The exciting, sometimes dangerous, sport of powerboat racing can be traced back 100 years. The American Power Boat Association (APBA), was founded in 1903 and is the sole authority for U.I.M. approved powerboat racing in the United States. Those who set Records or win Championships at APBA approved races are eligible to receive the prestigious U.I.M. World Title status.

Competition, thrills, victory and honor can be found in all 13 of APBA's racing categories, comprising a broad selection of inboard and outboard engines and countless hull configurations.

Slomoshun - World water speed record holder 1950-52


Slomoshun - World water speed record holder 1950-52



As the APBA celebrates 100 years of organized powerboating competition, whatever your need for speed, APBA is sure to have a place just for you. Take a browse through their category pages to find your dream machine.  Membership of the APBA offers a wide variety of options, from competitor status to non-racing associate member.    Join today!




Amazing World Record Speed Boats

Bluebird K7 jet powered hydroplane

Donald Campbell


White Hawk jet powered hydrofoil

Frank Hanning-Lee


Crusader jet powered hydrofoil

John Cobb


Slo-mo-shun hydrofoil

Stan Sayres



Nigel MacKnight


Spirit of Australia

Ken Warby



Henry Seagrave



Malcolm Campbell




"Of records and record breakers, I would remind you that speed is relative to time.  What we consider slow now, was unthinkable in years gone by.  However, each time a contender goes out onto the field of battle, he or she faces the same hurdles, the same fears and financial challenges as those before us, and most importantly of all, has to muster themselves to boiling point make it all happen.  In the end, players will either triumph or fail, but in doing so, show where to and where not to tread.  All too often players pay the ultimate price.  Whether they raise Man's technical mastery up another notch or not, history should remember every last one of them - for they were players."  (Nelson Kruschandl December 2005)




Nelson Kruschandl








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APBA Category Links
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Performance Inflatable    R/C Model    Special Events    Unlimited    Outboard Drag

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Stock & MOD Outboard

Eastern Canada Outboard Racing Club (ECORC)

The Fishers Landing Racing Club

Three Rivers Outboard Racing Assoc.

Indiana Outboard Association, Inc.


Seattle Outboard Association

Top O' Michigan Outboard Marathon Nationals

Hydro Racer

Gang-Green Racing Team

MHRA - Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association

Badger State Outboard Association

South Shore Outboard


PRO Outboard


Official PRO Page

European Formula 500 Series

U. S. Title Series - USTS

Seattle Outboard Association

Formula 250.ORG

Formula 500.ORG


J Class    


J Racing site



Kankakee Regatta - OPC National Championship Site

Formula One World Championship

PROP Tour- OPC, Formula One

OPC Sport C

APR Superleague

Southeastern Professional Outboard Racing Tour

Southern Professional Outboard Racing Tour

Super Sport

Lone Star Racing


SST 45 Pro Tunnel Tour


Performance Inflatables  


The Official PI Site


The Official Inboard Web Site

Sunset Lake Hydrofest

Jersey Speed Skiff Racing

Hydroplane Quebec

Tacoma Inboard Racing Association T.I.R.A

T.I.R.A - Tacoma Inboard Racing Association


Inboard Racing Teams


Superstitious Racing - Pro Stock Flatbottom PS-10

Pink Panther II Racing

GetBoatGear.com 5-Litre Hydroplane Racing Team


Class Web Sites


Unlimited Lights Racing Series

Tastin Racin in the Northwest

Jersey Speed Skiff Offical Website

Inboard Endurance  


Official Inboard Endurance Web Site



APBA Offshore

Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix Festival

East-West Powerboat Shootout

Buffalo Offshore Racing Assoc.

Great Lake Silver Cup Series

Pacific Offshore Racing Assoc.

Offshore Worlds

Offshore Power Boat Racing Association

Great Lakes Silver Cup Series - Offshore

C.O.P.S. Offshore Powerboat Squadron

Offshore Racing Teams

Hollis Motor Sports Offshore Racing Team

Twisted STYX

Jelly Belly Gone Again

Team Ragamuffin Racing

Offshore Grand Prix

Equalizer Offshore Racing

Critical Lift Offshore Racing

Velociraptor Offshore Racing

Critical Lift

Team Blythe Offshore Racing

Team Offshore Gasm


Outboard Drag

New England Outboard Drag Boat Association

Drag Boat Review

Drag Race Boats

Drag Boat Magazine Online

Scream and Fly, The Magazine Dedicated to Performance Boating

Wild Horses Racing Team


RC Model

R/C Unlimiteds

R/C Model Power Boat Racing

1/8th Oh Boy! Oberto Racing - 1/8th scale unlimited hydroplane racing

1/8th scale KYYX unlimited hydroplane

Brain Lepinski's R/C Hydroplane Page

R/C Model Power Boat Racing


San Diego Argonauts


Unlimited Hydroplanes

Official APBA Unlimited Hydroplane Page - Hydro Prop Inc.

Jack Lowe's Hydroplanes.net



Mike Jones Racing Team

Unlimited News Journal


APBA Racing Clubs

Seattle Outboard Association- Outboard racing in the Northwest.

Badger State Outboard Association- Stocks & Mods

Eastern Outboard Racing Club- Stock Outboard

Top O' Michigan Outboard Marathon Nationals

Detroit Yacht Club

Seafair Boat Club

Unlimiteds Detroit

Twin Cities power Boat Assoc.

Toronto Outboard Racing Club Inc. (TORC)

MHRA - Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association

Tacoma Inboard Racing Association T.I.R.A

Marine Prop Riders


APBA Region Web Sites


APBA Region 4

APBA Region 5

Region 8 - TCPBA

Region 11- APBA region serving Northern California & Nevada


Special Events

Vintage Hydroplanes


Antique and Classic Boat Society

Antique Boat Museum

New Hampshire Antique/Classic Boat Museum

Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.

The Detroit Historical Museum

Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum

Hydroplane History Gallery

Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Maritime History Research on the Internet

The Mariners Museum

Mystic Seaport Museum

National Maritime Museum-UK


New Hampshire Antique & Classic Boat Museum

Vintage Hydroplanes

Chinewalker's Place



Jet Boats


Rapid Runner - Jet Boats

Roostertails: A Little of Everything

Jersey Speed Skiffs


Speed Skiffs.com


Media Links


Performance Boating Magazine

Powerboat magazine

Hot Boat Magazine

Thunderboat Magazine

Power and Motoryacht Magazine

Racing Information

Race Boat World

American Race Fan



Northwest Hydro Racing


Roostertails: A Little of Everything

Michigan Motor Sports Hall Of Fame


APBA Propeller Magazine Advertiser Links


Aero Tec Laboratories - bladder tanks

Drag Boat Review - magazine

Extreme Powerboats - offshore boats

G-Force Racing Gear - safety gear

HOTRODS on the Water - magazine

Lifeline Jackets - safety gear

Marine Machine - parts and accessories

Mercury Marine - engine manufacturer

Racing Communications - racing radios

Racing Images - apparel & merchandise

Seebold Racing - boats and rigging

Sorensen Woodcraft - boat builder

Teague Custom Marine

Tiger Performance - safety gear

Trenton Marine Performance











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