General Boat Sites Advantages of Bilge Keels. Anchoring from the Cockpit. Arrandir - Micro Ocean Cruiser (1). Arrandir - Micro Ocean Cruiser (2). Atlantic Canoe Crossing. Backyard Boatbuilders Association. Bill McKibben's Boat Album - Bolger Boats. Boat Cushions and Covers. Boat Hire at Port Edgar. Boat Owners World. Boat tents and covers. Boat US Boat Names. Bobbers Log! British Waterways. Bruce's Boats. Camping and Caravanning Club's Boating Group. Campion Sail and Design. Caravan Club UK. Centreboard without a bolt. Catboats. Charlie Ward Traditional Boats. Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Chinese Junk Sailing Rigs. Chinese Sail by Brian Platt Christer Byström's Sailing Boat Pages. Circumnavigation in 'Said' , a 3.7 metre Russian yacht. Clinker Boat. Coble - The Raven and the Rose Concept Boat - Transportable Watercraft. Crab Claw Rig. Craig O'Donnell's great boating Web site. Cruising Association. Cruising in the Bahamas. Dinghy, Canoe & Small Boat Regulations - Canada. Dinghy Cruising Association. Drascombe Boats. Drascombe Association. Dynawing. Drogue Information. Dryden Sail. DS 16 DillerSchwill 16 Discussion Group. DS20 and 22 DillerSchwill Discussion Group. East Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron. Famous Small Boats. Foshee Family. Free Boat Design Resources. Gregg's Boat Building Projects. Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories. East Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron. Heaving-to. Heyland Marine. Home Boatbuilders' Page. Honnor Marine. Hostellers Sailing Club. Iain Oughtred Index. International Regs for Prevention of Collisions at Sea. Jim Michalak Boat Designs. Junk Rig. Lakeland Wooden Boats. Messing About - Small Boats Site. Micro Cruising in the Bahamas. Lug Sail Association - Venice. Main Island Trail Association. Maritime Museums in the UK. Mariners of Bewl - integrated sailing club for the disabled. Menger Cat Daysailers. Michalak Boat Designs. Miracle Dinghy Cruising. Mumbles Sailing School's Nautilinks. My Boat Building Projects - Carlson Design. Oar Club. Ocean Windsurfer. O'Day Sailboats. Open Boat. Open Boat NZ. Open Boat Cruising. Ontario Canoe Sailing Association. Open Canoe Sailing Group. Open Canoe Sailor International Newsletter. Perfect Pocket Yacht. Com. Pocket Cruiser. Com. Pocket Cruiser Guide. Porta-Bote. Potter Yachters Org. Precision Boat Works (Trailer Sailers). Puddle Duck Sailing. Rescue Kite. Richard's Boat Page. Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Royal Yachting Association. Sailboats. Sailboats to Go. Sail Cloth. Sailing in Kent. Sailing Links.Com. Sailing Obsession. Scruffie Marine. Seapearl Boats. Seaward Yachts. Self-steering - Sheet to Tiller. Selway Fisher Designs. Skulling, the Art of, by Ben Fuller. Small Sailboats Design Directory. Small Sailboats Yahoo! Discussion Group. Sculling. Shallow Draft Boat Tents by Robert West. Shallow Water Sailors. ShortyPen's Sailboat Pocket Cruiser Page. Simon Fishwick's OCSG pages. Small boat adventure. Small boat cruising. Small Boat Forum. Small Sailboat Links. Sri Lanka Proas. Tikaroa. Tiki Rig. Towsure.Com. Trailer Sailing Links. Trailer Sailor. Trailer Sailor Association. TrailerYacht.Com. Australia - Gem 550 and trailers. Transition Rig. Trikini Wing Sail. Uffa Fox. UK Dinghy Racing. UK Launch Sites. Urban Boatbuilders - Youth Involvement. USCG Builders Handbook. US Sailing Association. Viking Boats. West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron. White Polytarp Sails. Wing sail. Windpilot. Windvane - Self-made. Wing sails. William Clements. Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association. Woodenboats. Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. Z Spars UK.


Small Boat Holidays/Adventure: Alaska Discovery Kayaking Holidays. Irish Voyageurs. Open Boat Charter in Greece. Rafting, Kayaking and Adventure in Turkey. Wilderness Canoeing in British Columbia.


Environmental sites: Bay Journal. English Nature. Environmentally Friendly Home. Environmental News Network. Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Ocean. Christian Ecology Link. Habitat's Environmental Initiative. Leave No Trace. Marine Conservation Society. Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Ocean Wanderers - Seabirds. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Surfers Against Sewage. Sustainable Boat Building Timber. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society . World Wildlife Fund (WWF UK).


Other sites: Barden - batteries and solar power. GPS Utility. Life jackets/buoyancy aids. Martime Missions. National Maritime Museum. Philip C. Bolger. Ray Electric Outboards. Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. Small Craft Advisor Magazine. Solar and wind energy. Solar Energy Alliance. Tidal Predictions. Weather Company.


Christian Sailing: Cirdan and Faramir Sailing Trusts. Explorers. Fact. Pathfinders on Water. Westward Quest. Medina Valley Centre.


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