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INCOMPLETE - Two out of three = nothing. What use is a motor without the vibrating hose to go with it. This is what was received by one customer from C Bury Sales Ltd in Blackburn. The order for a concrete vibrator was placed via an Ebay advertisement on the telephone. The lady working for Chris Bury said the items (all of the package) would be with the customer within 3 or 4 days. Sadly, one item was missing, the 4 meter hose and head, meaning that the motor unit was useless.


Then, it is alleged, that when telephoning to ask what had happened to the four meter hose, (Kelsy) the sales assistant said the customer had signed for three packages. That was not the case, but the customer was now worried. On another call Chris Bury said he'd chase the 4 meter vibrating hose and if necessary send out a replacement, indicating that this was not his fault, but the fault of TNT the carrier.


After more than two week TNT were contacted and confirmed that they'd not delivered three packages, only two being scanned in - meaning that it was impossible that the customer had signed for a third package. That appeared to mean that TNT had not been given a third package of a three package consignment to complete the high-frequency electric concrete vibrator. The order was placed on the 22nd or 23rd of May 2018 and not complete as of the 9th of June 2018.


In fairness to Ebay, this customer usually receives goods on time and as described. On this occasion the fiasco has cost the customer a small fortune in arranging for staff, canceling cement and staff and having to hire a replacement vibrator. This is caused consequential loss - and the sums can mount up.


Ebay premium services gold star award to top internet sales performers


Can sellers buy the eBay Premium Service badge?

No. Sellers need to earn the badge. The first step is to complete over 100 problem-free transactions, plus any transactions must consistently get 5-star ratings from buyers. We check these sellers to make sure they’re providing the best experiences.

Also, the seller must offer these additional services for buyers: a free delivery option, in express delivery option, same-day or 1-day dispatch of items and a minimum 14-day returns period.


How do sellers qualify for eBay Premium Service status?

Sellers need to consistently provide great experiences for their buyers and offer a number of additional services within their listing: a free delivery option, an express delivery option, same-day or 1-day dispatch of items and a minimum 14-day returns period.


How does eBay know the seller will deliver a premium service?

We review buyer ratings, and if a seller doesn’t provide this level of 
service, then they could lose the badge.


How is this different from the previous eBay Top-rated seller status?

eBay Premium Service is similar to eBay Top-rated seller status. However, we’re asking sellers to provide our buyers with some more options around delivery and returns.


Once the trust between purchaser and vendor is gone, what do Ebay customers have? Ebay is no longer and auction site, it is an online shop where you can only hope that Ebay are monitoring their users well enough that when things go wrong you can genuinely get your money back. But what about compensating you for losses arising out of mis-selling?





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