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     TerraSolar, Inc.


Terra Solar's second lineage is comprised of the scientists who were involved in R&D in photovoltaics and who developed thin-film amorphous silicon (a-Si) photovoltaic technology at RCA Labs. In the 1980s, Terra Solar's personnel, while working at Chronar, another thin-film PV company, developed the manufacturing process and equipment for the production of a-Si photovoltaics. This process was dubbed the "box carrier" concept. The box carrier concept was responsible for more than 60% of the a-Si solar modules produced at the time.

Terra Solar is currently pursuing the commercial manufacturing of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) photovoltaics. We believe that because CIGS has the lowest manufacturing cost of all photovoltaic materials and also has higher energy efficiencies than a-Si, CIGS will be the primary technology of choice for photovoltaics in the decades to come. Currently, CIGS modules have only been tested and fabricated in low quantities. We expect to begin manufacturing CIGS in commercial quantities by 2006.


Terra Solar Global, Inc.
45 Rockefeller Plaza, Ste. 200092, New York, NY 10111-2000
Tel: 212-332-1819
General Info:           Sales:


Terra Solar North America, Inc.
44 Court Street, Tower B
, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Tel: 718.422.0100
Fax: 718.422.0300
General Info:
, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Tel: 718.422.0100
Fax: 718.422.0300
General Info:


TerraSolar Hungary, Kft.
Konkoly-Thege M. ut 29-33
, 1211 Budapest, Hungary, Tel: +361.392.2784
Fax: +361.392.2785





    Total Energie now TENESOL


TENESOL has designed, manufactured, installed and operated photovoltaic solar systems for more than 20 years. The Lyon-based company has a photovoltaic panel production plant in South Africa and has begun construction of a new facility in Toulouse . In 2004, it generated consolidated sales of around €115 million, corresponding to 25 MWp* ( 250,000 square metres ) of photovoltaic solar panels. The panels are used for domestic and industrial applications at sites connected to the grid and off-grid sites. TENESOL has solid positions in Europe, mainly Germany , in French overseas departments and territories, and in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America .

Located in the vicinity of Lyon, our head office building has been rewarded at “Solar Accommodation, Today’s Accommodation” competition held by the Renewable Energy Observer “Observ’ER”.

The shapes and proportions are reminiscent of the surrounding agricultural environment, while they deeply express modernity at the same time through the integration of solar panels, which provide 20% of the site’s electricity consumption.

Z.A.C. de la Tour, 12-14 allée du Levant, 69890 La Tour de Salvagny, France

Tél. : 33 (0)4 78 48 88 50     Fax : 33 (0)4 78 19 44 83








The Energy Alternative


A store that sells only energy efficient products for the home and small business. We carry a full line of solar and wind products. We also carry a large range of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). Including efficient dimmable products.


101 West Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana USA 46825

Telephone: 866-480-7071













Information on Solar Power. UK Power provides a free domestic and business gas and electricity comparison service. Also information on suppliers, energy efficiency, petrol savings, telephone bills, recycling and more.









Manufacture a range of solar PV cells (mono-crystalline) and solar PV modules from 1 to 150 Watts. For lighting, power grid, portable lamps, water pumping, telecom and railway signalling applications, etc. 








Udhaya Semiconductors Limited


Manufacturer of Solar PV Modules,Solar PV Cells & Related Module based Systems

for home lighting systems, water pumping, stand-alone power packs and grid tie power plants.


1/482, Avinashi Road, Neelambur, Coimbatore India 641 014

Tel: +91-422-2627851, 2627545, 2627003      FAX: +91-422-2628504, 2572675







        United Solar Systems Corp (Uni-Solar)


As the world’s leader in thin film  solar technologies and the manufacture of thin film solar electric modules and laminates, we offer the most cost-effective and reliable solution to our customers to supplement their energy needs from solar electricity. Click here for more information about our company.


Throughout the world, the combination of the price of electricity, available free sunshine and incentives offered by local and state governments now position grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) as an attractive investment.  Once considered to be too expensive an option, today’s PV systems produce electricity that has a quantifiable cash value.


