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Agenda 21 is a blueprint for sustainable development into the 21st Century.  Its basis was agreed during the Earth Summit at Rio in 1992, and signed by 179 Heads of State and Governments.  Is enough being done to halt Global Warming?  


World leaders need constant encouragement by the electorate if they are to put corrective policies in place.  Help us to keep environmental policies at the forefront of political agendas by contacting your local Member of Parliament.



Iddon, Dr Brian (Lab) Bolton South East Email Website Biog
Illsley, Mr Eric (Lab) Barnsley Central Email Website Biog
Ingram, Rt Hon Adam (Lab) East Kilbride Email   Biog
Irranca-Davies, Mr Huw (Lab) Ogmore Email Website Biog
Jack, Rt Hon Michael (Con) Fylde Email Website Biog
Jackson, Glenda (Lab) Hampstead & Highgate Email   Biog
Jackson, Helen (Lab) Sheffield, Hillsborough Email   Biog
Jackson, Mr Robert (Con) Wantage Email Website Biog
Jamieson, Mr David (Lab) Plymouth, Devonport Email Website Biog
Jenkin, Mr Bernard (Con) North Essex Email Website Biog
Jenkins, Mr Brian (Lab) Tamworth Email   Biog
Johnson, Rt Hon Alan (Lab) Kingston upon Hull West & Hessle Email Website Biog
Johnson, Mr Boris (Con) Henley Email   Biog
Johnson, Miss Melanie (Lab) Welwyn Hatfield Email Website Biog
Jones, Helen (Lab) Warrington North Email   Biog
Jones, Mr Jon Owen (Lab/Co-op) Cardiff Central Email Website Biog
Jones, Mr Kevan (Lab) North Durham Email Website Biog
Jones, Dr Lynne (Lab) Birmingham, Selly Oak Email Website Biog
Jones, Mr Martyn (Lab) Clwyd South Email Website Biog
Jones, Mr Nigel (LD) Cheltenham Email Website Biog
Jowell, Rt Hon Tessa (Lab) Dulwich & West Norwood Email   Biog
Joyce, Mr Eric (Lab) Falkirk West Email Website Biog
Kaufman, Rt Hon Gerald (Lab) Manchester, Gorton Email   Biog
Keeble, Ms Sally (Lab) Northampton North Email   Biog
Keen, Alan (Lab/Co-op) Feltham & Heston Email Website Biog
Keen, Ann (Lab) Brentford & Isleworth Email Website Biog
Keetch, Mr Paul (LD) Hereford Email Website Biog
Kelly, Ms Ruth (Lab) Bolton West Email Website Biog
Kemp, Mr Fraser (Lab) Houghton & Washington E Email   Biog
Kennedy, Rt Hon Charles (LD) Ross, Skye & Inverness West No email Website Biog
Kennedy, Rt Hon Jane (Lab) Liverpool, Wavertree Email   Biog
Key, Mr Robert (Con) Salisbury Email Website Biog
Khabra, Mr Piara S (Lab) Ealing, Southall No email   Biog
Kidney, Mr David (Lab) Stafford Email Website Biog
Kilfoyle, Mr Peter (Lab) Liverpool, Walton Email Website Biog
King, Andy (Lab) Rugby & Kenilworth Email Website Biog
King, Ms Oona (Lab) Bethnal Green & Bow No email Website Biog
Kirkbride, Miss Julie (Con) Bromsgrove Email Website Biog
Kirkwood, Sir Archy (LD) Roxburgh & Berwickshire Email Website Biog
Knight, Rt Hon Greg (Con) East Yorkshire Email Website Biog
Knight, Jim (Lab) South Dorset Email   Biog
Kumar, Dr Ashok (Lab) Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland Email   Biog
Ladyman, Dr Stephen (Lab) South Thanet Email Website Biog
Laing, Mrs Eleanor (Con) Epping Forest No email   Biog
Lait, Mrs Jacqui (Con) Beckenham Email Website Biog
Lamb, Norman (LD) North Norfolk Email Website Biog
Lammy, Mr David (Lab) Tottenham No email Website Biog
Lansley, Mr Andrew (Con) South Cambridgeshire Email Website Biog
Lawrence, Mrs Jackie (Lab) Preseli Pembrokeshire Email   Biog
Laws, Mr David (LD) Yeovil Email Website Biog
Laxton, Mr Bob (Lab) Derby North Email Website Biog
Lazarowicz, Mr Mark (Lab/Co-op) Edinburgh North & Leith Email Website Biog
Leigh, Mr Edward (Con) Gainsborough Email Website Biog
Lepper, Mr David (Lab/Co-op) Brighton, Pavilion No email Website Biog
Leslie, Mr Christopher (Lab) Shipley Email Website Biog
Letwin, Rt Hon Oliver (Con) West Dorset No email   Biog
Levitt, Mr Tom (Lab) High Peak Email Website Biog
Lewis, Mr Ivan (Lab) Bury South Email   Biog
Lewis, Dr Julian (Con) New Forest East No email Website Biog
Lewis, Mr Terry (Lab) Worsley Email   Biog
Liddell, Rt Hon Helen (Lab) Airdrie & Shotts Email   Biog
Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian (Con) Bridgwater Email   Biog
Lidington, Mr David (Con) Aylesbury Email Website Biog
Lilley, Rt Hon Peter (Con) Hitchin & Harpenden Email Website Biog
Linton, Martin (Lab) Battersea Email Website Biog
Lloyd, Mr Tony (Lab) Manchester Central Email Website Biog
Llwyd, Mr Elfyn (PC) Meirionnydd Nant Conwy No email   Biog
Lord, Sir Michael (DCWM) Central Suffolk & North Ipswich No email   Biog
Loughton, Tim (Con) East Worthing & Shoreham Email Website Biog
Love, Mr Andrew (Lab/Co-op) Edmonton Email Website Biog
Lucas, Ian (Lab) Wrexham Email Website Biog
Luff, Mr Peter (Con) Mid Worcestershire No email Website Biog
Luke, Mr Iain (Lab) Dundee East Email Website Biog
Lyons, Mr John (Lab) Strathkelvin & Bearsden Email Website Biog









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