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MIAMI fast electric model racing boat




The Miami has been tested with full surface drive, underwater drive and twin MRP outboards.  It is suited to the Graupner 700BB turbo motor on a minimum of 12 cells.  The boat will also take small ic glow-plug engines and is suitable for the O.M.R.A. "Z" class.  This boat held the 1997 UK 20 cell speed record.

The boxed kit includes a joined hull and deck, cockpit & wing all in g.r.p. - an ABS driver and throttle man, bow rails, speed 600 motor & thrust pack, stand & rudder, motor wire, suppressor kit, cooling coil + basic instructions (does not include outboards).

The hull/deck comes pre-joined with decals.  Available in: Red & White - Blue & White - Yellow & White or in single colour (as per standard colour choice)  Metal flake also POA.  hull length 31" (790mm).