Because of characteristics unique to the United Solar Ovonic solar cell technology, such as lightweight, ruggedness and flexibility, it is ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing systems for residential and industrial customers.  ECD Ovonics and United Solar Ovonic hold the basic patents covering the continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing of thin-film amorphous silicon alloy multi-junction solar cells and related products. 


UNITED STATES - DC Power Systems, Inc., Contact: Daniel Marino
30 C Mill Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448
Phone: 800-967-6917     Fax: 707-433-5698     

TurtlEnergy, LLC


7, op der Ahlkërrech, Z.I. Potâschbierg, L-6776 Grevenmacher, LUXEMBOURG
Mr. Jean-Claude Weffling
Phone: +352-26710611     Fax: +352-26710612
Mobile: +352-091403040    Email:


Conergy AG
Anckelmannsplatz 1, 20537 Hamburg, GERMANY
Customer Hotline:+49 (0)6897-8106-150         Fax: +49 (0) 40-237102-148


Contact: Sue Godfrey
Unit 3/12 Kewdale Road, Welshpool W.A., AUSTRALIA 6986
Phone: 1300-663-563     Fax: 08-92587756
















Viva Solar Inc.


Viva Solar Inc. is a manufacturer of monocrystaline silicon photovoltaic solar cells, modules and systems.  They also supply silicon wafers diameters 60mm, 76mm, 100mm and 150 mm to third parties.


10 Royal Orchard Blvd, P.O.Box 53004, Thornhill, Ontario Canada L3T 7R9

Telephone: 1-905-762-9076           FAX: 1-905-762-9060












WIRE FREE DIRECT LTD  Browse our online catalogue, CLICK HERE for Solar and Photovoltaic Panels, Wind Turbines, Rutland wind chargers, Aerogen wind generators, Batteries, Inverters and other solar powered products. 


Phone: 0208 663 3273.  Call wirefeed anytime during normal business hours 8.30am – 18.00pm


Contact the Help Desk: email us at or click here.  Ask Wirefeed a question, send a suggestion, and receive a quick response.  If you prefer give them a call and talk to a real person.   

Fax: +44 (0)208 650 9037

Post:  WireFreeDirect Ltd,  26 Woodmere Way,  Park Langley
Beckenham,  BR3 6SL





WORLEY PTE LIMITED         Tel: +65 9792 7656


Advanced Energy Solutions (AES) in close conjunction with its joint ventures and strategic alliances offers the most advanced polymer rechargeable battery solution to date: Lithium polymer batteries, lithium ion batteries, fuel cell systems, electric vehicle components, electric vehicle batteries and military batteries.


Together with this fabulous range of polymer cells, WECs offers our skills in design and packing of lithum polymer batteries for all types of applications. From a few mAhr 3.7V to hundreds of Ahr and hundreds or volts, WECs can deliver the latest in high rate, light weight, space saving polymer battery solutions for any requirements. Take a look at the following brief files to see more about Worley’s range of cells and capabilities that can make your project a complete success.



Advanced Energy Solutions (AES) is the advanced energy solutions provider and power systems consultancy wing of parent company WorleyParsons Services Limited. WECs together with its joint global partners and resources is able to deliver innovative energy solutions for your advanced power needs.


Advanced Energy Solutions expertise focuses on all aspects of energy engineering and energy efficiency keeping in mind a green, environmentally friendly approach to all its solutions.  Our advanced energy solutions include high capacity polymer battery solutions, large scale Li-ION batteries, fuel cells, renewable energy design and installations, energy efficiency, electrical power systems analysis, electric and magnetic field studies and high voltage engineering.


Over the many years of the various solar-car competitions spanning the deserts of Australia, United States and Canada, Advanced Energy Solutions (AES) battery systems has become the de-facto standard in this global brain sport. With our ever increasing extreme energy battery pack systems that are developed for these races, the solar-car teams over our history have found our range of cells extremely well suited for the harsh environment.


WorleyParsons Energy Cells in collaboration with world leaders in PEM, SOFC and DMFC design and production is able to bring forward the latest in portable and stationary energy solutions. WECs has the capability to provide the most promising energy storage system for the 21 st century.


