Boiler room second engine mounting





Unfortunately, the boiler room was sold to the Weald Supply Company in the 1930's (thought to be C.1936) as part of the takeover and compensation package.  From the evidence to date it appears to have been dismantled and re-assembled further to the north-east.  This would also have allowed for the easier removal of the generating machinery, and is seen as part of the development on the districts electricity supply network.  The footings remain, as do the concrete mountings.  Other features include a complex water retrieval system, where rainwater was captured, filtered over successive height traps (of slate) and sediment beds and then fed into a pond or chamber.






Boiler or Pump Mount ?



At this time it is not clear if the  chamber was used to condense steam or to dissipate heat to cool the generating machinery, or indeed a mix of the two functions.  However, it is fed water from two rain water filters built of brick and slate, as seen in the picture below.    







     Water filter feeding rain to chamber              Condensing/cooling chamber       




The cooling chamber holds about 2,600 gallons, useably. It is lined with waterproof render and built of brick as a subsurface structure. Such chambers were more commonly used with steam turbines from 1880 to condense steam vapour to water, or from 1890 as a heat sink to cool generating machinery.  However, it may have been used in a dual role with the reciprocating machinery and if that is so, then it was innovative cutting edge technology at the time.





Other unidentified boiler room mounts







Herstmonceux Electricity Generating Works Circa. 1900 - 1936



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