For a speaker to have the ability to connect and move an audience is rare, but to be able to stretch and propel people forward to want to achieve and learn more about themselves is truly remarkable - that's the effect Pete Goss has on people.




Pete Goss MBE


His presentations inspire people to enter into a world of self-discovery, to realise their capabilities both individually and collectively, to sharpen their skills and then put them to the test.


Pete Goss is the ultimate competitor, whose outstanding 'can do' philosophy, combined with his limitless courage to overcome all the risks and dangers became abundantly clear in the worlds toughest yacht race, "The Vendée Globe non-stop, single-handed Round the World Race". His vision and ten-year dream in the making, resulted in him setting off from France in November 1996, in a race that would test him, his team and the boat to the absolute limit.


Up against bigger boats, and far better funded competitors, Pete had to risk everything just to get to the starting line. Having had to sell his house and with debts round his neck, he knew that he would have to draw upon all his experience, endurance and strength of mind just to complete the race.


Then quite unexpectedly in December the drama of the race unfolded in the notorious hostile environment of the southern ocean. The world looked on as huge seas and winds of up to 80mph pounded Raphael Dinelli's stricken boat; he was facing certain death. After receiving the distress call Pete immediately turned his boat around and battled for two days against hurricane force winds to reach Dinelli and rescue him - the rest is now history.


Pete became the fastest British sailor to sail single handed around the world in 126 days and 21 hours. For his heroic rescue of Dinelli, he was awarded France's highest decoration, the Legion d'Honneur by President Chirac of France, and the MBE by Her Majesty the Queen.


His single-minded determination during the last leg of the race became abundantly clear when he was forced to operate on himself without anaesthetic and just a few basic instructions to repair ruptured muscles around his elbow, after which he joked… "Now I'm truly a single-handed sailor".


Pete's captivating story of his life and the Vendee is now in print, "Close to the Wind" which summons each of us to search for our own vision, and to have the courage and determination to face our own challenges. He emphasises that his success is due, in no small part, to his totally dedicated and committed team, whose skills and focus are united, in a common drive to succeed.


People come away inspired from Pete's talks, sharing in his ethos of taking responsibility for what they want to achieve and for what they believe in.





Rising to the Challenge

Pete Goss should have been competing in The Race, an ultimate test of physical and mental endurance to be the fastest to sail around the world, without any rules or limits.


The Race represents everything that Pete believes in. Pete led the project to build the worlds largest catamaran and combined both all the individual talents of his team with the latest in technology and design. Closer to Star Wars than Howard's Way, Goss Challenger was the very essence of innovation. The revolutionary catamaran has hardly been out of the news sailing at speeds of up to 50 knots, after two major setbacks including a break in the bows and mast repairs the boat was finally lost at sea in December 2000. This project captured the public's imagination as one of the most exciting and daring adventures in more ways than one.



The project is best summed up in Pete's own words…


Pete Goss today announced that the Team Philips' project has drawn to a close.
After being abandoned in mid Atlantic on Sunday 10th December, 'Team Philips' position was tracked until contact was lost on Tuesday 19th December.

An extensive aerial search was carried out yesterday (Thursday, 21/12) focussing on the last known position and the predicted drift patterns. This search did not locate Team Philips.
Pete Goss said: "This is a very sad day for all of us and I would like to thank all of our sponsors for their unfailing commitment over the last three years. Without them none of what we have achieved would have been possible.


"For me, it has been a privilege to have been custodian of such a special dream which has touched so many. I could not have wished for a more dignified and supportive team who, together, have been through so much. If anything has kept us going during the hard times and made the good times so rewarding it is the incredible public support that we enjoy. This is best embodied by the hull names and volunteers who have given so much to help others participate in our adventure.


"Accepting the risks we chose to drive in the fast lane. Defeat, however, sometimes has to be accepted. As a team we can look it in the eye knowing that we gave it our all.

"We dared to dream and we are proud of what we achieved."


In a common statement, the sponsors said: "Team Philips" was an unique project and at the cutting edge of technology. In such a pioneering yacht there is always an element of risk, which we acknowledged from the outset. By the nature of our businesses, we believe in pushing the boundaries of technology and taking prudent risks.


"The sponsorship has delivered many of its objectives. The craft was innovative and beautiful. She captivated all who saw her and evoked emotions that we are all proud to have been associated with." Should Team Philips appear at a later date, the sponsors have agreed to work with Goss Challenges to take the appropriate steps that her condition dictates.



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More astronauts have circled the Earth than the number of people who have sailed single-handed non-stop without assistance around the world. Pete Goss knows better than most people the risks and dangers having already clocked up well over 250,000 nautical sea miles.

Pete came to the world’s attention in December ‘96 when sailing ‘Aqua Quorum’ the smallest boat in the world’s toughest yacht race - The Vendee Single Handed Round the World Race, when he dramatically turned around and rescued a French yachtsman and fellow rival Raphael Dinelli from his stricken vessel. 

The rescue succeeded against all the odds and in recognition Pete received France’s highest award the Legion d’honneur and the UK’s HMS Hurricane Trophy for his heroism and outstanding seamanship. His single-minded determination and competitiveness during the race was evident later on in the race when he had to operate on himself to repair ruptured muscles around his left elbow, after which he joked ‘Now I’m a true single-handed sailor'. 

Even with these setbacks Pete became the fastest Briton to sail around the world single handed with a time of 126 days and 21 hours. United by their adversity at sea, Danelli asked Pete Goss to be his best man at his wedding. The two have since forged a special relationship resulting in them competing together as co-skippers in the Transatlantic Jacques Vabre Race in October 1997.

Pete Goss excels in passing on his exceptional leadership and training skills to get the very best out of people. He has spoken at senior management forums, conferences and seminars, where people discover Pete’s secrets for success as one of the world’s most experienced and competitive sailors and where the difference between winning and losing is based on human performance.




He focuses on the necessary skills, self-belief, and determination needed to win. He talks powerfully, reinforcing his presentations with the use of slides and a great deal of humour. He pinpoints the important lessons for businesses of effective Leadership, Communication, Trust, Empowerment, Teamwork, and Loyalty needed for Success.

Pete was appointed the first Training Skipper for the ‘BT Global Challenge’ - a round the world race going the wrong way against all prevailing tides, winds and currents.  The criteria for the race was to construct 10 identical boats all to be crewed by novice sailors who had very limited or no sailing experience whatsoever.

Pete whittled down the applicants for the race to 120, and then set about the task of training them in the necessary skills to withstand the rigorous demands and perilous conditions of ocean sailing.  Rising at dawn and working with the volunteers until late at night, Pete got the crews fit and focused on working together in teams so that they understood every aspect of each boat’s rigging and their role in its operation. 

It was Pete’s ability to motivate and instill enthusiasm in the crews, coupled with his unwavering attention to detail in the planning, preparation and safety of the trip that played a major part in the overall success of the race.

Pete’s early career began in the Royal Marines where he spent seven years as an instructor with the Joint Services Sailing Centre, which included trips to the Baltic, the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic. Pete came 1st in the monohull class in the Three Peaks Race in 1984.  In 1986 he was 2nd in his class in the Two-handed Transatlantic Race. In 1988 he finished second in the Carlsberg Single-handed Transatlantic Race sailing ‘Cornish Meadow’, a 26ft catamaran.

 This set the record for the smallest catamaran to sail the North Atlantic from East to West for which he was awarded the Sir Alec Rose Trophy for the most outstanding single-handed achievement.  In 1989 he won his class in the Round Britain and Ireland Race sailing a standard production Beneteau, for which he was given a special award for his exemplary seamanship by the Royal Naval Sailing Association.


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