Fuel cell systems from 1kW to 100kW are great for those requiring extremely long DC runtime and standby power. Its ease of installation, low maintenance and reliability make using FC systems great for remote locations and portable power systems where uninterruptible power is required.


Energy Cells will focus on delivering fuel cell systems to the oil & gas, military and telecommunications industry where remote power is required and natural gas is abundant. A working demonstration 5kW prototype is presently being run in Singapore and will be made available to a select small group of users.



491B River Valley Rd #09-01 Valley Point, Singapore 2478373

Fax: +65 6735 7444


Level 7, 116 Miller St
North Sydney NSW 2060
Ph: (02) 8923 6866
Fax: (02) 8923 6877


Advanced Energy Solutions










     Trace Engineering


Xantrex is a world leader in advanced power electronics, enabling delivery of electricity anytime anywhere.   We focus on the Distributed, Mobile, and Programmable markets.  Our inverter/chargers wire into an RV’s existing electrical system. By connecting directly to the battery bank, inverter/chargers can either draw power or recharge batteries as needed.

The length of time an inverter/charger can supply AC power depends on the size of the battery bank and the number of loads drawing power.





In this example, the inverter/charger converts a portion of incoming shore power to DC power to recharge the battery bank. The rest of the incoming AC power is passed on to loads connected to electrical circuits powered by the inverter.


When shore power is disconnected, the inverter/charger inverts power from the battery banks to provide power to connected appliances. This means the inverter/charger draws 12-volt DC power from the battery banks and inverts it into 120-volt AC. An internal transfer switch senses whether shore power is present, allowing the unit to instantly switch from charge mode to invert mode when power is disconnected.


Designed primarily for marine applications, XC Chargers are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of conditions and locations. Auto-ranging AC input voltage capability (100-260VAC) makes travelling abroad and handling poor quality power a breeze. The easy-to-read digital display is invertable to accommodate either horizontal or vertical installations, and can be detached and mounted wherever needed. An optional intelligent shunt provides a simple “fuel gauge” capability that displays amp-hours consumed from a selected battery bank.





Corporate Operations

8999 Nelson Way

Burnaby, BC

Canada V5A 4B5

General Tel: 604.422.8595

General Fax: 604.420.1591


More US Office Locations:

Arlington, WA

Elkhart, IN

Livermore, CA

Sales – Europe
Edificio Diagonal 2A,

C/ Constitución 3, 4º2ª

08960 Sant Just Desvern

Barcelona , Spain

Tel: +34 93.470.5330

Fax: +34 93.473.6093



Sales - China

Yan Yuan Resource Plaza

Rm #511, 5/F
151 Zhong Guan Cun,
North Street

Hai Dian District

Beijing 100080, China

Tel: 011 86 10 5887 6270

Fax: 011 86 10 5887 6272

Customer Support

Tel: 800.670.0707

For fastest service, visit our Support page.



Sales - Online Outlet Store
(US and Canada Only)

Outlet Store Home

Customer Feedback

Please submit your feedback on
our service and products here



Media & Investor Contacts

Media Relations



Investor Relations




XPower by Xantrex portable power products give you the freedom to use electronic devices and small appliances anytime, anywhere. Our Powerpacks and Inverters offer the convenience of household AC power in remote locations, and Chargers and Jumpchargers re-charge your vehicle batteries.










Are your details up to date.  Please email us with any additional information.



