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The following links are to an informal group of people interested in yacht research and its dissemination. Most of these people do this for their hobby, or at college, and many are working alone, isolated from similar enthusiasts.


Membership is informal, and is open to anyone interested in any aspect of yacht research (note "research", not "racing"). Anyone who wishes to contribute relevant material is welcome to do so.


If you think that the link list looks a bit bare, then that means that there is SPACE FOR YOUR OWN ARTICLE, so please contribute one.  If you would like to contribute material to this page then please contact Fiona Sinclair on mailto:fsinc@globalnet.co.uk


Yacht Research articles:


Note that inclusion in this group of links does not imply membership of any group or organisation.


Ansar, Anders: Homepages - Skate sailing in wings, Tactical compasses for racing sail boats, Picture library


Baff's Home Page Building a Wharram Tiki 21


Bblacksh: building Toad Hall, based on 1883 W. P. Stevens designed 18' cutter yawl


Beattie, Andrew: Kite flying, including the new Chevron traction kite article and lots of links to other kiting sites


Bell, John: Boatyard building log of Bolger Windsprint


Beng's homebuild Boatbuilding projects


Berger, Robert: building a Bolger Windsprint and 15' Cat Runabout


Bigras, Tony: 48' cruising catamaran Osram VII being built now for planned cruise from Vancouver to Fiji in 1999


Bolger, Phil: Common Sense Design's home page


BOOTIFUL: 60' catamaran built on windsurfing principles, designed as Speed Record contender.


Brown, Russell: proas KAURI and JZERO


Brummer, Mikko: JavaScript Spreadsheet for sail power calculations


Busenbarrick, David: the building of a 46.6' Crowther 150MKII catamaran, with photos at various stages


Carlson, Gregory: has built several Bolger boats (Pirogue, Sneakeasy, Brick) using his own hull design program, with photos


CH++- a project to develop a new single handed racing dinghy


Culnane, Doug: Investigations into aspects of the design of an Int. Moth


Culp, Dave: Speedsailing page, includes kite driven proas, photos and the texts of several conference papers and magazine articles


Decavitator: the fastest human powered hydrofoil around, the full details


Derby, Roger: building 34' dory


Dierking, Gary: Te Wa Micronesian proa


Dremsen:building the Gloucester Light Dory, an illustrated account


Dunlop, Paul: Bernard Smith's Amazing Sailboats


DynaYacht: canting ballast twin foil (CBTF) technology


Eisenstadt, Mike: building 15' daysailer Titmouse


ENSTA: record-breaking tri-foiler Techniques Avancees


Failla, Marco: Open Cat project


Fishwick, Simon: Has a 15' experimental proa


Flapfoil: Proteus the Penguin Boat, flipper propelled.


Foxxaero: the world's most radical boats designs


Gary's solo righting device for catamarans


George's Stitch & Glue Kayak Builder's Journal, Illustrated story of building a stitch and glue kayak, the author's first boatbuilding attempt


Gennette, Allan Bruce: Building a 44' Bruce Roberts steel ketch


GOALS: Global Online Adventure Learning Site


Gonneau, Daniel: homebuilt Bolger Long Micro


Goodey, Thomas: Has a photo of his 15 m catamaran, 'Dressed For Dinner', with details of its voyages


Great Cardboard Boat Regatta: including many events in many places


Griffin Family: Amateur Boatbuilding Page from Alaska


Gutsche, Gunter: includes a gravity-powered canting ballast keel system


Hellewell, Ken: Cruising in TOPAZ, with details of cruises and rebuilding


Henry, Scott: junk-rigged catamaran, Dragon Wings


Hepperle, Martin: Turbulators for drag reduction.


Hobbs, Robert: DynaWing, an asymmetric wingsail project.


Holtrop, John: boat designs, including a database of 800 monohulls.


Hord, Dave: preparing to sail to Bahamas single-handed, from scratch.


INNOVOILE: speed record contender


IOLA: Inventor's Online Associates - details of many projects


Jardine, Ray: Kayak Construction with Aerospace Composites for the Home Workshop


Karschulin, Othmar: multihull projects (in German)


Keiper, Dave: Sailing Hydrofoils, including Williwaw and Stormy Petrel


Kiteski World homepage


Kohnen, John: Six-Hour Canoe


Kruschandl, Nelson ocean going solar powered catamaran


Linderson, Torbjörn: Trinity Flyer, Swedish multihull champion


Locker, Phil: Foils - an accumulation of odds and sods on building dinghy foils


Magellan Challenge - around the world in a power boat in 2001. New participants still welcome


Margail, Jean: Self lifting catamaran from France


Martin, Andrew: Air flow around a crash helmet


Maston, Rick: Outriggers for canoes


Matthew: reproduction of John Cabot's ship which sailed from Bristol to Newfoundland in 1496


Morgan, Owen: yacht Naomi J - new site under development


Naslund, Sebastian: built yacht Arrandir (14') and crossed the Atlantic


NoIdea: an illustrated account of building a 57' ferro-cement ocean cruiser


Oman, John: attempted circumnavigation, halted by collision


O'Donnell, Craig: Cheap Pages, proas, sailing canoes, Chinese lugsails, plywood boats, odd sails from polytarp, strange boats, bamboo info, more


PARADOX: a trimaran for the disabled, by Andy Liddiard


Perry, John: club for experimental dinghy sailing in south east U.K.


Polynesian Catamaran Association: Wharram Cats admirers club


Profm: building a Wood Epoxy sailing canoe, with details of the sailing rig


Quinton, Bob: BOATEK wingsails


Rahders, Richard: PUMPKINSEED, from Santa Cruz Solar Racing Group, with lots of pictures


Rantilla, Ron: Front rowing oar system


RAVE: 16' hydrofoil trimaran, by WindRider of WindLine


Roberts, Graham: Land Sailing - Ohope Beach Sand Sailers


Roberts, Steve: Microship - a pedal/solar/sail micro-trimaran.


Refsnes, Arnulf: Two-man kite-powered catamaran


Roesler, Cory: Kiteski homepage


Ronin multihulls project: designing a 140' yacht to race around the world.


Sanderson, Simon: 60' catamaran built on windsurfing principles, designed as Speed Record contender.


Savineau, Cedric: Speed sailing


Siebert, Ben: SailingCats charter company & Pro Kennex Virtual Meeting Room


Stevenson's Experimental boats - including solar cat and electric hydrofoil


Thompson family's circumnavigation of the Pacific in 50' yacht Victoria


Trampofoil: human powered hydrofoil


Trans-Oceanic Rowing Expedition: Mick Bird's attempted first solo circumnavigation by rowing boat


Upton, Ken: Rotating kites - a sort of kite wind turbine


Vogtman, Lee: Condor 40 Trimaran


Wacker: futuristic multipurpose trimaran designed for home-building


Walker Wingsails homepage


Warren, Ted: Tiny Dancer, 21 foot proa


Wharram, James: Polynesian catamaran homepage


Whittaker, Giles: foil stabilised sail craft


Worsley, Peter: wind turbine boat


Yacht Design Website: projects from designers around the world


York, Anthony: Slender racing yachts project (from Strathclyde University)


Zockra: world speed record contender from France


Technical Services


Marine Satellite Communication consultant - Carl Sederquist


Naval Architect - Michael Hall


Tape-Ease Yacht Veneers





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