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Should you ever experience computer problems, such as crashes, and have to rebuild your machine to include multiple re-loads, your frustration could be compounded by this manufacturer of software.


A screen will pop up irritatingly advising you should activate online, which, according to Symantec should take a minute online. This was not my experience unfortunately. It did not take less than a minute and ended up in an expensive telephone conversation with a foreign operator (in my case Bernard). These are the hidden costs to this product which you may incur if you have problems with your computer. The issue I had with this experience is that the product I has paid for and was using lawfully, would stop working in 13 days as per the screen below.



Norton Internet Security


You have chosen to skip activation. Successful activation should take less than a minute You must activate your product or it will stop working in 13 days.


Would you like to activate your product now?







An automatic telephone answering system repeated several options over and over again, Contrary to operator advice, the call is not local. I telephoned the 0207 (London) number on the screen on Friday the 17th August 2007 and spoke to Bernard, who speaks very slowly in a strange American mix accent, then repeats the numbers at least twice checking alphabetically. Having taken the correct number, Bernard then advised me the number was invalid. I purchased this product as a two year renewal, having previously purchased Norton 2005 in boxed form from Amazon. I would therefore expect that the renewal number (received by email from Norton, should be linked to the original purchased product).


I offered to email Bernard their email confirming the activation number, but he refused to provide an email address. I asked for an address in the UK, when it was revealed Symantec had no UK office. Why buy a product from a company with no genuine onsite support or representation. This is of course a must where problems could arise, and where there should be a checkable database.




The way this company traps you and forces you to spend additional monies, provide additional information, etc, may constitute a breach of your right to peaceful enjoyment of property, and/or privacy.


The fact that these antivirus companies work with Microsoft, is interesting, because they too operate similar intrusion policies, where more personal information is gathered then required and once again, you lose peaceful enjoyment of property. You waste valuable time and spend extra money making calls, etc.




There are many antivirus programs competing with Norton, such as Avast. It has been suggested in published articles and on the internet that the leading antivirus companies are responsible for generating new virus programs to keep themselves in business. I have no idea if this is true, but it beggars belief that there is an army of private programmers out there writing programs for undetermined reasons. Except of course that they may be trying to blackmail someone - maybe the antivirus companies? The consumer is stuck in the middle, whichever scenario you prefer.




Fortunately, having raised the above as an issue, I did receive immediate support. A charming lady named Elizabeth telephoned to walk me through the next reload.  I genuinely felt cared for and all my questions were answered competently and professionally. Where Elizabeth did not know something, she said so honestly, even taking the trouble to look things up, rather than bunk me off with some toffee. She also listened to my comments on ways to improve the product, but as I learned, everything I'd been thinking, is already in hand. Nice one chaps.


In my position as a contributor to various websites and with multiple email addresses to check regularly, I need a pretty good antivirus program and spam filter.



Nelson Kruschandl on the ferry home to Southhampton


Plain sailing - Norton rescues Nelson - thanks Elizabeth



Norton Antivirus Email

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Norton Internet Security.

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Subscription length: 731 days 

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