accredited PV installer to be eligible for a grant, who will also be able to help you complete the application.


There are some straightforward eligibility questions regarding your contact details and status. You will also need to submit an installer cost estimate with the application. The application can then be assessed and approved before a grant offer is made to you.


You can then proceed with the installation and receive your grant once it is complete and you have returned all relevant documentation including installer invoice, commissioning certificates and connection paperwork (for grid connected systems).

  • Applications can be submitted at any time up until December 2004.

  • Applications are assessed and approved on a rolling basis until the grant budget has been used up.

  • Your application will be assessed to make sure all information supplied meets the grant requirements. If there's a problem it will be returned to you with an explanation why and an invitation to supply the additional information required.

  • If your application meets all the criteria, we will write to you with a confirmation of the grant amount that has been set aside and a reference number.

  • You will then have six months to get your PV system installed.

  • When the work has been done you need to return a copy of your Grant Offer Letter; a copy of the Accredited Installer's final invoice; warranty reference number and copies of commissioning and connection agreements.

  • Your grant will then be paid. Stream 1 grants are capped. Different grant caps apply to bolt-on PV systems and integrated PV systems

    • Bolt-on cap = the lesser of 3000/kWp or 50% of total eligible costs

    • Integrated cap = the lesser of 4250/kWp or 50% of total eligible costs

  • 20% of installations will receive a monitoring site visit.

You can also apply for an off grid installation. Grants will be available to cover all eligible costs currently covered in the grid connected grant, i.e. modules, inverters, installation, reasonable other costs including scaffolding, roofing and structural work.




Application forms


Application forms for Stream 1 Small Scale (0.5kWp - 5kWp) and for Stream 2 Medium and Large Scale (5kWp - 100kWp) PV Grants can be downloaded here. If you prefer you can call 0800 298 3978 for a printed copy.


Stream 1 - Small Scale Applications

Grid Connected

Stand Alone (Off-grid)

Stream 2 - Medium and Large Scale Applications

Grid Connected

Stand Alone (Off-grid)


The Association for Environment Conscious Building encourages greater environmental awareness within the building construction industry. Its members consistently win leading industry awards for their energy efficient and ecologically sensitive buildings.

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What a marvelous idea.  Catch the Sun's radiant light energy and convert it into electrical energy.  It's nothing new of course.  Nature has been capturing the energy in light for millions of years.  Each leaf is a form of solar cell, producing energy for plants and trees to grow in a chemical process known as Photosynthesis.





Here you will find useful information including fact sheets for small and medium to large scale installations. and the number of applications that have been granted to date.

You can also download a copy of the PV annual report and find links to other sources of funding throughout the UK.


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