Tools & Publications








Ademe (French)
Arizona State University PV Test Laboratory
Australian National University: Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems
Berner Fachhochschule, HTA Burgdorf, PV laboratory (German and English)
Brookhaven National Laboratory: PV Environmental Safety and Health
CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory (Canada)
DOE PV Program
ECN, The Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network
Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark
Fraunhofer Institute Solare Energiesysteme
Florida Solar Energy Center
GEFOSAT (French)
Georgia Tech, Univ. Center of Excellence for PV Research and Education
Greenpeace: Solar Power in the UK
International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies (IWR) (English and German)
International Energy Agency, PV, and IEA/PVPS
International Solar Center
ISET, Germany
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy
Laboratoire d'Energie Solare et de Physique
Million Solar Roofs, USA
National Center for Photovoltaics
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NEDO, Japan
NEDO PV Photo Index
Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (English), (Dutch)
Oak Ridge, Office of Science and Technical Information
PV GAP (Global Approval Program for PV)
PV Online Publications Data Base (DOE)
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) PV Program
Sandia National Laboratories
Solar Cells, Semiconductor Interfaces
Southwest Technology Development Institute (SWTDI/SWRES)
Sun Selector
UNESCO World Solar Summit
U.S. Department of Energy
Univ. of New South Wales, Center for PV Devices & Measurements
Univ. of Southampton Solar Energy Home Page
Utility PhotoVoltaic Group (UPVG)



Dankoff Solar Systems


The Natural Home - Passive solar, do-it-yourself home and greenhouse plans and products.


21st Century Goods: Electronic devices and accessories - Solar cell phone batteries, AladdinPower hand held generator, Solar radios and flashlights and more. 


Advanced Energy Group - Nationwide Sales and Services - Solar power equipment, complete power systems and comprehensive technical support nationwide for remote, residential and commercial applications. 


Sierra Solar - Solar products and equipment.


Shell Solar (formerly Siemens) - Sharp - Kyocera

BP Solar - BP Solarex - Unisolar



Solaires Renewables Infotech - Solaires is active in Internet publication/advertisement, web-based software design, website design/maintenance,web integration of multimedia, communications & MIS (OA, ERP, CRM,SCM), renewable energy info services for the energy, power and electricity (incl solar and wind power) industries of both Chinese and international customers. We hope our services will boost your business in China and other countries.


Solar Energy Lab - Wisconson


Solar Lights & Solar Lighting Fixtures - High quality, unique and exclusive solar powered outdoor light fixtures in a variety of styles, finishes and colors. 










Eco Soul PV-Powered Reversible Fuel Cell Learning Kit

Arizona Solar Center









American Solar Energy Society
British Photovoltaic Association, e-mail
Institute for Sustainable Power: Accreditation/Certification
International Solar Center
North Carolina Solar Center
Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Tech. (CREST)
International Solar Energy Society
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
PROMES: Assoc. des Professionnels Romands de l'Energie Solaire
Solar Energy Industries Association
Union pour le developpement durable (Union for Sustainable Development)


National Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy What incentives are available in your state?
National Database for Net Metering Information 35 states and counting. Get full value for your PV power.
California Renewable Energy Buy-Down Rebates are declining. Act now and save money with a buy-down rebate.
Calculator for Grid-Connected PV Systems PVWATTS is a simple, quick energy calculator.
California Financing Options Fact Sheets and other useful info from the people who bring you the CEC buydown rebate.
Clean Power Estimator Do an economic analysis of your PV system.
Green Power Network
Schools Going Solar
Watts On Schools This educational web site has a really neat Interactive Energy Calculator.
The Million Solar Roof Initiative Success Stories
US Dept Of Energy PV
Connecting to the Grid
Sandia National Laboratories PV Program
The US Dept Of Energy National Center for PV
Interstate Renewable Energy Council









IEEE PV Specialists Conference
Space Photovoltaic Research and Technology (SPRAT) Conference
European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
12th PV Science and Engineering Conference
World Solar Challenge









Calculator for US Grid-Tied Systems The Platform for Innovative Energy Technologies
Solar Cell Information Site
Arizona Solar Center
PV Market Transformation Initiative (PVMTI)
James & James Publishers
"New step in photovoltaics large scale systems efficiency"
Solar Mike's Web Site
Solar Dome: Site on PV (and the Environment) Education Course
PV In Architecture: The Netherlands
Southern Africa Sustainable Energy Web
William & Deborah Lord house
The Rural Resource Center
The Watts Interpretative Center of the Greenway and Nature Center
The Electromotive Bicycle (EMB)
World Solar Challenge, Solar Car Race Across Australia
Kerr Solar Electric Boat Site
Power Technologies, Inc.
The International Energy Foundation
Cape Verde, Portugal
Michael Schwarz' Solar Electric FAQ
Source for Renewable Energy
U. of Oregon course on Alternative Energy
Gridwise (Energy Yellow Pages)
Earth Information Systems
Global Energy Network International
Solar Energy Businesses
Solar Cooking Archive
Student Solar Information Network
Solar Energy Technology
Distribution of PV in Indonesia
Joe Davis Solar Info
John Robbins: Why Solar Electricity?
Cliff Wylie's Solar Site









BP Primary Energy Statistics
Energy Information Agency, US DOE
NTT/WNN Energy
Code Site/PV Building Code Information
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library  Solar pool heaters    


We specialize in technology development:


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: We design and develop EcoVillages (mixed-use environmentally sensitive housing/commercial communities)

SOLAR ENERGY: We nurture technology development and identify market opportunities in solar energy (including passive solar design) and energy conservation (such as the soon to be manufactured high efficiency TPTS gas-fired water heater); and ...

TRANSPORTATION: We promote and nurture sustainable transportation alternatives (electric and solar powered vehicles, Ultra-Lite Rail Systems)



John Kerry Forums - Environment - Please join the active discussion. Post about renewable energies, new concepts for solar development and anything else you can think of.  


A Directory of Environmental Web Sites - is a directory of web sites related to environment and environment protection. Each web site listed here is carefully reviewed by our Editor Team to ensure its relevance and quality. This is necessary to ensure that our users - you - find it a pleasant and productive experience rather than a frustrating one to find environment related web sites matching your interest.


A International Environmental Solutions - Offer interact community for tech information exchange and experience share.  


Adbusters Culture Jammers Network  - We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century.

To this end, Adbusters Media Foundation publishes Adbusters magazine, operates this website and offers its creative services through PowerShift, our advocacy advertising agency.



Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported, 120,000-circulation magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. Our work has been embraced by organizations like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, has been featured in hundreds of alternative and mainstream newspapers, magazines, and television and radio shows around the world.


Alaska's Green Education Machine: Interior Alaska Green Star - GREEN STAR is a non-profit organization that encourages businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention. Through education, technical assistance and our nationally recognized award programs, Green Star helps businesses become more sustainable without jeopardizing the bottom line.  


Ambiente y Sociedad - Porta y publicación semanal electrónica sobre temas ambientales y sociales en español le ofrece potenciar la imagen de sus productos y servicios, así como el perfil institucional de su Organización a través de Internet. Todo ello gracias a la enorme oferta de contenidos específicos que posee en sus más de 55.000 páginas repletas de información y a sus más de 250.000 usuarios únicos mensuales . Mantendrá así una relación directa y constante con una audiencia cautiva y segmentada.


BodyEarthSelf - Where the body, the earth, and the "Self" meet and work in harmony with each other. Learn how to maintain a harmonious balance between the body, the earth, and the self. Resources, environmental opportunities for fundraising and income, and wonderful products for helping the environment and maintaining wellness with books, articles, essays, and much more!  


The concept of Body Earth SelfIt's quite simple really, if we take care of our bodies and respect them, then we will have respect for the Earth, our home.  Because we are  not polluting our bodies we will not wish to pollute the Earth.  As we respect our bodies and the earth we have greater respect for ourselves or that higher aspect of ourselves.  It is not enough to say "respect your earth".  We must also respect the body as an extension of the earth. 


Eartheasy - How to reduce our impact on the environment. Simple, practical solutions and alternatives to lifestyle and consumer choices.  E.G. Sustainable Seafood
Some seafood choices are easier on the environment, and help protect endangered species. You can help support sustainable fisheries by the choices you make when buying seafood.


EnviroHealth is concerned with issues that affect the lives of ordinary people and their communities; from air and water pollution, food safety and climate change to toxics, transportation and sustainable energy. Our goal is to inform and inspire by providing up-to-date reporting, opinion and analysis, and tips and tools for creating change.







solar navigator panel 75w


Solarnavigator PV panel 75w - Discount supplies Direct



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